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This was when I was young. Nowadays I find that I can keep a tight rein on this black hole so it doesn't grow any larger than the equivalent of a golf ball in my chest. I still feel a bit drained after it passes, though, and I sometimes wonder whether it actually damages me; physically, mentally, or spiritually, if I was inclined to believe in such things.

What does anger feel like to you? How does it affect you? Let us explore this!

Why am I so angry? I have a great life. A job I love, a beautiful wife, a cute boy who looks like me, and a dog near as smart as Lassie. A great big house, nice compuiters, two cars, all the toys I could want or need. All my friends are jealous of me.

So why am I so angry? Could it be a chemical imbalance? Could it be just because I don\'t like mornings? Or is there something else bothering me on a deeper level? And why only mornings? The rest of the time I\'m just fine.

Maybe someone here can shed a light on my anger. Maybe not. Talking about it does help a bit, though. Thanks for this website.
u ever have a boss ask u to do somthin that isnt in your job descruiption? and u cant say no becuz what wit the economy today u gotta keep your job?

i work inna warehouse like 10 miles from anywhere and my boss asked me to go get lunch for th eboys durin lunch rush and he know that my car is crap an im saving the miles on it but he asked me anyway and i had to go if i wanna a good review. fucki
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n dwarf pieceashit asshole he piss me of an i like to wrap him up and ship overnite to the goddam congo wit no return address an hope he get fucked real slow by a gorilla
so we had this news story today here in the US, some idiot at University of Texas has apparently lost some bubonic plague. this annoys the hell out of me, how is it that universities even have bubonic plague in the first place anyway? i\'m most likely wrong on my facts here but d
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idn\'t bubonic plague wip out hundreds of thousands of people a few hundred years ago? it was a major epidemic that caused vast numbers of people to die, it happened on several occasions throughout history. so here we are 2003, in the modern age, in the \"western\" world, the so-called advanced high-tech modern society that we are and we let a bunch of pot-smoking, totally-out-of-touch-with-reality, hippie-draft-dodging, self-labelled-intellectuals look after, and experiment with one of the most dangerous viruses (or whatever the hell it is) known to mankind. oh, and then what happens? they manage to lose it... it would be funny, really quite fucking funny, if it wasn\'t so serious. why on earth do we need to conduct experiments on no-known-cure-viruses like this anyway? doh, to find a cure... NO, we don\'t need a fucking cure for it, we need someone to bury it and never use it ever again, how long have we been without the plague? i never heard of it in my 30yrs so i\'m sure a long long time, a hundred years maybe. it was eradicated somehow right? everyone probably died off, end of story. well it should have been but NO - some cocksucker decided to keep a few vials of it for the spaced-out, and obviously less than security conscious university-types to play with.
Goddamn search engines... Spider this fucking site, already!
Today I spent 30 minz in heavy traffic behind a dork that had no breaklites , I really got pissed of by ppl beeing totally uncontious when it comes to their car. I allmost decided to drive by the dude and stop him and let him know...He even had a kid in the car without a belt on...well anywayz this time I was able to control myself , guess I wasn\'t angry enough , hehe
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Just rage today and feel better tomorrow!

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