This is really long but just cause I have a LOT to complain about.

She acts like a 5 year old spoiled brat and she's FUCKING SIXTEEN! SHE'LL BE SEVENTEEN IN OCTOBER! And she gets everything she wants and she fucking ALWAYS whines and yells at our mother, she never gives my mom or moms bf or especially me, ANY respect! When we were in school last year I barely had any friends because everyone thought my sister was some freak that ran around with a plastic dragon on her shoulder and bitched at everyone. When I told her this, she flipped out on me and told my mom that sh needed cupcakes to make her feel better. CUPCAKES. I AM FUCKING SERIOUS. And instead of changing her ways she bitched MORE. I only had 1 friend at school -but shes my bffl- but she's gonan move soon so I am very depressed. My sister knows this and likes to make fun of me and flaunt the fact that she has friends in my face. Her friends are all spoiled bitches that hang out with her for popularity. Ah, new flash, you're not gonna get much popularity hanging out with that bitch. Gag me. Just gag me right now.

Back to the whole rivalry thing, when I went home I would just get a diet coke and go to my computer for 20 minutes, annoyed at people making fun of me all day, these were the only 20 minutes of spare time in my day, and she would annoy the hell out of me. She would walk into the computer room (which is where I spend most of my tiem, since there's two computer rooms and my desk is in there, go over to my desk, smack me on the head and shout, "you're a bitch!" and run away. FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!! And then she'd start telling me stories about her day. Which were still being told when I was doing my fucking homework. And the reason she told me these stories was not for quality time with me, it was because she wants all attention at ALL times from everyone in the fucking house. Also she is lazy. Really fucking lazy. I have to do practically all the chores in the house -including hers- because she is always watching tv and playing fucking dress up computer games. The only thing I don't do is make her bed and clean the mess in the living room (where she sits on her fucking fatass all day long!) and when my mom tells her to do it, she says, "Mommy I do everything else! And "my name" never does anything! It's unfair I'm older and she neverrrr respects me! And I'm so tired from all the cleaning!" so my mom believes her and I have to make my lazy ass sister's bed and clean her mess. Hence, I have only 20 minutes of spare time in my day. When you put that together with honors classes and theater and chorus/chamber and track, there's no spare time in your life! I barely have time to fucking shower! And get this, sometimes her excuse for not doing wok is because she's too busy doing homework. She's terrible in school! WHAT THE FUCK BITCH! You don't even do half your homework you insane bittttttttttttttttttch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And get this!!!! On weekends, herexcuse is that she's too busy straightening her hair! STRAIGHTENING HER FUCKING HAIR! SHE IS THE MOST STUPID DILDO -sorry that is really bad language for someone my age xD- IN THE WORLD!

Also she is fat, really really fat! She never fucking excercises, she sits on her ass all day long eating cookies and shit! She drinks monsters every fucking day! Not saying they're not delicious, but really bitch? Monsters EVERY day! And at dinner I can never talk because everyone is always talking about the bitch. She always has to be the star of the conversation and she thinks she owns the world! We must bow down to the asshole! Queen of fucking Sheba! El capitan! Sit on your ass all day while we work for you! Also our family doesn't have much money, but we somehow always end up spending extra on the bitch!

Plus she pretends she's always sick and always complains. I told my mom that I needed to go to the doctor because my allergy meds weren't working, and I have really bad allergies to like everything. She said it was more important that my sister got new meds. Why? Because she told my mom she had worse allergies than me. ???????? How the FUCK would she know that? I mean she's got bad allergies too, don't get me wrong, and we both got asthma, but she always goes around selfish thinking she's the most important person in the world and we should all bow down to her. Plus I got swine flu and so did she, and she told my mom I was faking. OH MY FUCKING GOD SHE'S SO BITCHY! So my mom only gave her the meds because she was hitting and kicking and screaming and said she would call the cops if she gave them to me -I really don't know why but she did- I had to go to the hospital that night, why? Because I wasn't being taken care of properly! THAT BITCH IS SO FUCKNG HORRIBLE! I ALMOST HATE HER!

Oh and the same thing when we both got bronchitis but I didn't go to the hospital I just fainted. Still a fucking bitch.

Oh and she always tells her friends bad stuff about me that isn't true!!!!!!! It's horrible!

And even worst? She complains to me about her best -fake- friends and says they're stupid spoiled and impolite. Ec-fucking-xcuse me? I know her friends, sure they're spoiled, but they're HELL a lot more polite than she is! And she bitches at my friends, and she lets her skinny friends borrow my clothes! MY CLOTHES! Because I'm skinny and she's a lazy fatass and at least her friends fucking exercise enough so that they're not all fatasses that either sit on the couch or go out spending all their mom's money all day long.

And this is by far the worst. I'm having my 13th birthday in August. I asked my mom if I could have some friends over and said I'd only need to spend about $30 for a large pizza and a small pizza that's all, and we would have five girls over. And five girls would fit perfectly fine in our house. But she said it was too expensive at the time. When I asked her why, she said it was because we spent $65 so my sister could go to an anime convention, and $50 so she could go on a vacation with her friend! Yup, I'm fucking serious. And yes I like anime too I would have loved to go to the convention, but I didn't because I don't ask for such unnecessary things. For my sister's 13th birthday she had 7 girls over, even though she actually invited 8 but one of the spoiled bitches couldn't come. I asked my mom why my sister got $115 spent on her for a vacation and a convention and why I couldn't even be given money for my friends fucking  dinner (minus the fuck part) and she said specifically, "Your sister works her ass off all day long and tries hard in school. She got on the Honor role this year, you should be proud of her. You should respect her and put her before you. That's why you don't get your friends over on your birthday, because we are busy giving your sister what she deserves." My fucking mother said that exactly. My sister somehow got on the  honor role after practically failing Spanish, and I -a sixth grader, my school doesn't have honor role on the middle school and high school do not intermediate- might not have gotten on the honor role, but I did get the presidential award for achievement in school. My mom also told my sister she could have whatever she wanted as a reward she picked some video game, and when I asked my mom if I got anything, she said it was more important that my older sister got rewarded for all her hard work. Plus my sister is always angry because I can sing better than she can. She has an okay voice and likes to show it off to her friends -they are tone deaf- but I can sing really well and she knows it, so whenever I start singing she slaps me across the face and says I'm ruining the peace. FUCKING BITCH! Plus she does the same thing for acting! I got the lead role in a play/musical (Alice in Wonderland) last year, and the day after the production she put on the outfit I wore and tore it just about everywhere from her fat, stole my script and music, but she had to listen to the sounds because the fucking retard can't sight read and thinks she's good anyway, so then she goes and sings the song horribly and does a horrible rendition of Alice and my mom says I should pay attention because my sister is doing really well. FUCK! The only thing she's good at is drawing anime. Can't she just stick to that? She always tries to outdo me in everything and even though she sucks my mom always likes her better. It's so unfair!Also she wears really really really slutty clothes and whenever I wear a cute skirt or minidress or anything like that she calls me a whore and slaps me across the face. She also likes kicking, punching, biting, and scratching. She walks down the street in slutty outfits thinking she's some sexy model when she's a fatass who's boobs don't fit her size and really needs lipo suction and I WANNA FUCKING SMASH A PLATE OVER THAT DILDO'S HEAD THEN SET HER BED ON FIRE!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!She makes me wanna fucking puke.Also she claims she can't do the garbage because she has a sensitive nose and it makes her wanna fuckign puke. The garbage makes ME wanna fucking puke too and I told her but she said I was mocking her and told my mom. I actually did fucking puke once! It's the same way for my sensitive ears, skin, everything else. She claims she's the most delicate girl in the world. She's not the one who got a rash from sunscreen!!!!!! She also enjoys jumping on MY bed because apparently since we share a bedroom and she's older she owns it all and it's her room and I should be grateful she lets me stay there. FUCKING BITCH DILDO ASSHOLE! CAN I JUST KILL HER NOW!?!?!??!?! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!She also fucking farts in the morning and I tell her that I'll tell Mom she won't go into the bathroom and she says I have to get out if I don't want her to stink up the room. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO LIKE...MAUL SOME SENSE INTO THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is so much more I can say but I can't think of it all right now....



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    Oh yeah I also have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and when I told her this she said that I didn't have it but that she did. So when I'm doing...whatever, she'll run up to me, kick me really fucking hard in the leg, and run of screaming, "RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME!" like a mad woman. Ya more like a mad cow.

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    Paragraphs are awesome.  They make your rant not look like a wall of text!

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    King Soul, an infection is spreading rapidly across your kingdom! Please do something soon as there is no known cure for Paragraphitis. Please try to prevent the spread of this terrible contagious disease.

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    Ya thanks asshole...

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    my sis she is realy a fucking bitch and slut, she fucked with all my friends when i told her to stop all this she told my girl friend that i am haveing sex with her and with her friends i wanna kill that bitch

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    Aw, I hate when girls grow up like that, I am SO thankful you yourself isn't a bitch like she is. You say she don't work? She is probably gonna be a dirty slut, and when you grow up and she is on the streets with no job begging for a CUPCAKE, you can give her one, and she still won't get a job or nothing because she is a fucking stupid bitch who thinks that she don't need to work.Anyways, the way you typed it in seems like your parents don't care how she is, and they try nothing much to stop it. Then again, I didn't read the entire thing.Consult a parent or school counselor. 

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    My Sister Sits on her ass all day were only 12 but shes a lazy ass bitch when we clean the room she sits down but when mum comes she starts to pretend to clean it's so Fing annoying ! & shes my step sister so my step mum favors her kids shes a few months older than me & im in the higher school year i did reception twice because i got into school at 4 im in year 6 shes in year 5 how does that work

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    Could it be that she's stupid?My sister is stupid and got held back, and my bitch parents ((I was the one who made the entire post)) give her everything she wants and she said it wasn't fair that she was held back and I wasn't so guess who was held back?Seriously hate her.

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    omg my sister is a bitch. she lways looks on msn and lies to my mum about convos ive had. she is crazy and a hypocraite and shes younger than me btw. i need to rage.

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    I have a younger brother. HE IS SUCH A FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked him to go get my mom because I couldn't find my project that is due Friday.  He says, "Why should I? I'm not your slave!" I mean SERIOUSLY! SOME DAY I'M GOING TO COME DOWNSTAIRS, GRAB A KNIFE, AND STAB THE FUCK OUT OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! oOPS. Broke my key. My bad. it was the shift key. no more exclamtion points i guess............. fuck my life, but especially my bro.

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    I think your younger brother is very smart...wish I was like him when I was younger then I could also tell my elder sister that I am not your slave...please try and respect your younger brother and don't take him for granted to do anything for you...he is also a human like you...he is a separate identity from you....try and help yourself with your own work...and appreciate that your younger brother is so free spirited and mature that he has his own mind at this age...let him grow his way...not every kid is as amazing as your brother

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    The whole original post is a crock of pigshit probably written by one of the lame little fags that used to be on this website trying to stir up trouble because the had no real lives (aka Philly guy, kpissed, arenaria and all the other douchebags that ran to another little pissant website)

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    I had a whole long comment that was meant to make you feel better, but after I tried to submit it, they told me it was too long. Nice that they let you write the whole thing and THEN tell you it's too long (and then delete the whole thing so you can''t even edit it to make it shorter). Great website this is.