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I can get off track sometimes when my buttons are pressed, and my rage gets rather broad, boiling down to a 'fuck people' thing in general. Fuck free loading money grubbing kunts should be another title really, so for now... Wipe your own ass mutha fuckers!.
If you make a mess, clean it up ffs, you spill it, break it, use it, borrow it,, i'm not your ass wiping mother, and a few of my 'mates' ar
Fiance is an lazy sob. Too lazy to even return my phone calls or texts after he asked me to let him know something. I waited around for three hours for him to reply after attempting to contact him four times. Who freakin does that? Oh yea MEN! Then I find out he was home on his couch the whole time. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Over the last 40 years and more, I have busted my butt to help a lot of my less fortunate overseas relatives. I've footed the bills for trade and nursing schools, college educations, passports, visas and the rest of the shit overseas relatives always seem to need. Including the usual requests for cash "Just a thousand dollars please. You must have a lot in the bank and we need ..... (fill in the
So this local civic group I am a member of is having a drive to collect used clothing in good condition for the poor. I mean like homeless people type poor - not the entitled "poor" who get a check delivered to their rent-free all expenses included apt. every month.

Anyway, we all decided to visit local yard sales and try to buy their used clothing before the sale. We figured they would have
So there is a lot of open space on the kerb and, luckily, there's this spot in the front. He parks there but then there's enough space in front of him for another vehicle. I said, 'Why don't you pull up? There's enough space in front for another car.' So he pulls up and pulls so much forward that now the entire car is parked in the red. Then he gets angry at me saying stuff like 'why did you ask
I despise and abhor black females in general. They are rude heartless hateful bitchess who like to pick on the weak and anybody slightly different than them. They are ugly both inside and out. They are rude. Black females arent even human to me they are worthless soulless demons who prey on the weak and regard any sign of kindness as weakness.
When i was a little girl i had no friends bc i had m
The obese have every right to be whatever they want. What's pissing me off are the excuses themselves, for justifying obesity, without even asking for them.
Feel free to comment / mention any substantial contributers to obesity that i may overlook here...
(i will try to refrain from the more obsurd reasons)... Having endomorph genetics, active limitting injury/s, low self esteem, certain medica
If i am 2 fucks late on any type of payment, 'shibang', that'll be a late fee sonny jim!. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 bucks?. Whateva... Like it or lump it that's just how it is.
Why can't it work the other way around. When MY payment is sitting there just waiting to come out, on the correct date, at a correct time, and it doesn't happen... I'd like to slap a fat fuckin 'late fee' of my own to these cheeky
Took my funeral suit to the dry cleaners. Had to go to a wake and needed to look respectful. So I take my good suit to the cleaners to get it cleaned but that's not what happened.
I get my suit back in the plastic bag and noticed a stain on the hankercheif pocket right through the plastic. So I lift the plastic off and the suit stull smells from the last time I wore it! Cheap ass fucker dry cle
They need a separate line in the store for people with food stamps.
We used to go grocery shopping any time but few weeks ago I made the mistake of going on the day the welfare bitches get their food stamp card reload. The fucking line was out the dame door.
Had to wait behind them forever. Then notice that they have a cart full of goodies. Expensive kid cereals I have to think twice before spe
So they shot up over 100 people and killed 50 in that gay club. And the politicians all say there so sorry and mournful but will they do anything? Fuck no!
These stupid laws make it hard for normal people to get guns but sobs who break the law don't give a shit about laws. They will just get guns ilegaly will use them.
My old man had guns. Mostly for hunting. He had an old hnd gun but I think
Can't believe some maniac shot up 50 - that's right 50 - people in a gay bar today in Orlando Florida. WTF is wrong with this fucking world and this fucking country? I thought the US Constitution says everyone has the right to happiness. Gay people are included in that equation. So does this mean the asshole who shot 50 people was exercising his right to "happiness"???
There has to be a limit

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