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Fuck parents! let them all die in hell! i hate my parents!!!!!!! I get get straight A's and am on every fucking crap team and soceity and club in my mother fucking god damn school, and yet some how according to those mother fucking ass wholes im a stupid lazy kid who doesnt do shit and has no future. well i may not have a future but i sure as hell am the future! I'm so sick of idoit parents wh
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o think "they know best" and "want the best" for there kids. well I hate to tell you all the god damn truth, but your all lazy selfish son of a bitches who should go die in a whole, and burn in fucking hell. if you really want the best for your kid then fucking go away!!!! All these stupid ass reaserchers do "studies" on why teenagers hate their parents and they give stupid reasons like " their rebeling" well what the fuck ever, maybe i wouldnt rebel if you actully gave two shits about me and even tried to help me, or even fucking listen. parents you want to know why your kids hate you, its your fault! your a fucked up idiot who made a mistake, had a kid, got married to try and please mommy, and ended up in a fucked up relationship! So YES its your own god damn fault that your kid hates you.

My mother for instant is a selfish lazy fucking bitch. It's my summer vacation, and not only do i have to spend it cleaning her messes, takking care of her dogs, doing her home work and work assinments, but i also have to cook and clean. So she works for a stupid company ( computer shit) and comes home from sitting on her fat (over 400 lb, i know because shes broken 3 scales)  lazy ass to go sit herself on our couch, and she yells if she doesnt get her diet (like its ganna help) coke, and her dinner ready when she gets home. oh and yes the kitchen is only steps from the couch but she has  to have me make her dish, and vbring it in to her. and No i cant even sit and watch tv with her and her ass whole of a husband, because'i watch to much tv" when i dont get to watch any thing. the last time i even got to sit down and enjoy tv and dinner was 5 months ago when i got to watch it for a school prodject and it was 5 minutes of the nightly news because she takes over the laptop when she gets home so i couldn't look any thing up. she is a fucking bitch, and besides all of this she invades all of my privacy, qand looks at all of my texts, my emails, my writings, EVERYTHING, and she nit picks it and yells at me because i can't spell well. GOD I FUCKING HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guess what little man? YOU also have a boss who happens to be very fond of ME and I have been tracking your every offense towards myself and everyone else for almost a year now. I have documented the inappropriate comments, the hostility; I even have recorded you on the webcam I installed in your office (on a Saturday afternoon you fuck) watching hours of porn and jerking off during work hours. Didn't you realize that when you turn on the camera you ASKED me to install, it'll record what you're doing and since we have shared drives, I can also see you? We employees are watching you harder than you are watching us and a revolt is brewing under your nose but you're just so secure in your smugness that you think you're invincible.

So farewell my piece of shit boss because Friday, as an office, the voices of your victims will be heard and believed by YOUR boss and it will be YOU that has a permanent vacation.

So let me get this straight. This is a site called "Just Rage" i.e. anger sponge. It's for venting, plain and simple, yes? So some poor schmuck goes online and does just that... spew his venomous sense of frustration, and the running t
So I'm a college student who's  engaged to a soldier who's currently deployed.  He won't be back for a while and unless I'm at school I still live with my parents since I can't afford otherwise (other college kids will understand).  She had decided to try to fucking get me to move my shit out of the house and put it in my fiance's storage unit...she cant wait a bit till he's back so
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I have some fucking place to call home for the moment.  We have how many breaks for school and I won't have a place to call my own!!! Plus my mom is a bitch big time.  She is has to have everything her way, she threatens to through my stuff out of my room if i dont move it, she is rude (interrupts if i try to say something), picks on me for flaws of my body (like I'm not self conscious about that shit enough!), acts like an angel if someone is my fiance hasnt truly seen this side of her, she asks me whats wrong after she causes it then yells at me if i cry because i'm upset, she calls me fat, she tries to control what i major in for school, everyone comes before me, she bitches about my sister who is kinda a bitch and overly religous but she doesnt realize she does the same things as my sis and she acts like her shit dont stick and she cant do anything wrong.  I've been able to talk to her once but since then she doesnt listen at all.  She thinks that i'm being too weak for a deployment because her first husband was in the airforce and he was gone but she didnt get upset and worry...HE WAS IN THE FUCKING STATES THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!  I fucking dont know what to do I've thought of moving far away after getting married but his family isnt far from my home town...and hes close to his me please!!!!
I got mad and started bitching about the fact that he was just doing it to be with someone and that it was too soon for him to know what he wants and word got around and went back to them that i was complaining about it and all of a sudden my dad calls me up and threatens me to stop saying the things ive been saying or "something" was going to happen to me. pretty chilidish for a almost 60 year old man!...

I havent stopped complaining, my whole family hates me because they're all too busy keeping up the front and beign twofaced because they dont wanna be at the brunt of shit like i am... I tells it how i sees it and if i dont like something, everyone knows it. Ive always been this way and somehow the rest of my family are always shocked by "what i seem to come up with next" Ive been said some really nasty things about them and too them and i really dont feel bad for it...

if they want to live a lie then thats theyre problem as much as it hurts me to go through birthdays and holidays alone I think its better for me then having a bunch of twofaced materialistic shitbags in my life...and just as much as i got used to being around them at those times, i can get used to being alone. I wish i could just not care so much about having my dad in my life.

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Fucking daylight saving time is the most artificial bullshit ever invented. Any average idiot knows there is just so much time in any day and so much daytime and so much nighttime and that's that! This crazy ass shit about playing with the clocks has pissed me off for years. Here's a great idea - if it's too dark PUT THE FUCKING LIGHTS ON!!! The poor fucking Eskimos have to put up with half a
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year of night and half a year of daytime, so why whould we get a knot in our drawers over a lousy hour? I say FUCK DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME!!!

I don't know why anyone would buy an electric car. Electricity in America is primary made from burning COAL! That's right you fucking idiots; driving an electric car does MUCH MORE harm to the environment! PEOPLE ARE STUPID!
I fucking hate these fucking wealthy boys and girls,who have never worked once in their fucking lifetime, never had ANY concerns on how they will get through life with the crap some fuckups call "salary", always in their luxury clothes, driving a fucking expensive Mercedes that most of us would need 5 or 6 years of 12 hours daily work in order to obtain such thing (not that i care that m
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uch about expensive cars), living in big huge houses, never worrying about the bills
fucking worthless stupid people, you and your family's are the 1% that owns 80% of the world wealth, i hope your fucking mom and dad go bankrupt 2 days before they die (a fucking horrible and slow death) and leave you with the stick in your hand
at least you'll have something left to put in your fucking ass
I fucking hate smokers.  They ruin my life! My mom is soo fucking selfish ! she says im selfish for trying to make myself healthy by going to the gym && avoiding smoke as MUCH AS FUCKING POSSIBLE. Buhh she just fucking smokes in the house in the car, its fucking horrible and embarrassing, ! I hate people coming over because the smell of the house is unbearable ! I want to fucking leav
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e this shitholee and live by myself ! Gosh, fucking ridiculous ! I hate it here !!! She does not care about me at all ! She just cares about having a cigg, like wtf ! you are not just ruining yr pathetic ass life, but you are ruining mine and my grandmother?!? How would you be able to live with yr selfish, if me or my grandmother died because of you?!? My grandmother is a real lady, she does NOT SMOKE, she is not some BITCH, and she is a classy lady who knows only pathetic dipshits smoke !!! My mom is not a ladyy ! I love her to death, buhh it would make our lives soo much better if she did not smoke, i hate the smell of it, if yr gonna kill yrself just fucking smoke outsidee ! is that soo fucking hard??!?!? like wtf ! Yr so fucking lazyy you cant get yr fat ass upp and go outsidee?!? why the fuck do we all have to suffer because yu have an addiction, and yr so fucking weak to overcome it, !? like why the fuckkk did you even start smoking?!? likeee did you think it was cool?!? cos that makes you look like straighttt trashh ! No lieee, like it makes you look fucking stupid, yr almost fifty, yr giving our familyy a bad repp, seriouslyy ! I hateeee how selfish you are ! You need to groww upp, yr like fifty! && fucking stopp, gosh  pathetic piece of shitt, i respect my grandma. I would never say nothing bad about her. but you? haaa. i dont even think of you as a parent, to me? yr just a pathetic old ladyy.  SMOKERS goo fuckk yrself, i don't give a fuckk if it is yr choice or not?! when your living with other people in the housee, have the respect to take yr shit outsideee, especially if you have kids, like you are NOO GOOD PARENT if you fucking smokee. I DONT GIVE A FUCKKKKK! YOU ARE A FUCKING BADD ASSSS FATT ASSSS PARENTTT ! i swear, imaa tell my grandmaa i wanna leave, we'll stayy in an apartment and leave this nice house, because to me? being smokefree is better than some mansionn, ! Because my life or my grandmas life should NOT be taken away from us because of yr fucking stupid ass addiction, yr such a halff asss person, like you can't even be considered a WHOLE person, cos you can't even overcome some stupidd addiction, like yr nothing to me, you die tomorrow, hahahaha,yr fucking fault. shouldn't have smokeddd, you die in a car accident, hahaha, maybe if you weren't too busy lighting up yr cigarette you wouldn't be in that situation, don't you think?!?!? FUCKK OFFF, i hateee living here, im excited to move the fuckk out of this shitholeeee, FUCKK YOU ! 
I dated this guy for almost 4 months. he ended up living with me after getting kicked out and my mom even paid for his plane ticket to go live with his dad. then after christmas i drive up to see him, and all is well. I lost my virginity to him on new years, and he kept telling me about how he would come back to town soon. then when i get home. he calls me 3 days later and breaks up with me. a cou
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ple days after that i find out he was cheating on me since the day he left the city. now he calls me constantly about a jean jacket he gave me for our two months.and i refuse to give it back to the piece of shit cheater.
Shut the fuck up you "GAY FAGGOT"!!!

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