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I am so weary, why does it hurt me? Trudging down the hall, I sense Lucifer Stalking me. Every chance he earns, he without hesitant, possesses my soul so keen. The place where I keep my mourning, and the Cinemas of an Obnoxious Teen. Lord, I am so Weary. And IF I sleep, Please O God, Never ever wake me. For I am so Injured, Grieved, and so Weary... ~Lioni
You know what I hate?
The fact that I'm pretty open-minded if I do say so myself, not to toot my own horn or anything...

*toot toot

but I'm not racist, I'm not homophobic, I'm not transphobic, the only shit I really have phobias of is insects *shiver. But anyway, I didn't suddenly merge myself into PC principle to people please, I do enjoy a laugh and think some people take the whole pc
Haha, thanks Crappy Companies symbol. You reminded me how much that place sucked. They charge me around 8 dollars for a "tall" mocha! And by tall, I mean shorter than the CEO's dick! Oh, yeah, what the Fuck is a Cream mocha choco lalala and whatever the fuck it's name is?!? This stuff probably isn't even coffee, just some milkshake that tastes like it!!! And really, if they cared about customer
OK, this may sound like I'm feeling all superior, but I don't stink. I keep myself clean and change my clothes every day, like most civilized people. But there are some people to whom cleanliness is an alien concept. In short - THEY STINK!!!
Now I'm not condemning coming home from a dirty job or living in places where there is no running water like in third world countries. No. It's the vol
Why do they do it? Do they think we are all that stupid that we can't see what the fuck is going on? Maybe they do think we are really that stupid, because we keep electing these ass holes whose principal duty seems to be to lie to us about every single fucking thing. Especially, they lie about our tax dollars and what the hell they are being spent on.
Last month, the state of NJ declared tha
Thanksgiving should be a great day. I mean, what's not to like? Good food. Family trying to behave nicely (or almost). A day off from work - sometimes Friday too, making it the longest long weekend of the year. And the weather is usually still good for driving and visiting and all. Also, Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that any religion can celebrate because its a day for sitting ba
So once a week, the garbage men show up to collect the trash. The same crew shows up Mondays to take away the recyclables. Typical mundane operation. Right? Fuck no!
These trash collectors must be the elite of the garbage world because they reject the trash they don't want to collect.
First off, they don't have to pick up anything that is too heavy. Forty pounds is their limit. They also d
ahh... right what else? hmm....

-aw god aye... working wage. aye its £9/10 mate. minimum... lol. Any company caught not paying its workers a decent wage will be do do do.... shut the fuck down. "But alchy, that isnt possible for businesses." ok first off, for big companies, aye it is, if its small businesses, write me a letter and you may be suitable for a small business grant. Also there wil
Is it just my perception, or are all the take out food places downsizing their portions?
Last week, I had to get some take out food for unexpected guests. The Chinese food containers were about the same size, but the contents was way shorter than usual. I mean the containers were like half full. The next day, I had to go the strip-mall where I bought the stuff and asked them. They said the s
Ok.. so I have this absolute ogre of a "female" I currently work with. She'll be shitty person number 1 shall she? She's the type that wants to be friends with all the guys, in the hope that one of them will actually fancy her.
I'll let you gain some insight into some of our little conversations.
Me: "ack it sucks you have to work tomorrow ********"
her: "shut up"
ehm mcsqueeze me bitch?
I would like to submit this Ponderance even though our beloved Zen_Master is not here to do it in his unique style. So FOCUS NOW!!!
A poor guy in Mexico wants a better life so he sneaks into the USA illegally. Once here he lives in conditions that may be sub-standard to Americans, but are still far better than Mexican standards. We have running water right inside the house here, and not just wh
So more than once i've been in a situation where i show a pic on my phone to someone and the asshole starts swiping. why in the fuck do they do that? I wanted for them to see what i was showing them NOT THE REST OF THE FUCKING GALLERY YOU INCONSIDERATE PRICKS...!!!
Many a time they'll want to look around your phone or laptop or even your fucking facebook wall.. Nosey fucking bastards!

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