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It had been several months since the Monarch had stiffed the illegals and there had been no retribution so once again arrogance ruled in the Royal HOUSE of Blues.

As our fearless leader went about the day's business, he noticed 5 bullet holes in the windshield of the ever patient Soulmobile. Funny, yesterday there had only been 3. Damn kids these days and their guns,
I get road rage when getting stuck behind really slow drivers it like I''m shouting out my window at some old lady driving to her destination all I could say "GOD DAMMIT you're DYING you'll die before you get there!!!" and some nincompoop who actually put his turn signal to cut me off to slow down with his finger jam in his nose like he's a FUCKING moron digging for gold like he can't control his
Watched Donald Trump's First Address to Congress. So it was a few weeks ago but I finally had time to watch it.

He said a lot of good things that made a lot of sense. But so did Obama, Bush and all the Presidents at their first Congressional addresses. So what's the difference? TRUMP SPEAKS PLAIN ENGLISH!!!
Leaving the politically correct bullshit-isms behind left more time to say more th
Well everyone (and anyone), I'm back.
And I see nothing changed. Kind of a relief really. I mean after having a stoke and all.
See ya round. Y'all come back now.

KPissed - Gone (nearly), but not forgotten (I think).
I am coming for you Decay. I want to show you my grandfather in me. I want to step into a boxing ring with you and smash your fucking lights out (after all bets are placed of course)

I am going to teach you all about murder in an boxing ring like my grandfather (a machine gunner in WW2) -- did in the 1930s.

The fucking school busses that get in my fucking way to work (or any place for that matter), please run off into a ditch and explode. Seriously, you are simply IN THE WAY. These tard vans have their multiple stops to pick up or drop off kids, and take their precious fucking time doing it! And why the fuck can't I just pass you? That tiny ass stopsign on your side wouldn't stop me if it was legal
Wow! It's surely been quite a while. Now I know you're probably laughing at me -- WWE? I also feel kinda silly ranting about pro wrestling. But hey, I grew up watching this and I hate what it's become.

Pro wrestling was red hot in the 70s & the 80s when people thought it was real. In the 90s the adults started realizing that it was scripted but it was very entertaining all the same. But in the
How the hell do you have National Health Care that is not paid for by the Nation?

How the hell do you force people to buy something they can't afford and call it "affordable" health care?

How the hell do you make it a law to buy health insurance people can't afford, then fine them money they don't have if they don't pay for a policy they can't afford?

How the hell is it "affordable" to h
The people in charge of TV programming think we are all a bunch of stupid fucking assholes. They think we are easily manipulated into doing or watching whatever shit they put on. And here's the proof.

One show I watch is The Walking Dead. It's a pretty good show. So good that it has several huge web sites and net pages devoted to it. And there is also a one hour long show AFTER the Walkin
It had been a long time since beloved KingSoulTaker had walked the now empty hallways of what at one time had been the ~ROYAL House of Blues~.
Realizing that the place was trashed, AND he had left his weed in the Soulmobile outside, and after freaking out thinking he'd lost his keys only to find he'd left the Smobile running the entire time.
Ever cognizant of his borderline incoherance, yet eve
A couple just becomes strangers and the relationship is broken completely. The story of Mickey & Mimi has been developed with the tune of this innocent saga.
Part II:
As King Soul inspected and marveled over the now refurbished for her pleasure ROYAL House of Blues, he remembered he had not yet gone for beer and gotten cash back to pay the illegal and his son who were waiting patiently by the hand carved recreation of the statue of David they had only minutes ago finished.
Feeling embarrassed, the King quietly called ICE, and as the man and his s

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