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I really hate my mom she fucking gets me pissed all the time and then I get mad, start talking back and then my dad makes me apologize to her. NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I APOLOGIZE TO A ROTTEN BITCH THAT PISSES ME OFF ALL THE TIME NEVER. I still love my mom. It's just I wanted to get all this rage out of my soul. Always spend time with family you'll never know how long they'll last.
To some point, i would seek your approval. If it was cool then you had it?. No... If you had it, it was cool. If you did it, it was cool,, and not the other way around.
'So how many gold label double albums have you produced recently mangled?' (with a touch of sarcasm).
I am not a passionate musician for money,, Even my band members are not angry when performing angry music, they do not feel lo
One minute they wit you next minute they dis you. They dont want your game they just want you for your fame. I thought they were cool no...they are all a fool. talking shit behind my back? Yeah those are some jealous cracks. Fuck those cunts girl! Go smoke some blunts. you look flakey? your face is too cakey...oh right that is because youre a 2 faced fakey. You think you look neat? Yeah your pret
Let slip how i hate perfection,
(it) gets in 'n' there ain't protection -
(i get a) faint detection in my head,
a fatal injection, (spreading like a) -
project infecting all objects around me,
i can't stall -/- or dodge what drowns me. - (yet i'm) -
out in a vast blue tragic ocean,
sipping last drips of a magic potion (to a)
notion bound by past commotion (hit the)
Nobody want's to jive to this tune at the moment, that's cool. I was going to bust a move over on KP's dance floor, (titled - 'When Will it End'), but comment length is bound to be a factor, and KP's been exposed to my sloppy dance moves to this tune before,, So... Guns and Law...
How's about a fee for bearing arms which is reflective to one's status in the eyes of the law?. Someone who is clean
Oh family oh family. Why r u such a bitch?
I just want to fucking burry u in a ditch!
Trying to figure out what it is yall want, like a treasure hunt. U make me want to smoke 100 blunts! Eveyday u guys put me through depression, makes me want to ask u a question. U ruined me pricks. Why r u such dicks? (I'd aprecciate it if you'd follow me on instagram..i suck at it. dont follow ur
Watched the live news this weekend about the cops being shot in Louisiana. All I can say is "When Will It End???"
When will people stop shooting the cops and when will the cops stop shooting people? For fuck sake, the cops are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE the people and UPHOLD the law, not take it into their own hands commando style and shoot anyone that looks "suspicious" to them.
And the p
Just thought to ask one and all, what pissed you off the most this week?
Please include anything you've experienced or watched on TV or seen on the net. Anything.
Just want to know if there is anyone else out there steaming with rage over all the current bullshit in the world, around the block or even in your own home.
So blast off Just Ragers, and fan the flames of your rage.
KPissed - Who
I am 14 years old and have alot of problems. First person i hate is my dad. Motherfucker doesnt have a job, is always making my mom stressed is a lazy uncle tom ass bum. My mom is ok sometimes but can be an annoying pain. Then theres my sister. Sorry i mispelled devil shes an annoying wanna be ghetto annoying little cunt who desereves to beaten up on a highway and left to rot and as vultures slow
b 4 he is vice prez is he smarter than a 5th grader ask him to spell potatoe or if Chicago is a state the last hoosier vice prez couldnt
My mother is a fucking bitch and I want to fucking punch the shit out of her and kick her in the fucking stomach sometimes. I'm the youngest, and in my family I get a lot A LOT of shit for it. I'm basically fucking Dewie from Malcolm in the Middle, except worse. As I'm on the couch, with my laptop on my chest watching YouTube, my idiotic and stupid nephew (who is 13 years old) puts my fucking hai
Hey guys man has it been awhile. I was on a trip to Ethiopia this whole time. And if there are two insects that are abundant in Africa they are mosquitoes and flies. Lets start with mosquitoes. Fuck these little shits there worse than flies cause these fuckers actually bite you and have you scratching yourself for awhile. And you could find them everywhere and for some reason they would teem in t

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