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I am so fucking done. My birthday passed and I got a iphone 5SE and I loved it. I was happy and I talked to friends on it and did all this fun stuff until ... the beginning of this month. So I watched youtube not that much youtube but I watched it. My fucking stupid fat ass mother said "Isaiah this phone is not a kindle so use your kindle to watch youtube." Fuck my parents. Also my father said th
I hate black girls. They are rude and meanspirited. They are like demons. If you show even the slightest bit of weakness or shyness they will gang up on you and abuse you like no tomorrow. You cannot be nice to them at all .They will spread horrible rumours about you. They arr all sociopaths who see kindness (or even not being a b-tch )as weakness. And they really hate shy people or even anybody
I have so many memories of being picked on by sadistically mean black girls at school when I was in middle school who ruined my social life that to this day I avoid black girls like other people avoid cockroaches.
I'm back from nearly a week of looking after my mum,, she's ok,, but getting older like everyone else and stretching my patience very thin at times. So i went to put fuel in her car and check the tyre pressures, not only to help out, but to get away for a half hour and unwind. Shouting some cuss words and frustrations aloud on my way there while i have 2seconds to myself, ya know,, a happy chap!.
'Mangled's Rager of the Week'
Last event was brought to you by KPissed, and won undoubtedly by Bungledinthejungle with the frustrations of his health care system. (glad she's all good bungled,, here i must pay a minimum fee for seeing a doctor then a month later m e d i c a r e reinburse my funds. This is better, but still fucked if you don't have the minimum fee upfront). Money money money, ay.
Yesterday, a car parked next to my shed. (description / details aside). 2 men proceeded into my shed within a minute. (their description / details also aside,, however,, they and the car appear poverty stricken).
I made plenty of noise on my way out ther, banging doors, but they are surprised to see me at the shed entrance / exit.. "are yooz right there" i asked?... One of them puts some old mot
I can't stand my step mother at all. Whenever I go out to eat dinner with her and my dad, she treats me as i'm not there, we never talk to each other at home but the worst thing is that whenever i'm downstairs or in the washroom, she takes the advantage and snoops around my room. I just pretend that i never notice but i can't dare speak out because she is the one that usually cooks the dinners. S
My mom is so fucking bitchyyyyy!!!!!!!! She's always yelling at me and shit. And she loses her temper and fuckin starts yelling hurtful shit. She always calls me a bitch. She also starts talking about me to my sister really loud and acting I can't hear it. Also I wanted fake nails bad. And she was like no u can't have them. And what annoys the fuck out of me is the fucken bitchy ass face she make
Whack generic brands...
Some of these products get the job done regularly, with minimal or no aggrovation,, well done.
Some of these products are good enough for the meantime, i will make do.
Which leaves a grouping of products (lol, i know i know, you get what you pay for) that still really do suck!.
- Their tissues and toilet paper are'nt that different (as price / quantity indicate) and ar
I really hate my mom she fucking gets me pissed all the time and then I get mad, start talking back and then my dad makes me apologize to her. NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I APOLOGIZE TO A ROTTEN BITCH THAT PISSES ME OFF ALL THE TIME NEVER. I still love my mom. It's just I wanted to get all this rage out of my soul. Always spend time with family you'll never know how long they'll last.
To some point, i would seek your approval. If it was cool then you had it?. No... If you had it, it was cool. If you did it, it was cool,, and not the other way around.
'So how many gold label double albums have you produced recently mangled?' (with a touch of sarcasm).
I am not a passionate musician for money,, Even my band members are not angry when performing angry music, they do not feel lo
One minute they wit you next minute they dis you. They dont want your game they just want you for your fame. I thought they were cool no...they are all a fool. talking shit behind my back? Yeah those are some jealous cracks. Fuck those cunts girl! Go smoke some blunts. you look flakey? your face is too cakey...oh right that is because youre a 2 faced fakey. You think you look neat? Yeah your pret

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