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What is it with all these pieces of shit responding to posts on this site? It's always the same shit too:

1. Someone calls you gay or talks about you taking it up the ass from someone.
2. Someone calls your post or your comment 'weaksauce', probably the most retarded shit I have ever heard of.
3. Someone posts with 'word' and that's it. Yeah, okay, that was retarded in the 80s and newsflash,
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it's still retarded now.
4. Some asshole says 'get with the motions'. Do you realize how stupid that sound when you over use it? Can you not come up with anything else?

What the fuck? Grow up you brain-dead pieces of human shit. You look like fucking retards, and my guess is that you probably are. I'd be incredibly surprised if any of you had even made it past middle school yet (and ashamed for you at the same time if you had).

And no, I don't care if you respond to this with your crap. It's fine by me, because you'll just be proving me right that you're incapable of anything else. If you don't respond, that's good too because you're at least shutting up for once. I win both ways. ;-)

Ok, so this is my problem....i've been going out with this guy named tom, he's the best...but he ignores me to talk to my bestfriend Kylie, so kylie and tom talk more than me and tom talk and im fucking sick of it!!!!! She sends him pictures of herself topless!! and whatever... im fucking done with all this bullshit..

so i hope you enjoyed my fucking story...bye motherfuckers!!1

So many times I've seen some really smart kids become mediocre students once getting into regularly smoking cannabis. They go home and smoke a joint rather than do their homework, they lose their chance to go to NYU or Duke and opt for an easy ride at a community college. I'm not saying this happens to the majority, but it happens to MANY MANY individuals. Admit it, you know SOMEONE like this.

Stereotypes exist for a reason, guys. They're not invented, they're genuine generalizations (like black people tending to be poor, it's silly to argue against this!) The stereotypical stoner is mostly apathetic, only riling himself up for causes like the environment and civil liberties- but then doing nothing about it! Go out and protest? Come up with effective arguments? NOPE, take a hit, watch TV, and momentarily escape from reality.

Marijuana users GENERALLY prefer to ignore reality through their hallucinogenic little herb. They content themselves and choose to ignore real political events because those don't have an immediate effect on their happiness.

I prefer reality and knowing that my insights are genuine and that my successes weren't aided by some plant.

Everyone's doing it, and it breaks my heart. Personalities change because marijuana changes the way you can deal with your life. You react differently knowing that there's always this simple solution, but it's no real way out, guys.

Before you start to bash me, I know this situation doesn't exist with everyone who smokes. I know one user who is successful, but he only ALLOWS himself to smoke when he has straight As. He has control and is responsible. I've met dozens and dozens of stoners and this is the only case I've been able to come across.

I'm afraid things won't change, and I'm planning on moving to Singapore where drug users are executed :)

Smokers are fake, and artists who use it are even worse than athletes on steroids. This isn't your brain, and your personality is being shaped by a plant. You're not the same person when you're consuming something that alters your mind. Think about it.

whineasses......i wish everyone of them would die.


okay i've only been on this site for like an hour reading what makes people in raged...well so far all i've read about are mothers and all i have to say is this...IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU FUCKIN MOTHER YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE YOU FUCKIN CRY BABYS!!


i mean sure there are some really bad mothers out there bu

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t hey if she was that bad she would have drowned your bitchass already!!  always remember kiddies it could be so much worse.


oh and also just because your mother didn't let go out to some party cuz she didn't want you to be a little slut or let you drink your ass off cuz you've already damaged enough brain cells from her smaking your spoiled ass around cuz you thur a tantrum because she wouldn't buy you some peice of crap that you'll either break or not use in about another month, doesn't mean you can go on the internet and talk about her i mean she could have given your ass up to strangers and not have the fuckin problems she has now because of you or had an abortion which she sould so it would decrease the retard gene that has a grip on the worlds gene pool these days.


oh and another thing before im done some people don't even have mothers or wish their mothers were still alive think about that you ungreatful bastards.


go to your mother right now and give her a big hug because if it weren't for her you wouldn't be here.

The second oldest- made me so fucking self conscious that every time i look in the mirror it is sickening. i dont think someone this ugly should be alive. its not fair to anyone else to have to look at me. and she put the idea in my head. and part of me knows its not THAT bad, but i cant help it. i cant tell myself im pretty. i cant even tell myself im not disgusting.

My brother- is going into the seals. hes leaving for bootcamp then for war. hes having a going away party. im not invited. IM HIS LITTLE FUCKING SISTERRR. WHAT THE FUCK! how fucking dare him. how fucking dare him not want to say goodbye. hes going away for 6 years and if i see him any sooner it will be in a coffin. what the fuck why doesnt he love me enough to want to say goodbye? he doesnt care about me and he never did and that is just so much more apparent now.

my dad & my mom- confuse the shit out of me. they kicked THEM ALL OUT for the shit they did. shit i do now. if they found out the things i do id be out on the fucking streets, you dont even know. sometimes i wonder if that would be better than here. sometimes. because my mom just doesnt understand me at all and cant tell when im too upset to get yelled at about little things. cant tell that it may push me over the fucking edge. she has no idea wat ive been through. she has no clue how i feel. and shes never asked. shes never wondered mayb my daughters a little fucking upset about something. shes seen me crying bc my fave show isnt on tv that night and legit thinks thats the real reason. that it isnt something bigger. she just thinks my tantrums r legit about wat i say they r about. she doesnt care enough to assume otherwise. to ask. to be concerned. instead she worries about the livingroom curtains and shit. how can she care about that when i am literally falling a part. actually FALLEN apart. too late. too far gone to be fixed. broken. and she's too late now. and my dad- hes fucking insane. he lets me drink in the house at dinner- not out with friends (my moms the opposite) he gets me in trouble with my mom then says if i told u to jump of a bridge, would you? he doesn't care bout me either. he doesnt even wanna talk to me about good things when he comes home from work let alone my problems. he just wants to watch tv and go to bed. if inturrupt his tv i get screamed at. cussed at. go to bed i dont want to talk to you.

and friends- what friends. i mean i have them but they dont wanna hear any of this. they just want to talk about boys--- or pot--- or boys--- or how much our teacher suck--- or idk. anything but my problems. i dont have time for this. they play around at bad ass drinking and smoking because its fun. i dont get it. its not fun. its a way to forget. i wish i didnt have to. i wish i didnt. i wish i wish i wish but there is so much i dont want to remember. i would kill to just forget. to have never had happened to me. and its never off my mind except for when im wasted. its not about fun and it pisses me off that they r having fun doing somehting i only do for survival.

and boys- i decided... i think im just gonna give up on the whole relationship, trying to get guys to actually like me thing. ill hook up with them. fuck them. but i will never let myself fall for them. i cant. its too fucking dangerous. i cant do it. not now. at all. because if i trust them and they fuck it up i cant handle it. at all. ill be such a mess its not even funny.

and i feel like ive written so much but not even covered the half of it because in each one of these categories there are 70000 reasons i should just kill myself. end it all now. but i cant even write them all or i'd be here for years. and i dont think anyone wants to hear them.

today i burned the shit out of my arm. a big misshapen heart. next to the cuts. and i tried to make the M from before more even. it made me feel better and that makes me think how much better id feel if the pain was worse. if i died from it.

My mom is pissing me off she calls me a slut for just lying fully clothed on my bed talking to a guy friend.  What gives she sleeps around so much I guess she thinks I will tooooo.  I am not like that at all.  I have better morals and standards set for myself.  My grandma is the closest thing to a real mom I will ever have.  I love her!!!! I cant live with my dad cause
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of my step-mom being a nosy ass bitch.

How many more of my friends are you going to try to turn on me before you're done? WHERE do you get the balls to talk to Nick? You've crossed way too many lines, and I honestly want to hop in the car and run your stupid fat ass over. I cannot believe I let you in my house, cooked for you....CLEANED UP AFTER YOU. You're the reason my friends all own penises. You're a STUPID FUCKING BITCH who is about to get what she deserves. If not from me, from someone else.

That's karma baby. Oh. I DESPISE MY BOYFRIEND'S FAMILY ALSO. I hate going to his house. So much. If I have to listen to your mom ramble on about the usual bullshit again I'm going to crack UP. She's going to tell me off for shit? Start acting like a mother, not a teenager. It's not my fault if you grew up in the ghetto with the rest of the fucking trash. ****, you're a slut. ***** you're a dirty pig who thinks too highly of himself. ******, you fucking alcoholic, clean up your act and get your mind off my man. ***** you are ugly as fuck, stupid as fuck, and you talk too much.

My suggestion is to shut the fuck up till you have something decent to say...which will probably be never. ****** will you please stay the FUCK out of my business. You succeeded in taking an important person in my life, and turning them into a huge fucking douchebag...what more could you possibly want ? And to Nicole, wont even censor that have to be the lowest bitch I know. I've wanted to backhand you from the second we met. You're the perfect example of the sweet till fucked bitch. And you do get fucked A LOT DO YOU NOT? God I hate so many people.

To Leah: Fuck you, I don't know you...get over yourself and stop being an incestuous little cunt. To *****, ex best friend :) As if I'd ever be second, you can go fuck yourself also. You're not worth the effort; hence why I haven't been putting any in. Trust. ******, you are perhaps one of the most moronic people I've ever met. If you weren't so high on yourself, I might be able to talk some sense into you. And FINALLY. To *** and *******, lulz@u. The end.
Wisconsin drivers are the worst fucking assholes i have ever EVER EVER encountered in my entire experience driving in the U.S. which spans the entire nation.  Either the drivers go the speed limit and or slower than the speed limit (MOST OFTEN) or they cut you off and actually endanger your life/car by barely missing you as they cruise by at insane speeds.  Alternatively, they drive UBER
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slow and when you pass them or try cutting them off, all of a sudden they find the gas pedal and make a point of riding your ass and cutting you off in retaliation.  Really, if you were going to use the gas pedal in teh first place i would not have to pass your or cut your ass off to begin with.  And i love how all of a sudden they know the road rules if you do a rolling stop - they literally freak out and start pointing at you and making hand gestures at the road signs and shit to somehow demonstrate that they think they know better than you.  Ummm, no.  FUCK ALL OF YOU WISCONSIN DRIVERS.  FUCK HEADS all of them . And funny enough, since  I cannot seem to win and my road rage has hit an all time high, I dont believe i can manage driving without first smoking some serious pot in order to be retarded enough to fit in on the road.  FUCKING ASSHOLE DRIVERS, the LOT of you.
For ages now me and my mum just haven't been getting on. Over a year now. We've always had our arguments but its so much more than that now. We never get on. Shes always picking at me, getting me down whenever she has the opportunity. I try to avoid her but then i just get shouted at and she says things like, no one gives a damn about her and that she may as well not be here. She threatens to leav
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e us. To kill herself. Sick things like that. She thinks no one will care. I love my mum. I wish we got on better but i don't know what to do about it. A few years ago my mum and dad were going through the divorce steps... My dad suffered from depression a lot and to put it shortly they had arguments that often ended in someone hurt, everything smashed, and us kids scared shitless. I got really upset about it and any little thing set me off. I felt pathetic being so weak but i ended up hurting myself a lot. I did stop after a while. And mum found out. Thats when most of the rubbish between us started. She threatened to send me to a shrink. Said i needed help. I needed 'normal'.
My mum & dad got back together after a while. I think ive always had favouritism, i love my dad, we never argue unless i deserve a telling off. She shouts at me for that as well. Whenever i stick up for him, give him a hug. Anything. I feel guilty for loving my dad. I try to be close to her but shes a bitch. We can only be nice to each other for 5 minutes at a time. We argue because of petty things or huge things. It doesnt matter. Anything sets us off. I work really hard at school. Im doing A levels & im struggling. No matter how hard i try, all she can say to me is that i shouldnt bother. If i take even 5 minutes break from working & revising she says i should go out. I ask why and she says theres no point me being here at all as im not doing anything. Im sick of being talked down to. She talks to me like im worthless. Most of the time she cant make me cry anymore. She just makes me feel sick because i think of what i used to do and want to do it again. I feel pathetic even thinking it. Im just being weak. I just need to know how to get on with my mum. How to get her to stop treating me like dirt. I feel like nothing.
Its kind of relieving just to write it down to be honest. I guess im done. Has made me feel kind of better.

Here I sits

To take a shits

I scream I cry

I curse n' spit

Out in comes

Corns n' peas

It must of been

Them 10 year old MREs



Oh my god I feel like I'm going to throw up because when ever I think of this I get so sad. Okay anyways this is about my horrible life, I live with my mom and sister because my dad is in prison 'cause his two friends were robbing banks and stores and beating up people. Finnally the cops caught one of his friends but mistaked the other one for my dad. My dad pleaded not guilty and now my dad is in
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jail since when I was one and a half and he's getting out in almost five years it sucks. I am so freakin' crying right now I just wish one day I'll be with my dad and when that day comes I'll be ready. I am so weak not having a dad I would give anything in the world to have my dad with me. You probaly think I'm angry but really I'm more sad than angry. If you think this is unfair please reply back. I don't know what I'm going to do, I mean I can't stop crying when I think about him and my stomach feels like I'm going to throw up I just really miss my dad and I needed to let my feelings out somewhere. Please reply back I just need something or someone to comfort me.
I fucking hate how soo many other countries seem to think that america is just full of stupid ass people. YES there are ignorint people YES there are drop outs and YES there are just some dumb ass people here but not all of us are. Yes it is true that america is behind the rest of the world when it comes to schooling but america has the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND plan which sucks ass and there are more
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kids here than in other places like England and Japan we also don't treat out kids like slaves when it comes to school we are more loss when it come it school, but people seem to think that america is just plan old stupid when there are many more facters to why we are behind. And yes i do think that we have the highest drop out rate in the world i think. It just really pisses me off when people say that im stupid b/c im america when they dont know shit about me and my grades or what school i go to or anything so shut the fuck up

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