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Watched Donald Trump's First Address to Congress. So it was a few weeks ago but I finally had time to watch it.

He said a lot of good things that made a lot of sense. But so did Obama, Bush and all the Presidents at their first Congressional addresses. So what's the difference? TRUMP SPEAKS PLAIN ENGLISH!!!
Leaving the politically correct bullshit-isms behind left more time to say more th
So I upgraded to Windows 10 last month. This so-called upgrade did a lot of shit to my laptop that I basically do not consider an upgrade because an upgrade is supposed to improve your computer experience and Windows 10 didn't really do this.

But the most shitty part of this "upgrade" was how Windows 10 automatically installed Windows Edge as my browser, instead of Windows Explorer, which I h
So I go into a fast food place. The one that starts with a "B". And I order three things. All off their pick a number menu. No great challenge to the staff for me to "have it my way". Just a plain simple number 3, number 4 and number 8.

Problem was I asked for salt.

And pepper.

The dumb ass who took my order - which was to go - left the salt and pepper out of the bag. I always chec
So I have class daily, I also live on campus, this is not a normal uni it is family base.
Well I leave my laptop cord in my classroom each night as it's just one of those things that are to much to carry around. Well some work has been happening in my classroom and things have been moved...and gone is my cord! Like ok let's get in contact with the workers have they seen it.....well yes they hav
I am coming for you Decay. I want to show you my grandfather in me. I want to step into a boxing ring with you and smash your fucking lights out (after all bets are placed of course)

I am going to teach you all about murder in an boxing ring like my grandfather (a machine gunner in WW2) -- did in the 1930s.

OK, this may sound like I'm feeling all superior, but I don't stink. I keep myself clean and change my clothes every day, like most civilized people. But there are some people to whom cleanliness is an alien concept. In short - THEY STINK!!!
Now I'm not condemning coming home from a dirty job or living in places where there is no running water like in third world countries. No. It's the vol
Thanksgiving should be a great day. I mean, what's not to like? Good food. Family trying to behave nicely (or almost). A day off from work - sometimes Friday too, making it the longest long weekend of the year. And the weather is usually still good for driving and visiting and all. Also, Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that any religion can celebrate because its a day for sitting ba
Everyone is entitled to his opinion but i believe it would serve the celebrities better if they did not run their mouths about stuff they know next to nothing about. Of course, people voicing their opinion always will and should be legal but why the hell do celebrities get involved in politics and why does the media endorse them so? What kind of a person gives a fuck what the celebs think? What k
I would like to submit this Ponderance even though our beloved Zen_Master is not here to do it in his unique style. So FOCUS NOW!!!
A poor guy in Mexico wants a better life so he sneaks into the USA illegally. Once here he lives in conditions that may be sub-standard to Americans, but are still far better than Mexican standards. We have running water right inside the house here, and not just wh
I get road rage when getting stuck behind really slow drivers it like I''m shouting out my window at some old lady driving to her destination all I could say "GOD DAMMIT you're DYING you'll die before you get there!!!" and some nincompoop who actually put his turn signal to cut me off to slow down with his finger jam in his nose like he's a FUCKING moron digging for gold like he can't control his
Got a neighbor next door. Regular sort of guy, and generally ok. He smokes but I figure that's his business and not mine, except when he puffs away for a couple of hours right under my living room window. I don't like that, but there's nothing I can do about it so . . .well.

Anyway this past winter my neighbor was out of work due to a back injury. While trying to collect disability (a nearly
So I go and buy this beef taco wrap thing for lunch. Open it up. Smells good. Lots of lettuce hanging out of it. Spotted some tomatoes and cheese, etc. But one thing seemed missing. No beef. How can you have a beef taco wrap without any beef?
Where's the fucking BEEF???
Bought this candy I used to like as a kid. Its called Allsorts. These are fancy little licorice things in a bunch of d

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