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N and E, it was her idea in the first place. You didn't care about it then, so why should you now? Why do you have to spoil every FUCKING thing?! Every thing was fucking okay at the beginning of the day, everyone was happy, for once there wasn't a single argument between H and her, and then you go starting some FUCKING STUPID disagreement about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It was the most trivial thing in the world. You and E are like poisoned honey, you make yourselves look so innocent, at the slightest trouble you run off crying and going to the fucking counsellor or crying to the teacher, can't you see we can see through you? It was so obvious you were rolling your eyes at her, and all the subtle remarks were about her. The play was the only fucking thing she could care about, the only thing she wanted to be good at, you know she's no damn good at anything else, but you had to spoil it! And why? Because for a tiny moment nobody was looking at you, nobody was feeling sorry for you. At least she was trying! You DONT EVEN CARE! IT DOESNT EVEN CONCERN YOU! Well i hope you're happy now. She was the only one who stood up for you when me, H and her had that row. When your "friends" leave you you'll have nobody, you slut, and i hope you suffer then.
I was DONE with him well over 10 months ago, and everything still seems to be my fault for some reason. If he is having problems with his girlfriend, my fault. if he fights with his friend, my fault. and i think its fucken dumb cause i dont want anything to do with him anymore, because he is so fucken retarded. i wanna lose this asshole, for good, but he wont leave.
You think you're so smart but we know all about you and we talk about you every chance we get. And yes, your ass really does look fat in that dress, but we tell you how nice you look just so you'll keep wearing it so everyone can gawk at your fucking fat ass and laugh behind your back. You're the joke of the office! The fact that you think you're the bomb makes it even funnier! Ever wonder why you haven't made it up the ladder?
I don't need to know what was going on 10 years ago, or what your neighbor was doing, or how your husband likes fucking Cornflakes for breakfast. If you want to know who can help you with a parking ticket, then just say, "Can you connect me with someone who can help me with a parking ticket I received?" Is that soooooo hard to say?? But nooooo! You fucking morons have to go on about how you had planned this outing since your Aunt Beth and Uncle Bob were coming to town, see, and they wanted to go to the museum, but you and Ed were sure they wouldn't like the museum and wanted to take them to the park instead. But Ed always has to have his way so we went to the park even though Aunt Beth really wanted to go to the museum. She was very upset and had to take her blood pressure pills. And then Ed found this parking space, see,.... Finally after 6-7 fucking minutes of listening to your shit you tell me you've gotten a parking ticket. Why didn't you just say so?? Do you think I give a flying fuck about your Aunt Beth and Uncle Bob? Or your outing? You wonder why you're put on hold for fucking ever when you call some place? Well, it's because of stupid ass people like you who hog up the damned phone lines!!!!
Worked at Verizon of Calif for 36yrs and this year due to a recent surgery, I\'m not at fully healthy. Managers Jack Moore and Gary Stockman have been calling me a liar etc etc, the chilling statement \"We are going to fire you if you don\'t retire,\" finished me off. Severance package is very nice but strangely, the retirement monies are frozen. DO YOU THINK I\'M PISSED OFF??????
why is it that when you are nice to men and do all you can for them they treat you like shit and cheat on you .... and you out there with the fake breasted mistress know who i mean
gee dude im sick of hearing you just try and piss off the creator. i mean if he wasnt here we wouldnt even have this site. i mean get it through your head. gee. i like the creator he seems like a pretty nice guy. but you dude you are just demented. i mean totally. you seriously need to stop bein such an ass. instead of tellin the creator to get off his ass and get a life why dont you get your fuck
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in own. your probably one of those freaks that sits on their ass at the computer all day cause your lazy like that. well fuck off! damn!
It was a boring day at the office. It was also a boring week during a dreary month. The perpetual ax hung over the entire Internet e-commerce department (which consisted of just 3 men including myself) since we were told a relatively short while ago that another company would be taking over our company's e-commerce business within 5 weeks.

Of course, this meant that our company would no longer have an Internet department. Our boss had already been planning on an out-of-state move for a while, but it left my co-worker and I hanging. Neither of us knew what was going to happen to us. It also didn't help that our company was laying off people left and right.

We were told to wind down the works and wait further word. This process took about 15 minutes. We let everyone involved know, deactivated and/or deleted certain processes, and started waiting. I realized I was angry a couple minutes after the waiting started.

I was angry because I had only just gotten this job the year before almost to the day after 7 months of gruelling construction labor on a natural-gas power plant in the deep South. Now I was going to lose it? Just because my company wanted to cut a few corners? Yeah I'm sure this sort of thing happens all the time but it doesn't stop the pit of my stomach from boiling.

But that's not why I made this website.

Pretty soon, this new company (which is based about 500 miles away) started to ask me to do stuff here and there, and they were so impressed with the speed and quality of my work that eventually they decided to keep me on and started to give me even more work to do. I am currently an employee of this company, and I still live 500 miles away.

In the meanwhile, my old boss and co-worker managed to cook something up and got to stay around a bit longer. But remember, my old boss had plans, and when it came close to his leaving, my co-worker was let go. And then my old boss left. The ax had fallen, but my own neck was never on the block.

So yeah, now why would this make me angry, you're probably saying now. I should be happy my ass still had a job, especially with the family I have to feed on my single income. Why did I make this site?

I'm angry because now I do five times as much work for the new company than I ever did for the old company, and for nothing more than the annual 3% cost-of-living raise. Don't that just suck balls?

I try to look at it from the bright side. I learn five times as much now. I gain five times as much experience, too. Oh, and not to mention that they let me take everything I needed from the old company's office to get myself set up in my own home office (including the computers). Still, it pisses me off every month when my wife and I struggle to make ends meet on an income that does not match my job description(s).

But that's also not why I made this website.

To be honest, I'm not sure why I did it. Hell, I'm not even sure when I did it! Maybe I did it because I know that it makes me feel better when I talk about my anger to someone like my wife, and I was trying to give everyone else a chance to express themselves. Or maybe I'm using it in an attempt to collect as much angry data as I can in order to discover the true essence of rage and harness its energy to make the world a better place.

Nah. Knowing myself, I'm not that noble. Maybe I just did it to get lots of traffic and to spam advertising in the vain hope of making a couple extra bucks from an untrained click or two.

Whatever. It's here now and I gotta deal with it. Since someone in a recent posting expressed his wish that this site should be removed from existence I've decided for anger's sake to do exactly the opposite. is here to stay, and I'll devote whatever time I've got to make it bigger and better and more in your faces.

So where does that leave you? You can complain about it. If you're angry, you could tell us about it. You can even sign up and join me in my pointless quest to do something worthwhile with this site. And finally, you can always fuck off.

So do us all a favor webmaster, creator, whatever you want to call yourself. Why don\'t you take this steaming pile of shit offline and be done with it? Because you\'ve allowed these rants to go up, you\'ve tainted what little appeal this site had and probably driven away anyone else like myself that thought they could come here to read something funny. There\'s nothing left here, not on the recent pages, that has even been written above the third grade level (dare I insult third graders by comparing them?) and it certainly isn\'t interesting by any stretch of the imagination.

So I say again. Wipe this fucking site out, and let the pathetic little 12 year old illiterate fucks (no doubt hicks from the South) go somewhere else. I for one am leaving of my own accord, because I\'ve got better things to do and .. well.. this site sucks.

Take care and have a nice life Creator. As to the rest, the spammers, the illiterate and the other pieces of shit, FUCK YOU ALL.
omg!!!! if i have to see one more fucking box or i have to sweep one more time im gonna lose it!!!! i have to help my friend unpack her house and its really annoying. i mean we are alomost done but now they have a house to stay in so now we have to move them back in tomorrow! i can tell you one thing im not sweeping another damn floor!! not another one! i mean fucking ppl always expect that oh the
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girls will do all the cleaning and the worst thing is im the one that has to sweep all the time!! because im like the only one that can sweep real well except my friends mom. and the boys just move heavy stuff so im were left with all the cleaning! i mean i dont mind helping i love that family to death they are like my second family, but even they are goin nuts! ugh
Here's some news for those of you who cares:

JustRage.Com has been upgraded to GeekLog 1.3.8. There are too many new features to recount here (including for you users, a better forgot password function, the ability to change your username, and the ability to delete your own account if you don't like us for some reason), so suffice it to say

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that this upgrade serves us all for the better.

It also didn't seem to break anything, but you never know so just tell me if you find something on this site that doesn't work anymore. Thanks.

is it just me or is that damn buzz a friend on yahoo the most annoying thing?? ppl stop buzzing me i hate that. i mean if you dont reply you obviosly dont see it or are doing something, or thinking of a reply. i dont know why yahoo put a damn buzz!

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