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To All you self-righteous fuckers out there who look down on Pagans, then put up "Holiday" decorations and celebrate the "Holidays" , listen to this:



Paganism is the FIRST religion of the world!!!



For those of you good Christians who pray to saints - most of your "saints" are just the original Pagan Goddesses and

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Gods with new names that have a "St." added to them.   St. Bridgid of Ireland is a case in point.



When you paint Easter Eggs, you are painting Pagan fertility symbols.



Those summertime nights around a blazing bonfire, singing songs and dancing, is a replication of Pagan observances of Midsummer.



The Summer and Winter Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes were originally celebrated by Pagans to mark the changes in the year.



All those Octoberfests and Harvest Home celebrations are Pagan celebrations you are still carrying out today.



And the ultimate sacred Pagan observance of Samhain is your Halloween - without all the fake witches and gruesome decorations and bullshit.



That Christmas Yule Log you burn and all the mistletoe and all the decorating of trees are just Pagan customs you copied.



So just remember next time you start acting all holier-than-thou about observing YOUR holidays, just where you fucking got them from!!!



Proud to be Pagan

I'm angry with myself!
The thing is don't know what I want to do with my life, and time's running out. So when it was time for secondary-school I chose the Natural Science Programme. Thinking it'll be fun, I can do it. But I don't have any motivation at all, right now I'm supposed to start with a project that's to do this friday but I just hate it! Everything is so fucking boring and every day w
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hen I wake up I lay in bed 20 extra minutes considering to just go back to sleep and never think about the Pythagorean theorem or whatever it's called ever again.
And I piss myself off because I can basicly become whatever I want, if I just make a little effort. But I'm a lazy person so if I'm going to do something I need some motivation. But I just don't have any!
When I was "young" school was fun, you played and learned the alphabet and it was so easy you actually felt good doing your homework! And I lived with my parents who encouraged me to do it. But I come from a small village about 5miles from the school I go to now. And there are no busses so I now live in a apartment with my older sister. And now there's no one there to tell me to do the homework, I just don't see how I'm going to make it.
Okey, just read what I wrote. It was a bit weird, but I it felt good to just write something:P
Now I'm gonna try to start on that project, but I probably won't...
she cant handle any situation big or small with out screaming her fucking lungs out and jumping to ridiculous conclusions which reduce her bitch ass to a fucking 2 year old. i hope one day she will grow up and fuck off
Hey you slop of shit,

I noticed you seem to be angry at me. Why? Was it because I pointed out that I'm furry for your avatar?

Well, I hope this cheers you up. It's your favorite TV show.

So, My brother and I have been close our entire lives. We are both grown adults. I have a family of my own. And he is newly (5 months) married. Well, my sisiter in law is something else. She started out as this sweet, innocent, poor lil' thing. Who mind you has no relationship of good wiht her own family. Only because, she has sabotaged and ruined it herself. So, she now has ruined her own marria
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ge and tried to ruin mine with my brother. It all starte about three months ago. She comes by the hosue to look at soemthings online an begins to tell me how she has been researching into my bro's past reltionships. Like psycho style. She had been given no reason to even do soemthing like this. My bro wasn't cheatin. He waas bustin ass to pay for bills including her car payment. While all along she sat on her ass cause she sonveniently lost her job right before the wedding. Well, she continues to tell me that if my bro ever foind out about her researching and trying to drive by one of his ex's house that it wouod completely ruin their marriage. So, I tell her that I think she needs to share this insecurity with her hubby. (my bro). She lets it go for about a week, never says anything to him. Until, I ask her well lets say tell her, that if she doesnt tell him I am going to cause it's wrong and he doesn't deserve this. Now keeo in mind my bro and I tell each other everything. So , Hello??? Dumbass, don't tell me his sister what you are up to. Well, she ends up gettin nasty w/ me in emails about the situation. Saying that she isn't tryin to sabotage our relationship and that she has alot of time on her hands and nothing to so with it. And that she has the means to research people. I ended it with her by saying I think it's best if you don't involve me in your marriage. So, months go on and I continue to find my self chatting with her and it's always ending up I am involved yet again. She is now separated by my both of their choices, and is still starting shit. And she is making sure that she puts up a stinlk about having to coem to bbqs and events at my home, so, my bro ens up not coming cause he doesnt want to hear her shit. I know thats why. This swine, coniving, two faced bitch, is not happy unless ll the attention is on her and she is on control of it all. I am so sick of her shit. Every weekend she starts something new. She even stooped so low as to text me fromm my brothers cell cause i never answered a text she sent me cause I never got it. She is acting like she is in highschool, an then says it's all my bro who has probs an he needs to change to be a bettre husband and man. Who the Fu** IS SHE TO TELL HIM TO CHANGE WIFE OR NOT. You marry someone for who they are not who you want to change them to be. How do I deal with her shit any longer??? I am so oover her. I just want my bro to be happy. Even he said "I m so relieved that we are seperated now, I can be myself an don't feel like I have to defend nyself in a court of law everynight I walk in the door from working 16 hours." SO, What do I do?? He isn't really happy but says he's trying ot make it work cause they are married. Which I respect, however she is belittling him adn trying to change him and he's not happy in his marriage and life. THanks all for listening. :)
Ok so here's the story: My ex introduced me to his friend a while ago who will remain nameless. So we start talking and I find out what a conceited prick he really is. All he does is talk about all the women he scores, all the numbers he gets but how he's so not interested cos he has other girls on his mind! It drives me insane. All he did was hit on me when we met, so it felt so great to say 'Lis
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ten dude, you're not my type, you're a dick, get over yourself!' It took him a while to recover from this too!!! I would take great pleasure in sleeping with this man, just to announce to a bar of women what a small dick he has. Well I'm done.
I don't know why I ever trusted you, fucking asshole. All the shit I've done for you the past year, you were my best friend. The one time I ask you for anything, you can't do it because it got in the way or your own self-gratification. Did nobody ever explain to you that you don't fuck a friend's ex? Less than a month later, no less?
So, shame on me for knowing the kind of person you were when
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I decided to be you friend and thinking I'd be any different than all the others, but fuck you for not knowing how to be a friend. If anything gets in the way of what you want, it's expendable. Even the only real friend you have left.
When will it end? When you don't have any friends and are left alone? I hope so, because you fucking deserve it. You don't know how to give a shit about anybody but yourself, and sooner or later nobody will give a shit about you. I hope it was worth it.
It's amazing how being a football star can give you so much in the world. It HAS to be a fucking football. Golf? No. Soccer? No. Baseball? Close, but no cigar. They get all the fucking money and chicks and weed while those of us who are actualy good at something NOT superficial get squat. They're not even that good looking! I'm more fuckable than at least 60% of them! And most of them aren't even
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going to be in the NFL! Bad grades? Good luck finding a job. Weed? Crack? No government office for you. Military? You've already partially overrided your natural instinct to dodge things flying at you at high speed. Quick! Something's flying at you! Grenade? Rocket? Are you going to actually try to CATCH one of those? Yes, because you've overrided an instinct! BOOM! If you're not dead, you're seriously fucked up! Are you going to catch a football NOW, Stumpy? Didn't think so.
Next few days, I get this letter, stating that the one neighbor claimed I threw my stuff over the fence into her yard.... and that she was suing me for $600. HA!! Lucky for me I had taken pictures BEFORE and AFTER of the place.... not only that..... there was this TREE growing over our garage from HER side, and I had to have the whole roof replaced....which included cutting down branches OFF the roof which was HER tree... and it cost me $500. ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW A GUIDO I CAN CONTACT???? What do I do about the DAMN CAR SITTING THERE???? She did this once before and didn't move the shitty thing for two weeks.... not to mention she parks in front of the driveway, even tho there is a YELLOW LINE PAINTED BY THE CITY..... HELP ME....
I don't know why but people who always hate and judge others have no future upon themselves, they either spend too much time following instead of worrying about their own life. Some of them are follower with some guy with a book so called the hol
He hasnt held a full time job in years. All he does is smoke weed all the time and play with his friends. When I married him he was going somewhere then he threw it all in the can when he started hanging out with his buddy's again. He puts their wants and needs before mine. I pay all the bills, he owes me thousands which I'll gladly take the divorce instead of the money. I ju
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st want to move on with my life. He doesnt clean, he sleeps all day except when his friends come over and he smokes more weed. Even his family can't stand him. He's rude and yells at everyone when they confront him. He's a loser who needs a reality check. We were forced to move in with his parents because he couldnt pay rent anywhere else and now they are going to kick us out because they want to raise rent which is agreeable we pay so little but I cant pay it alone! He is ruining any chance at happiness I have. I tried with him I really did. I went to marriage counseling, many times alone because he wouldnt go, then I got tired of going alone so I stopped going altogether. You know I stuck it out these last couple years hoping things would get better. But he only got worse and cared less about what I wanted. I HOPE HE BURNS IN HELL!!!
I am so sick and tired of people thinking that just because I am a Hispanic, I should automatically speak Spanish!!! I was born and raised in AMERICA. I am an American before I am ANYTHING else. What?s worse is that when my own people find out that I don?t speak Spanish, they look down on me and accuse me of "trying to act white?. I?m so sick of it. It?s not my fault they chose to have childr
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en before the age of 18, live off government checks, do drugs, and be ignorant uneducated fools.

Bottom line, just because someone is Hispanic does NOT mean they speak Spanish, nor does it mean they are "trying to be white".

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