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so we had this news story today here in the US, some idiot at University of Texas has apparently lost some bubonic plague. this annoys the hell out of me, how is it that universities even have bubonic plague in the first place anyway? i\'m most likely wrong on my facts here but d
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idn\'t bubonic plague wip out hundreds of thousands of people a few hundred years ago? it was a major epidemic that caused vast numbers of people to die, it happened on several occasions throughout history. so here we are 2003, in the modern age, in the \"western\" world, the so-called advanced high-tech modern society that we are and we let a bunch of pot-smoking, totally-out-of-touch-with-reality, hippie-draft-dodging, self-labelled-intellectuals look after, and experiment with one of the most dangerous viruses (or whatever the hell it is) known to mankind. oh, and then what happens? they manage to lose it... it would be funny, really quite fucking funny, if it wasn\'t so serious. why on earth do we need to conduct experiments on no-known-cure-viruses like this anyway? doh, to find a cure... NO, we don\'t need a fucking cure for it, we need someone to bury it and never use it ever again, how long have we been without the plague? i never heard of it in my 30yrs so i\'m sure a long long time, a hundred years maybe. it was eradicated somehow right? everyone probably died off, end of story. well it should have been but NO - some cocksucker decided to keep a few vials of it for the spaced-out, and obviously less than security conscious university-types to play with.
This was when I was young. Nowadays I find that I can keep a tight rein on this black hole so it doesn't grow any larger than the equivalent of a golf ball in my chest. I still feel a bit drained after it passes, though, and I sometimes wonder whether it actually damages me; physically, mentally, or spiritually, if I was inclined to believe in such things.

What does anger feel like to you? How does it affect you? Let us explore this!

My boyfriend lies to me about little stupid nonsense stuff... Like last night he used the bathroom garbage can to fill with water to clean the fish tank. That was fine, but after he was done he told me that he dried it out before putting the bag back in it. I never he asked him he offered the lie. After changing the bag today to take it out to the garbage I found it full of water in the bottom...
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Stupid!!!! I just dont understand it.
Today I spent 30 minz in heavy traffic behind a dork that had no breaklites , I really got pissed of by ppl beeing totally uncontious when it comes to their car. I allmost decided to drive by the dude and stop him and let him know...He even had a kid in the car without a belt on...well anywayz this time I was able to control myself , guess I wasn\'t angry enough , hehe
damn yahoo! i hate it!!! Most the time it has problems. and then when it lets you into something finaly it freakin messes up. like in chat rooms they dont let you fuckin see other ppl when they are on there. some kick you out for talkin!! i mean thats the fuckin point of a chat room is to chat, and then when you chat they kick you off?? wtf is that?? and ppl whoi think they own yahoo rooms and the
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y boot you off cause they dont like you. well you dont own the room you just like to think you do! and i hate it. but no worries im not booted off cause it wont allow them to boot me, but they boot all my friends! grrrrrr!!!!! i really dont like that! and then yahoo kicks you off all the time! \"there has been an error\" error my ass!!!!! i hate yahoo ahhhh! i wish some other ppl would like take it over and make it better
Worked at Verizon of Calif for 36yrs and this year due to a recent surgery, I\'m not at fully healthy. Managers Jack Moore and Gary Stockman have been calling me a liar etc etc, the chilling statement \"We are going to fire you if you don\'t retire,\" finished me off. Severance package is very nice but strangely, the retirement monies are frozen. DO YOU THINK I\'M PISSED OFF??????
Now I have to go and get new connectors and somehow put them in without any tools nor money to buy the parts and labor with.

I used to think having a car would solve many of my problems. In experience, however, I find that it sometimes causes more problems than it solves.

Of course it doesn't help that I have a nifty Tahoe LT to fall back on, since that thing guzzles more gas than two fucking Rodeos.

1. Will anons be allowed back onto the site?

2. Will you be taking an active roll in the site this time?

3. Will trolls be tolerated to the extent they were before?

4. Are you looking for mods?
More updates for those that are interested.

Comments are now working. Because I haven't yet been able to import the old stories/update the database there were some records missing so the comments were failing. So these should now be working.

Old (2 year old) users are ready to be imported. Now working on older stories and comments. These will hopefully not take longer then tonight.

Anonymous posting hasn't been enabled yet. I'm still debating on even doing anonymous posting any longer and instead requiring people to register accounts. Account creation would be minimal, Literally username/password and an email address if you ever want to retrieve a password. I may also set the registration up so people can generate random usernames for 1 time posting. This would take care of the anonymous posting issue and make it easier to manage spam.

So hopefully by tomorrow all the very old site shit will be re-added and if I have time I'll start manually re-adding old posts too
Wow, can't believe it's been 3 weeks all ready since Justrage went down.

Well I'm sure some of you are wondering what happened. To make a long story short Justrage was hit with a full server failure. The entire server apparently totally died, causing both the main drive, and the backup drive to fully fail. And to top it off the backup service had never made a remote backup of the drive causing all the data, files and everything to be lost.

And naturally to top it off the half dozen backups I had on my home server, development machine and raided Nas device were all corrupted or destroyed by system failure. Yeah, every fucking backup has been destroyed, even a Cd rom copy I had made a year ago while moving was some how fucking damaged.

So I will be manually adding rages from 2002 - 2010 from a copy I have from 2010. I will then be manually adding rages people have posted from 2010 to the current date from the wayback machine (copy / pasting).

Continue reading for more.
you guys and gals have a good night, or day whatever, is that guy karl for real. who thinks that guy is actually in prison.
The first part of the site updates is now up. They are not complete but I'm sure you get the general idea of the new site layout.

The rest will hoepfully be finally finished tomorrow. Site should be more optimized for speed with an easier to use / read interface.

I'll post more details tomorrow after I get some sleep.

You can start posting issues now but it would be best to wait until after th
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e final release is made

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