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deadly. Stay away!!!

Then, one by one, as the site became more and more popular, membership from TMC began floating in to see what the hubub was all about. Since for the longest time the forum wasn't the primary focus of the site, it operated without a posted set of rules. But due to the nature of people who use TMC, that had to change, and a first set was drafted. Anyone who has had any experience with MUD communities can probably predict what came next. But if not, what followed was an explosion of trolling, abusive posting, and members who felt it was their obligation to test the limits of the rules to see how far the admins would go. It got ugly. Tempers flared. I should have known then that the project was a complete failure, but I chose to take a stand and began more aggressively enforcing the rules. This worked ok for awhile, but naturally any such system becomes untenable once you get one or more defiant anti-authority figures involved. Enter Cratylus.

For the last two years, he has made it his personal mission to rip into any decision made in the name of the site's authority. All the while, continuing to post inflammatory junk and be generally abusive to the membership as a whole. But especially so to the admins, and doubly so to myself. Apparently he saw me as his Goliath to slay. Every time a topic would be locked, a post edited, something trollish and inappropriate deleted, there he'd be questioning every last thing that was ever done despite it being clearly spelled out in the rules. Things hit the fan though in a serious way when Cratylus posted an innocuous link to one of his "cratpegs" or something. Very shortly after, the link he posted disappeared with no sign of why. Folks who have followed my blog closely enough know that the incident escalated into accusations of stealth editing and that I had deliberately edited the site's SQL tables to avoid detection. All of that resulted in me resigning my post in November of 2007. Apparently, that sent the message that I was dead serious when I denied having any involvement in the infamous "post edit incident" as it's now called. I kept it to myself then, but to this day, I beleive that Asylumius was behind the incident and was in on it with Cratylus to frame me. I did not then, nor do I now, have any proof that they conspired to do this, but as Asylumius was accessing the logs he had ample opportunity to forge entries in it that he tried to use to convince the others. Only after the evidence was proven insufficient to make it stick did they back down and I foolishly agreed to be reinstated. One will note here that many people fully acknowledged the source of the problem. This is important, so keep it in mind.

So following my reinstatement, we set out to try and clean things up a bit. With Cratylus out of the picture, the site was running pretty smoothly and there were few if any incidents to speak of. More work had been done to polish up the files module and the articles module. Somewhere in the middle of all this we deployed a better skin for the site. Most of this timeframe seemed pretty tame really. Then for whatever dumbass reason, Cratylus had his ban removed and was allowed to return to the site. It took very little time before he resumed his usual ways of posting inflammatory material, abusing other members, and making a general ass of himself. And as usual, the other admins were too scared of him to do anything about it. So like the stubborn old fool I am, I waded back into the fray and did my best to try and reign the guy in. Only this time it seemed as though he found some new friends who also took a delight in being abusive and antagonistic toward any administration action. Somewhere in here I resigned my admin post again as I came to the conclusion that nothing was going to change and I wasn't going to waste more time on it. That's when people stepped up to offer support and persuaded me to ask to be reinstated again. Which happened. Though I can't find posts or a blog entry on it here, so I don't remember the exact details. Unimportant now anyway. Also, again, keep in mind, plenty of people openly acknowledged Cratylus as the source of the problem. Both on the site and over the IMC chat network.

Fast forward to the end of July. Cratylus was up to his usual thing, after we had managed to go several months this year with no real problems to speak of other than an incident with a spammer who came to the site (more on that to come). So long about this time, a fellow by the name of dubstack shows up. He types up a post, filled to the brim with grammatical and spelling errors. You can see where this is going, right? Yep. Grammar Nazism. All the trolls lept upon him and began ripping him apart. Several times I asked them to cool it. Apparently they didn't get the message. So I locked the thread. Oh yeah, you can see it now, right? Iron fist! It flared for a bit, but died off quickly. We figured it was over and done with - complete with the warning that the subject of dubstack's issue not be discussed again.

As you can imagine, that only lasted a few days before David Haley piped up and took another cheap shot at the guy. I warned him and the other participant, Flumpy, that the subject was not appropriate. Both of them took it upon themselves to hurl more abuse, so I locked the thread, and because David chose to instigate things further, he got suspended. Enter Cratylus again. Raised holy hell that his forum trolling partner had been punished for rules violations. Some heated words exchanged, and some abusive comments made. Big surprise, right? The threads where the abusive comments were made got locked. Naturally the gut reaction of a large number of troll posters sought to have this painted as me being my usual iron fisted fascist self and that the threads were only being locked due to my disagreement with the participants. That was not true, the rules stated that the behavior was not welcome. Cratylus took it upon himself to violate a well known (but foolishly unwritten) policy that administrative actions such as locks, deleted, suspensions, bans, whatever were not open to public debate. A policy that is very common on thousands of internet forums. It's policy on every site I personally visit, and I've yet to meet anyone who's been to a site where it's not policy. This is however the MUD world, so yeah. All common decency is thrown out the window. Cratylus fails to heed several requests to go to PMs and ignored a direct action not to continue posting in public. So when he refused, he was suspended in accordance with policy.

The big mistake of course was that we had only bothered to document the policy in writing a few days before the suspension was issues and I had forgotten to make an announcement about it at the time. It blew up into what's now known as the "Rule 14" incident since it was the 14th rule we had added to the policies. One important facet to keep in mind here (August of 2009 now) is that most of the discussions regarding Rule 14 were conducted on the IMC network. Apparently done in order to avoid my seeing it because by that time I had long since been disconnected due to repeated abusiveness being hurled in my direction anytime I opened my mouth. It didn't matter what I said, they were simply intent on being dickheads, so I left the mess in Davion's hands. Heh. Poor Davion. Clueless about how the network even works at all. It's a wonder the thing stays online at all. Anyway, with two people suspended from the site, the drama llamas were out in force. It went on and on without end for the entire month of August. This despite an attempt to resolve the issues by instituting a change in how forum moderation was to be handled.

Inspired by the system in use at TES Nexus, we proposed to change moderation to a system where 3 new moderators would be hired to monitor the site. Along with this, whenever someone got moderated for some reason, a public notice of it would be posted on a special forum only the moderators were *SUPPOSED* to have access too. The new mods were hired, the new forum section was put in place. As an added gesture, a new set of rules was enacted that had more clarity to them - taken directly from what's worked on the site the whole time. The only problem apparently was that we were not going to abandon Rule 14. Or so I thought. Despite having agreed to enforce the rules we set, the mods more or less openly rejected Rule 14. This caused an uproar, and Davion cowered away from the pressure and removed one critical component from the new public notice system. The restriction on being able to discuss the decisions. This had the disastrous effect I fully expected it would and the first time a moderator action got posted there Cratylus immediately dug into it like a rabid dog. I truly feel sorry for Dean, he turned out to be the only one of the 3 who had the stones to do something about it and he got a massive pile of shit thrown on him for it. But he's a trooper, he took it in stride, called Cratylus an asshole, and moved on.

Things might have calmed down, but unfortunately Hades Kane couldn't help himself and posted an inflammatory link in an old thread (which should have been utterly deleted long ago) called "The God FAQ". I doubt I need to really explain why this is such a colossally bad type of post for a non-religious forum. As one might expect, in the course of the debate, it turned into a Darwinists vs Creationists fight. While this isn't terribly unexpected, the result was rather devastating. It went on for 30 more pages and Cratylus was right there in the middle of it all, flinging shit and posting abusive crap. I had long since given up on any hope that the mods would deal with it. So I figured what the hell, why not jump in too? Guess that wasn't such a grand idea, because my view on macro-evolution is best summed up by the word "pseudoscience". Probably should have known better in a forum full of liberal democrats who have no education outside of Darwinism. So when I began posting evidence in support of Intelligent Design, all hell broke loose. Because they all agreed that I must be a crackpot hillbilly with no education, it was open season to turn their guns of hatred and malice on me. Including all three of the moderators who were supposed to be enforcing the rules against that sort of thing. Yeah, probably should have backed out and locked the thread. Damage done.

So that brings us to late last night. Over the last two weeks, a poll was running on the site which asked if we should ban religious and/or political topics. Seemed harmless enough, and for awhile, the poll thread was quiet. Until the trolls realized their side was losing. Badly. A majority of those who cared enough to vote, voted to ban those topics outright. So you'd think that would be good enough, right? 29 people vote to ban the topic, 52% of those who bothered to do so, majority, right? Wrong. The amendment went into the rules, and the rule lawyering trolls like Cratylus came out of the woodwork. He decided to be an ass, and ask if Darwinism was still valid. Considering the inflammatory nature of the topic, we added a specifier for that as well and made it off limits too. We were even generous enough to give a 7 day grace in order for existing topics to wind down and die off. The trolls would have none of it.

So anyway, the end result? Cratylus, David, and a couple of others spent their evening savagely attacking Davion for - get this - my unilateral decision to alter the rules. Uh huh. After giving them 2 weeks to speak up and not hearing a peep, sorry, that doesn't fly. I even gave Davion, Kiasyn, and the 3 moderators nearly a full week to comment. Only Orrin bothered, and he pulled more rules lawyering stupid crap out of his ass. But he was the ONLY one who said anything substantive on the issue. The others were silent. It was in no way unilateral, their silence was an explicit agreement. Davion even publicly said as much over IMC when he told Cratylus that what he wanted was now taking place.

I'm sure by now you want to know what the backstabbing is. As of 12:44am, my tenure as administrator of the site was revoked. By force. I was called into an IRC session and there was Davion, Kiasyn, and Asylumius - important to remember he's *NOT* a site admin and hasn't been for some time now. The reason? My presence is destructive to the site. You can imagine that I am not particularly happy about it.

Now remember earlier where I said that people openly acknowledged Cratylus as the source of all the problems, right? Thing is, people are still doing that, and Davion even said Cratylus is going to get banned from the site now. Though he'll probably deny it and claim he never said it. So what I'm really steamed about is that they acknowledge the problem, Kiasyn publicly said he's 90% of the problem, but here we are. Me sacked, Cratylus still a fully privileged member of the site.

Remember the spammer thing I mentioned before? Some of you here probably know The Fury. Yes, that Fury. The one I booted from this blog due to some spam comments he posted here. Here's the thing. An incident took place shortly after what went on here where MudBytes and TMC were both attacked by a spammer. The spammer attacked our site via a proxy which led back to an ISP in Australia. It's damn weak. Asylumius supplied this information shortly before he resigned his post. Davion acted on the information and told everyone we had the evidence. I played along because of my petty disagreements with The Fury. It was wrong, but in my heart I felt it was for the greater good of the site at the time. There was nothing concrete linking him to anything that happened on MudBytes. I can't speak for TMC, and Icculus isn't talking, but I highly doubt that was him either. Since I no longer have any loyalties to the backstabbing corrupt admins running the site now, I need to get this off my chest. It's the right thing to do. My apologies to The Fury for contributing to the maligning of your reputation. You deserve to know the truth, and there it is.

Honestly, I see no real hope that the site is going to survive. Davion is a traffic whore. He cares only about getting visitors to the site. He's on more than one occasion said the forums should be scrapped in their entirety. Kiasyn is an immature spoiled brat who isn't qualified to administer a self enema, let alone an important resource site for MUDs. And Asylumius is a deceptive manipulator who's motives I really don't even begin to understand. To all those who hung with me near the end, well, I am sorry, but I did what I could. They'd have none of it, and would rather appease the small but vocal minority of troublemakers than do what's right for the site by cleaning it up. My sincere advice to all would be to just walk away. Ditch the place. Go hang out at TMS or Mudlab. MudBytes is now nothing more than another TMC. The remaining administration is spineless, corrupt, and unworthy of an ounce of respect.

The MUD community is damaged goods. At least at the level of a site like MudBytes. Do yourself a favor, follow some sage advice from The Fury: "You will find mud development more rewarding if you distance yourself from other developers." Truer words never spoken. Niche sites are the key. Go find one and contribute something meaningful. Stay clear of MudBytes.

A special apology goes out to Kyndig. It's taken me this long to realize you were doing what you felt was right. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but if you do, know that I now understand fully what you were trying to do and for my part in being and asshole to you, I'm sorry. .... since he closed the post and all now....

All I have to say is this: FUCK MUDBYTES, FUCK DAVION, FUCK KIASYN, FUCK ASYLUMIUS, FUCK CRATYLUS, and FUCK ANYONE ELSE who fucking attacked Samson! You fucking DBZ cocksucker admins wouldn't know a good man if he came up beind you and FUCKED YOU UP THE ASS WITH A BARREL CACTUS!!!!!
Islam ordains that apostates are to be killed (not quickly but by stoning so that they can die SLOWLY and PAINFULLY), it orders limb amputations for petty theft, allows raping women, orders lashings, allows for Muslim men to beat their wives, that women are blame if they're raped, that molesting little girls is perfectly ok, it orders those who insult Islam and all those who do not submit to it are to be killed by beheading and cutting of their hands and feet.

Dont feed me that pure bullshit that this isnt part of Islam, everyone of these acts are legislated by the Quran and Islamic scripture from the hadith.

Then theres all these ignorant fucks who dont know jackshit about islam, they try to be politically correct and applaud themselves themselves for being open minded; they'll do that right up the moment the jihadists slit their throats.

To say that it is racist to criticize Islam is like saying its racist to criticize Nazism, it doesn't make sense, they're both hateful and inhumane ideologies. These wars arent about fucking foreign policy, it never was.

This war was started when Muhammad (shit be upon him) ordered all Muslims to fight disbelievers until you convert them or subjugate them to dhimmis (second-class status where they're forbidden to preach their religion carry religious relics under penalty of beheading), if they refuse it warrant their deaths.

This is fucking global jihad to make one islamic state, are you fucking blind? Look whats happening in virtually every country: mylasia, indonesia, pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, iran, spain, saudi arabia, nigeria, somalia, morroco, egypt, britain, etc... muslims are killing innocent people left and right!

These Muslims are following in the footsteps Muhammad who fucking killed a bunch of innocent people, who was fucking pedophile that fucked Aisha who was just she NINE years old, who lead caravan raids, who severed the heads of over 800 jews of the banu qurayzah tribe, owned blacked slaves, he brutally tortured people by burning their eye out and cutting off their limbs, he ordered the assassinations of poets like abu afak and asma bint marwan who undermined his authority, he was a fucking epileptic madman.

So when you see these crazy infantile Muslims threatening to kill people over some fucking cartoons, should it be any surprise when they consider a man like this to be "the best example for mankind"?

Islam is unique among other religions, it mandates to establish sharia to the land through jihad (this one of the fucking pillars), its goal is world domination it always has been from the very moment of its conception. We need to stop being politically correct, because islam will undoubtedly kill us all if keep spreading the lies that it is peaceful.

It enrages me to see Obama not responding properly to the troop surge success that the Republican press is touting for Bush and the Republican party. It amazes me how people forget that this war has been going on for many years. And that the fucking Executive Branch did nothing when they were told many years ago that a troop surge was needed by there Generals. Also, just because we have a fucking
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troop surge doesn't mean we are successful in Iraq. If you have armed American troops at every street corner in a troubled city how much crime or terrorism will occur? Basically litlle to zero. If you pull the troops out, the Iraq gov't would just fall apart. And that is the real fucking test of the troop surge successfullness. Obama should ask ; "Let's just see what kind of results we get once we start pulling out those troops before saying that the troop surge is successful". Obama should not let these dumb fucking ignorant short sighted Republican press reporters get to him.
Fuck you Republican assholes. I'm sick of you critizing every English word used by Obama and twisting the words around just to benefit your fucking stupid agenda. McCain is just another Oil company controlled zombie like Bush. Why would McCain even approve of more offshore drilling off the gulf of Mexico when it's obviously a prime location for hurricanes to pass through? Why would you allow the oil companies build more refineries near the gulf coast ( another hurricane magnet place)?
All of my friends choose their 3day boyfriend or girlfriend over me and everyone else. Why the hell can't you balance relationships? You alinate yourself from all of your friends and family. Then Bitch about how alone you are. No wonder you dumb shit, you just shat on everyone you ever "cared" about for a relationship that isn't even going to go anywhere.

I don't give a shit anymore,
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Keep your boyfriends and girlfirends. Stop comming back to me when your ass gets kicked to the curb. Fuck all of you, you are not worth a damn second of my time

I hate my mum so much I wish either her or me was dead. She calls me all the names under the sun for no reason. She tells me to tidy up, I do, and just coz I don't do it quick enough (5 secs) she calls me stuff and threatens to hit me. I was sitting down having a drink while she was ironing, she tells me to take something upstairs, i say in a sec coz I'm having a drink. She threatens to burn me wi
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th the iron. I'm angry at her, but I'm also scared for my safety now. I totally don't know what to do with her or me.
Fuck Islam, Fuck Muhammed, Fuck your Allah, he is a bitch. All these extreme Islamic suicide bombers, you're just gonna keep fucking with people and these other countries until someone is going to wipe all of your asses out. I'm not for war. I hate killing and fighting, but when other people have no fucking goal in life but to die and kill as many non-Muslims as possible, then I'm all fucking them
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up. Fuck Islam!
To make a long story short, I used to be friends with famous teen world champ powerlfiter Amanda Harris, AKA Barbie Barbell, I was a huge fan and I was always nice to her, and one day she gave me major attitude because I asked what she considers a ''stupid question'' and she says that I'm rude, that I have a temper, and all kinds of the begging, I was in disbelief, I though ''what a b
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itch!'' but I tried to play it nice and told her that I was going through a tough time, she read the message and didn't reply back(on myspace) Then I got mad and told her off, told her that I hate her and that I'm going to delete her (she dared to threaten me, telling me that if I give her crap she was going to block me) anyways, I blocked her and that was the end of the story, or so I thought, I go to youtube and I see a video of hers, and I said ''she is evil'' and apparently her dad owns that video, and he replied ''why is she evil'?'' and I basically told him that I didn't appreciate the things that she had told me, and let's leave it at that, he then replies to me telling me ''grow up you fucking jerk!!!!!'' I replied back saying ''how dare you! go fuck yourself!'' and I also told him ''you are a fucking asshole! how dare you curse me out like that!'', so this is the most ridiculous story, in which the father gets involved, like a little child, to curse me out, fuck that fat ass motherfucker and that little bitch barbie barbell is a fucking cunt and I hate her with a passion! wow, it feels great to vent!!!..:)
Stupid fucking software developers, they don't know shit about designing a user interface. I'm fucking tired of running into your fucking shitty work and having to explain to the business what a fucked up job there software development team is doing. Never in my life have I seen so much fucking slow moving, badly design, crap in my life. Have you mother fuckers ever heard of designing with reducin
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g the number of keystrokes in mind. Has the word "effeciency" escaped your feeble peanut brain!

And you fucking C++ developers!!! Why the fuck do you think that you are so great when you create a program that is so convoluted and hard to understand. There are things that the language allows and recommends that it does not be used, and what do you do??? You fucking jackass morons!!!

First - They drive on the wrong fucking side of the road. Now that would be fine if they stayed the fuck in Australia where they belong, but noooooooo.... occasionally one of them moves over here and next thing you know you have some stupid kangaroo fucker coming up the wrong side of the highway. I worked with a guy once who was from Australia and he was so dumb that every day for a good month he'd walk to the parking lot and get in his car and notice the steering wheel is gone. Then he'd call plant security and file a fucking theft report, then someone would have to come out and show him he got in the wrong side of the car again. Then you'd have to listen to ten minutes of "ah thaaanx mate ah nevaahh thought ta look theyyyy". FUCK!!! SHUT UP AND GO HOME!!

Second - The Seekers. That's right. The Seekers. While England was giving us the Beatles. Canada giving us the Guess Who. U.S.A the Beach Boys. And even fucking Ireland managed to choke up Van Morrison and Them. What was Australia giving us? Fucking Gay Ass Seekers bullshit. What the fuck is up with that??? Granted it was fronted by the very shaggable Judith Durham, but they were still gay. I'll bet PoPo has all their albums.

Third - Kiwi. How many times do I have to go to some party and have someone say "you should try this, it's just wonderful, it's imported from Australia." Well fuck me then! It has texture of that slop at the bottom of dr. kevorkian's operating room garbage pale. I don't want it! Go take your kiwi and fuck yourself!

Fourth - Having to be corrected by Australian ex-patriots every time you say the word alligator. "No, it's called a crocodile". Fuck you with your crocodiles! Which brings me to...

Fifth - Paul Hogan. It's NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. The whole Crocodile Dundee franchise. It's old. Stop it. No more.

Sixth - Untitled. No explanation required.

Seventh - Kangaroos. Thank god they can't swim. That's all I can say. They make lousy hamburger meat substitute as well. And they aren't as sexy as sheep to a drunk farmer.

Eighth - Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. Doh!

That's all for now!
Once again we see what a great religion you fucking muslims have. Hurray for muslims! Trying to blow up planes. Fucking cowards!! I'll give you Allah, straight up your fucking asses. I think there are some mosques that need to be burned down.

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