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'Uh oh, mangleds been trying to watch tv again'...
It's not often nowdays, maybe once a week, due to the onset of frustration and disgust after flicking on the box. But i'll keep these ramblings to once a month so i don't piss people off. (who are probably already pissed off about more important shit).
-Amy's insurants adds- These are always so crap. They make money by fortunate people having n
Got my Election Ballot in the mail a few days ago. This is the wonderful method by which the local Board of Elections tell us who is running for what from which party etc., etc., etc.
All this is ok but there is one part of these ballots that really gets me pissed off. That is the Public Questions part of it. These Public Questions are written in such a complex variety of political legalese t
(roughly 9hrs ago) - The state of 'South Australia' lost all power.
Thats 380,000miles2,, and 1.7million folks.
Maybe i should leave house electrics to qualified professionals?,, lol,, yeh nah not my fault...
A large and hungry storm ravages this state and is expected to continue for a few days. My house should see winds of 140kph soon, and the brunt of flooding also here / thereabouts.
My landlord pissed me off a while back with his negligence. As long as i'm paying rent then there's no problem ay. Wanker.
Last night - the electrics let go completely, so i search for the problem. I find all fuses ok, but when i switch the electric water heater off (located and labelled in the fuse box) then power is restored except for one wall socket,, so i left it that way temporarily while
G'day ragerz... I wanted to give my two bobs worth under comments of a recent post by KPissed, titled 'English Please',, but comment length and the fact that i babble off track has me here,, rambling on. (great post by KP by the way).
I was once a warehouse assistant for an italian boss and his father. Neither of them could speak english, a handful of words yes,, but i had to learn some basic it
So I go and buy this beef taco wrap thing for lunch. Open it up. Smells good. Lots of lettuce hanging out of it. Spotted some tomatoes and cheese, etc. But one thing seemed missing. No beef. How can you have a beef taco wrap without any beef?
Where's the fucking BEEF???
Bought this candy I used to like as a kid. Its called Allsorts. These are fancy little licorice things in a bunch of d
My friend will message me at the strangest times saying shit like waddup fam. I promptly respond if able but it's like 2 - 3 hours before I hear back from him. He always pulls this shit and it's annoying as fuck.
I know your dumbass doesn't work, I know you got jack shit to do, and I KNOW that you always have your fucking phone on you so what the fuck is wrong with you?

A lot f people I know
Why does it seem like all the mods I run into on sites are just dumbasses? It's like they don't even fucking think. I got banned on a game chatsite that I was regular well-mannered Joe for the longest time and this mod and admin gave me piss about my background picture.

It makes no fucking sense, my background image was already well out of the way, it was dimmed to shit (so much that even I c
The people there suck! Smelly dirty, fucking black-blooded Indians! I'm for New York but I came here with my family for vacation, HUGE waste of money. You can't even walk down the street without everyone, (yes everyone) looking at you like you’re a freak, and laughing at you as you walk by!
Do NOT visit Ecuador especially Riobamba.
PLEASE spread the word!
(this may be inappropriate, i just need to vent about some gritty mess).
My uncle's attitude has me owing him a good, solid, hard and sharp headbutt next time we cross paths. He won't be ready for it at all and it's going to hurt me just as much, but i don't care. For the sake of the family, i am avoiding ANY gathering for a while in the hope that i change my mind,, but deem it unlikely.
I live in the United States of America. Our language is English. When most immigrants come here to make a new life, they learn the language of the land. English. They do this for better opportunities for work, education and just basic communication. This makes sense, because most of the people in the USA speak English (or almost). If you're coming for a visit, then there is no need to learn
Fuck i've been busy lately!
Too busy for any downtime, and i havn't had any phone cred or data because it expires. I'm pretty sure it's just a money making scheme from phone carriers that pre paid kredit expires.
Nothing new, thats how its always been here,, but it's fucken bullshit and pissing me off. If i buy phone kredit then i should run out at some point ay, (as in 'empty'), i hate how it

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