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damn yahoo! i hate it!!! Most the time it has problems. and then when it lets you into something finaly it freakin messes up. like in chat rooms they dont let you fuckin see other ppl when they are on there. some kick you out for talkin!! i mean thats the fuckin point of a chat room is to chat, and then when you chat they kick you off?? wtf is that?? and ppl whoi think they own yahoo rooms and the
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y boot you off cause they dont like you. well you dont own the room you just like to think you do! and i hate it. but no worries im not booted off cause it wont allow them to boot me, but they boot all my friends! grrrrrr!!!!! i really dont like that! and then yahoo kicks you off all the time! \"there has been an error\" error my ass!!!!! i hate yahoo ahhhh! i wish some other ppl would like take it over and make it better
ok i just wanna say to all the older brothers or guys out there that you are not our boss. I just get sick and tired of men and them thinking they are the greatest ppl alive, i mean come on, it is no longer that time. You dont rule us women at all, and i despise ppl that think they do. I have an older brother that thinks he can boss me around cause he's 18 years old well fuck that. I;m just tired
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of gettin stepped all over cause I'm a girl, i mean who do men think they are? i'm not saying all men are like this but im sorry guys, but most of you are. I'm just here to say that no one, and i mean men and women are my boss, and if you think you are then you should get a life, i mean it! women are not just on this earth to clean and cook for you men! I hate and despise men who think that. women are just as good as men are, and if you men that are reading this are closed minded then if you want to reply be my guest but let me tell you, you wont win this fight, im a debater, and i dont let anyone put me down. And for the ppl who support me on this subject, you should really speak up. ladies dont let those men over throw you, they are no better then you!
I hate these motherfuckers at school that think they can butt into my business. I mean who died and made then God. I feel like loading up a riffle and blasting bullets into their tiny heads. I hope they all die and burn in HELL. And I hate shitheads that are rude and think they have priority over other students. Those Fucking shitheads. I mean they are no better then anyone else yet they think the
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y are above the law. Next year if any one give me any shit their going to be hell to pay.
One or more of's members have been trying to hack into Someone apparently suceeded in uploading some php and text files as an user photo. Nice work. I'd like to know how you guys (or gals) managed that.

There will be no more user photo uploads on, though. I know, it's like cutting off a body part or something, but it is the best way, especially

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since nobody but hackers seem to be interested in the feature. Just thought you'd like to know.

If this message pisses you off for some reason... Well... You know where to rage about it.

Here\'s another big middle finger out to all the spineless sacks of shit that visit this site, comment on stuff, but don\'t have the fucking balls to write something themselves. You people are pathetic. It\'s anonymous for crying out loud, so speak your mind. Dipshits.
For those who can\'t read between the lines, I\'ll generate a nice list of things to keep in mind next time you get a telemarketing or survey call.

1. No one gives a fuck if you hate what we do for a living.

2. The job pays extremely well. Why? Assholes like you make it a god-awful job that few people will put up with. So thanks to you, I get paid twice over what the guy spitting in your fast food is making.

3. While you\'re wasting your time to cuss me out, I\'m getting paid handsomely to laugh my ass off at your frustration. Technically we aren\'t allowed to hang up on people, so we have to sit there and let you bitch and whine until you\'re finished. The longer you take, the less real work I have to do.

4. I don\'t care what you saw on TV or read in a book. I don\'t have to, and never will let you speak with my supervisor. Even if some other fuckwhit lets you, we all use fake names and our supes don\'t give a fuck about your complaints.

5. If you keep getting called over and over again, it\'s probably because you\'re a fucking asshole and pissed someone off. If I call you, and you immediately start screaming in my ear and slam the phone down, don\'t think I\'m about to honor your request (screamed in my ear) to be taken off the list. On the contrary mother fucker, you\'re getting called back as many times as I see fit, at dates and times of my chosing.

6. If we have your phone number, it\'s because YOU gave it out to somebody at somepoint. You should have read the fine print shit head, this is your own fucking fault.

7. Don\'t ask me if I\'d like to be called at home at midnight. This gets you called back at least a few times, as late at night as possible.

8. Don\'t ask me for my home phone number. I\'ll give you the number of the last mother fucker who asked me that question, and then make sure I write yours down to give out to the next fuck face that thinks he\'s funny.

9. Don\'t threaten me on the phone. You are nothing and nobody. You have my fake name, and probably a false company name. I have your real name, your phone number and probably your address too. Still think it\'s a good idea to fuck with me?

10. Last but definately not least, don\'t pick up the fucking phone if you don\'t know who the call is from. If you don\'t pick it up, I assume you aren\'t home and go on with life. You pick it up and act like the asshole I already assumed you would be, nothing positive is gonna come out of it.

So there you have it. You may hate telemarketers (I do too) and survey folks (I was one, but I still hate them too) but have some fucking perspective about it. We hate the \"respondent\" as much as the son of a bitch hates us, maybe more so. The assholes of the world that are simply incapable of politely saying \"no thankyou\" deserve all the harassing phone calls they get.

Think about all the times you ripped on some poor fuck just trying to do his job while finishing college. Now think about all the times you kept geting called despite screaming into their ears about getting off the list. Get the fucking picture yet? We\'re human too you shit heads. We don\'t like our jobs, but we learn to hate assholes like you in a real hurry. Morality doesn\'t even enter the equation after that. Once you realize you\'re getting paid well to harass complete assholes, you live with it.

So FUCK every single one of you scum bag pieces of shit that ever gave me attitude, yelled, screamed, bitched, whined, lied and threatened me when I was just trying to do a survey. You deserve every fucking call you get and I hope the phone doesn\'t stop ringing.

Okay, whoever the fuck has been eating my damn Tootsie Rolls off of my desk, your days are numbered.

When I left, I distinctly recall counting 33 of them. Now there is only 28. It is one of you damn night janitors who \"no hablo Ingles.\"

You better watch it. I am going to shit in one and shape it like a Tootsie Roll and wrap it. I\'ll even put sugar in my brown poo and you\'ll
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never know you\'re eating shit. You know who you are, PUTO. Chinga tu madre, tu pendejo estupido.
Who the FUCK created these people? Every time I get on the Interstate 5, there are ALWAYS clueless assholes on the left lane blindly following the 65-mph speed limit while cars are blazing by on the right doing a good 80 or even 85. Only in southern California I guess.

When I flash my lights at these dumbasses, they just stay on the left. When I get around them, they just look at me with the
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se big stupid cow eyes as they continue to poddle on the left. Once in a while, they extend their middle fingers like it\'s my fucking fault! Bullshit, man!

What made them think it\'s their God given right to hog the fucking left lane? These people just downright PISS me off. These are the people causing ROAD RAGE! Haven\'t they heard of etiquette? If they\'re going slow, then simply move the fuck over to the right. Very easy and courteous if I may add. It is precisely imbeciles like them that piss off people with road manners. Why, even I have the sudden urge to run these fuckers off the road.
Get this! This satalite operation is 50 miles from the home office in Springfield Massachusetts and the old drunk watching over him wouldn\'t know his hole from an ass in the ground.But this is only the tip of the iceburg.This fuck head is the only guy in the place not subject to random drug screen.Let\'s see, poor attendance, lazy, attention span of a gnat....people who know him out side of work say he is a pot head.....No George couldn\'t smoke dope could he?If you ever read this you piece of shit you will know who I am and all I got to say is it was a pleasure getting you demoted you cock sucker.To bad your incompetant ass wasn\'t fired you scumbag.At any rate you dirt bag you fucked me for six years and I fucked you for six years.The day you gave me a written warning was the day I swore I would get you you big piece of shit. 20 year old punks late every day,selling off the back of the truck for cash, stealing, but George the pot head asshole is only concerned with fucking me because I compalined about him.Fuck you BROOKS!!!!
First up is Graham himself, the fucking human resources director. This piece of shit was a chain smoking, alcoholic piece of shit that couldn\'t do his job for anything. He hired blind people, people who couldn\'t speak fluent english, and even psychopathic bipolar nut jobs and satanists. As long as they could dial a phone this stupid fuck had no issues hiring them. Job security I guess. Nevermind the rest of us had to make up for them and got our own asses in the sling when production was down.

Who\'s up next? How about the whores of the office? First there\'s Lauren, who we all know was fucking Jeff. Then you\'ve got Edna, the slut that got knocked up with her first kid before she was married and then popped out \'unwanted #2\' a mere 11 months later. Is that even safe?! The stupid bitch was actally proud of her accomplishment too.

After this we have the fat assed slob Marcia. This rude, overbearing and loud mouthed bitch was in charge of quality control and monitoring. She went on a pure power trip once she got promoted, and gave people grief constnatly. Any occasion that presented itself, she flaunted the fact that she was your superior, even if only to a small extent. She loved to throw her weight around (and there was plenty of it), barking orders and criticising people.

Lets not forget Jason, the asshole of assholes, the worst mother fucking supervisor you\'d ever want to have. This bastard leeched his way up from the bottom and then stabbed his former compatriots in the back when he got the promotion. He let the job title go to his head even more than that bitch Marcia, and he never came off his power trip. He made sure everyone knew he was a supervisor, and he taunted everyone with his pathetic idea of authority. If it was at all possible, he\'d find a way to order you around or otherwise feel his \'power\' over you. He got off on calling the end of the shift a few minutes late each day, as if we all needed a reminder that our work day ended when he said so and not when the clock reached 8 pm. Fucking asshole.

Last but certainly not least was April. This two faced, backstabbing mongrel of a woman was in charge of our call center. She blew her way up from being a client services manager to actually running the whole office. Everyone knew it. The two people who\'s jobs she stole were both fired under mysterious circumstances, and she sucked so poorly as a replacement that our call center eventually went out of business.

That\'s right, everyone lost their jobs, including the sorry fuckers I\'ve mentioned here. The call center was closed down 3 months after that vicious bitch April took the helm. I hope to god you sorry sons of bitches are all having a hell of a time finding a job or getting any references. I also hope I never run across you in public because it will take everything I have not to spit in your faces. You were disgusting, pathetic excuses for human beings and the worst kind of coworkers imaginable.

So while I\'m enjoying a REAL life and a REAL job at this point, you all can go fuck yourselves. I hope you end up working for pieces of shit just like yourselves, people that will piss on and abuse you all day long and expect you to kiss their asses in return. It would be only too fitting.
To the asshole who stole my groceries:
I hope you die in a fiery crash and go to hell to be butt-fucked by a gorilla for all eternity!
It\'s not like I\'m took two weeks worth of food for me and my family. The police laughed at me when I called them and the store won\'t help me out either, so fuck them, too!
Now I have to go and get new connectors and somehow put them in without any tools nor money to buy the parts and labor with.

I used to think having a car would solve many of my problems. In experience, however, I find that it sometimes causes more problems than it solves.

Of course it doesn't help that I have a nifty Tahoe LT to fall back on, since that thing guzzles more gas than two fucking Rodeos.

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