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I know it's not just me, and i don't eat junk food all that often...
I'm talkin bout those drive thru's, deliveries,, and lazy dinners you can probably defrost / eat in 10minutes.
Sure it tastes like sex on a stick, (yum), but it feels about the same afterwards!.
Not only that. it feels about the same 1 - 2 days later too. Jeepers this stuff is soooo loaded with sugar and god knows what, i may
Waiting for my always late doctor yesterday, always an hour behind,, and this dude sits in front of me just blasting some obnoxious game on his ipad.
'bergloop' 'bergloop', the repetetive annoying sounds being thrashed out louder than the peaceful classics playing through the office radio. I've had a headache for like 6 fucking months!.
He could have had problems (after all, it was a doctors),
Nobody likes queue jumpers, wait your turn mutha fukka's!
If given the option to be served, when i am aware that someone was waiting before me,, i will say "that person was before me"... (yes... even if i'm in a hurry!). I know it's frustrating, but what's worse?... QUEUE JUMPERS!!!- and every time this happens, the people waiting behind ME will then display signs of dissapointment toward my pro
Minor issue to be ranting about. But I AM FUCKING SICK OF THE DICKHEADS AT THE GYM who take dumbbells out and then leave them lying on the fucking floor after they're done.

Hey asshole, youre not the only one using the fucking gym. Whenever it's my time to lift, i see that the rack is empty in spite of there being like only 3 or 4 others. So where? Thats right, the fucking dumbbells, bars and
A friend of mine just applied for home loan to buy his first house. His credit rating is great. He's got less than $500 in debt. His car is only three years old and its paid off. And he's been at the same job - which is not subject to being outsourced - for ten years. Best of all, he was already paying more for rent and utilities than the new home would cost.

So he should have gotten appr
Gun control does not equal crime control.

The people who want to ban all legal guns have their heads up their asses! Newsflash folks! If you make gun ownership illegal, only criminals will have them and here's why -

Every tragic shooting - the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut, the movie theater in Colorado, etc. - was the result of someone having an ILLEGAL
OK. So its no surprise how news reporters are often biased in favor of some pet issue or political candidate. Here in New Jersey, the press is definitely anti-Republican. No big deal though, as everyone knows this who lives around here.
The press is often slanted on certain issues too. Mostly the slant is toward anything that pushes their station ratings or readership up. No surprise there ei
Hi Everyone.
Seems Just Rage was down for a few days. Don't know why. Now it appears to be back up and ok.
Hope no one had a burning desire to post anything and couldn't. If that pisses you off, well, you know what to do. SO GET TO IT!!!
KPissed - Not responsible for JR downtime, but grateful its back up.
Happy Diwali Greetings Wishes 2016,. on the festival of Happy Diwali Greetings Wishes are may your life, shine with Silver and Gold. Wish you a very Happy Diwali..
'Uh oh, mangleds been trying to watch tv again'...
It's not often nowdays, maybe once a week, due to the onset of frustration and disgust after flicking on the box. But i'll keep these ramblings to once a month so i don't piss people off. (who are probably already pissed off about more important shit).
-Amy's insurants adds- These are always so crap. They make money by fortunate people having n
Got my Election Ballot in the mail a few days ago. This is the wonderful method by which the local Board of Elections tell us who is running for what from which party etc., etc., etc.
All this is ok but there is one part of these ballots that really gets me pissed off. That is the Public Questions part of it. These Public Questions are written in such a complex variety of political legalese t
(roughly 9hrs ago) - The state of 'South Australia' lost all power.
Thats 380,000miles2,, and 1.7million folks.
Maybe i should leave house electrics to qualified professionals?,, lol,, yeh nah not my fault...
A large and hungry storm ravages this state and is expected to continue for a few days. My house should see winds of 140kph soon, and the brunt of flooding also here / thereabouts.

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