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You fuckin piece of shit!  I watched you Friday as you picked your 6-year old up from school, you FAT, LAZY, SOAP OPERA WATCHING, CIGARETTE SMOKING, FOOD STAMP/WIC/WELFARE RECIPIENT! You grabbed that kid so hard and shoved him in your FUCKIN HOOPTY PIECE OF SHIT CAR he didn't have time to realize what happened.  Well, you sloppy pig, I called DCFS, and I'm not afraid to face you and all
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your filthy scum-bag friends - can't wait to see you on Monday when you get called into the school, and if you think you're going to take it out on that little boy of yours, think again you disgusting slob, he'll be put in foster care (hopefully with me and my husband and kids). TO ALL YOU LAZY BITCHES WHO SIT AROUND ALL DAY IN YOUR SECTION 8 APARTMENTS SWILLING "SAM'S CLUB DIET SODA" AND CHOWING DOWN CHEETOS and who find it just SO INCONVENIENT when it's time to pick your kid up from your backs "ladies" (sows is a better term), there are a few of us out here who don't look the other way....

My mother in law hates me. She tries to say she doesn't, that she is a kind, caring, giving person. But I know the truth. My husband knocked his high school sweet heart up. He never married the girl. She gave birth, he still didn't marry her. She had an affair, and when the baby was 6 mo. old. They separated for good. This was 11 years ago. My mother in law says she feels like this bastard having
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whore is "like a daughter." Even though she says horrible things about her behind her back. My mother in law insists on having conversations about her and her other kids with me. I finally told her that I was not okay with that and that she needed to stop. Completely ignored me! She tries to shove this woman and her other kids down my throat every chance she gets. Including Christmas. That's right. She invites them to Christmas. I explained to her that I felt very uncomfortable with that and that it had caused me to want to not come over. She said, "If you get upset, you'll just get happy again." I told my husband (who I've been with almost 6 years) that I was finished with her. She has no respect for me or my marriage. Just because I don't feel it necessary to litter my offspring on to the earth every 24 months (like the bastard having whore), doesn't mean I'm second class. He says she is just dense and doesn't understand. Then, she tries to force us to deliver her baby gifts via bringing it up in front of my step son, who is totally innocent. My husband held his ground that we were not FedEx and she needed to make other arrangements. This after a phone conversation in which my husband told her NO and not to bring it up in front of the boy. She has pictures all over the house of this woman and her other children. She even has her senior prom photo (of just her) in a frame on her night stand. There are 3 photos of me shoved on a cork board in a room no one goes in. My husband says that I'm making too much of it. That she does care about me, I just haven't been around that long. Hello! We've been together almost 6 years. The woman hates me. So, I am done with her. The last time I saw her, I spoke just enough to be civil. And that's how it will stay. I don't have to be abused by her cross remarks and incessant rudeness anymore!
you think that you can walk in and out of my life all you want. you have been doing that since i was 4 now im almost 16. what the hell is your problem. even when you were here you never did a damn thing for me. all i ever had was dad. now i find out that your dating women now. what the hell? you never told me that you moved to texas. like everything eles, i had to find out by myself. i never c
GIVEGIVEGIVEGIVEGIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck it! Got sick and tired of being asked "What did you give up for Lent?" The last time I was asked this I took it very seriously and pondered the question with due diligence. What I finally gave up (and have been so much the better for it)  was "CATHOLICISM" The burden of guilt was finally lifted.
How could I be so stupid? Why did I get married? Why did I agree to move to Georgia?

Ever since I got married, six years ago, my life has been getting increasingly worse. We moved to Georgia so that my husband could get a promotion (which he blew) and I haven't been able to find decent employment since. It is so bad that I know the Federal Govt is going to sue me over my student loans--bu
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t there is nothing I can do about it.

I no longer have a running vehicle. He just called me a cunt and left the house. I have NO money. I have no family to turn to. I wish God would give me cancer.
So, we live with my mother-in-law. Why? Because my husband can't keep a job, that's why. (Don't ask why I don't get one. I'm trying very hard but I get nervous during interviews, not that those are coming very easily nowadays.) I clean the house, I cook all the meals, do all the laundry, and take care of our two children. SHE comes home from a bad day at work and takes it out on ME. I have made s
Ok, So I have this friend who is my age. Not friend, BEST friend. And my sister is friends with her too. My sister was sleeping in my room yesterday, and she got mad when I said, "We have this secrect club O.B.V." She got mad becuase she supposedly felt left out. Then we have this other friend, ( well I hate her, and so does my best friend. Only my sis is friends with her. ) and I told h
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er every time they would talk and laugh, I would feel left out when my bestest friend wasn;t there. Then today, she's gonna have this secret language with my best friend. I don;t mind that, but she didn;t tell me they had this 'secret' language. The only reason I'm mad about this is because the night before she's gonna yell at me for the same thing she did to me. I mean, really? 
wat can i say im no better than a dirty slave. i am forced to have my father organize and control every detail of my life. i hate him almost as much as i ahte myself. Hes a controlling bastard who amuses himself by messing with my life. him and his listen to me or esle style along with his dont say anything i dont want to hear. wat am i his child or his slave?
everything revolves around my fucking stepdad like hes all that special. He thinks hes guna give me all this shitty "life information" and shit. and he gives me speeches on how my life isn't as bad as his. Fuck.Him. he doesn't know shit. And i have all these disorders that my mom won't accept. manic depression(bipolar disorder), paranoia, and psychosis. When i was little i actually had to make m

Let's see ,where do I start! We once lived in a very nice neighborhood until the porch monkey's moved in.They don't have a job between all 6 of them,they sleep until 2:00 pm,party till 4:30 am.The 2 teenagers have not graduated from school. At first I felt sorry for them , so I gave the older 1 a job to do at my house, and that was to clean my kitchen. Big mistake, she put the whole blend
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er in the dishwasher, even the motorized part. That is when I told her to stop and showed her the door. They fuck anything that walks down the street. They gossip and have way to much drama for our family, they don't cut  their grass, or even have trash service, all the trash piles up at their front door, now there are mice and lord know what else. We have a 4 car driveway, and they have been known to park in it,when I asked them to move their car the momma got all up in my face, other neighbors have called the police on them, and momma blames me, I am not a 911 queen. We have a car for sale outside and as I am writing this I look out my window and there is Momma, looking inside the car. I would not sell it to them, if they where the last people on earth.
Who the hell does he think he is? He comes home after work stoned, again. I ingored it as long as I could but then I had to say something, he knows how much I hate it. I tell him that we need to talk and he acts all innocent like he has no idea what i am on about. It finally dawns on him then he comes out and attacks me verbally,to get in first, says that I only got my 'fat ass' off the couch once
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today. If that is the case tell me who did the dishes, made the beds, did the washing, took the kids to the park , made dinner and bathed and got the 3 kids ready for bed. Then calls what I have made for dinner, shit. I am so angry by now that I throw the whole lot in the bin so now he has no dinner. Luckily the kids and I have already had dinner. By the way I am on holidays from work and this is how I get to spend them, being the unpaid maid.
Why does he think that my world should revolve around him? Why would he be so selfish and inconsiderate? I'll tell you why DRUGS ! FUCKING DRUG! They not only ruin your own life if you are the user but they make the people around you, the people who love you most their lives become at the mercy of the addicts moods abd it becomes hell. Now we may only be talking pot here but don't be deceived, pot plays with your mind just as much as any other disgusting drug would.
He thinks it is ok because it is 'only pot' ,believe me it is just the same. I have been with this man through another heavier substance abuse and it is not quite as bad but it is just the same with the mood swings , the cravings and the lashing out. Ok call me stupid for sticking around but he got his life together and we were good. Now this.
I hate my stupid parents. Especially my mum. She goes on and on about how annoying i am where im not ven doing anything. Today we were taking pictures in the garden and she was soo fricken embarassing so i didnt take her pictures good enough and then

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