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First I want to wish everyone on this site, past and present Ragers, happy holidays and happy New Year. May you rage on through all of 2017 and beyond!

On the subject of "the holidays". In my family we have so many different religious and holiday traditions that it can make me dizzy sometimes. And its a real job not to confuse who is who with all the cards. I often think how we need new ca
just got letter from irs telling me they gonna rob me of 695 dollars 4 Obama care I cant afford the over 500 dollars a month 4 it so they can legally steal from me on my tax check I use to catch up bills and help my disabled mom who I care 4 and gf is also disabled at least give me 695 dollars of health care then ive not seen doctor or been 2 hospital in over 20yrs and pay my unrealistic share of
(She) Takes my call regarding a
mistake from her department,
refraining from debate i simply stated how it started...
"A letter sent my way explains that yesterday you'd call me?,
the phone call never came ofcoarse and has me here thismorning".

- "No no sir, we don't do that,
your non attendance stands".

Without an adress down? (i ask),
the factor in her hands... rrrrrrr!.
...Check y
Why can't there be any truth in advertising?

I mean, most of us know when something sounds too good to be true. We can sniff out the lie behind the ad. So why bother to go to all the trouble to lie?

Here's some of my favorite lies in advertising. I'm sure you've seen them before, but I'm posting them anyway. Please feel free to comment with any other examples of bullshit ads you've seen
Nowadays you can't get through any download website without being clobbered down by spam adverts that pop up in your face or clickbait websites that open on their own.

Seriously, WTF? Not only it is disruptive and annoying, it is utterly pointless even from the view of the douchebag who makes them. Is the proprietor of whatever shit's being advertized going to benefit from this? Who the fuck g
Any lengthy NFL fan could easily have stopped following the game years ago, due to many reasons.
The grooming of a softer sport is a big one, as the changes allowed shallow routes among everything else to dominate the game. That soft nosed shit changed the playbooks, the strategy, the players, and ofcoarse the results. rrr.
The attempts to wave goodbye to kickoffs (returns) is another thing pis
The house next door to me has a giant sized display of "Christmas" inflatable decorations. Its colorful and cheerful, but I just have to say it has nothing to do with Christmas because they left no room for Jesus.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think if they're going to call it a "Christmas" display, they ought to leave a place for Jesus. Like one of those Nativity scenes. I mean, folks, that
Not ultra mega angry because i got credit today... but a little fucked out that, uhh,, i got credit today!.'s our money chips that are being squandered on the duece, although this IS extra cheezy (lol).
So - While i'm out of phone credit, a friend sends me a picture. He gets charged accordingly from his available 'data', however,, i do not receive the picture at all until MY phone has cre
I don't know if the Decay guy is still around, does he actively participate here. Justrage is simply fucked up in smartphones. Every time you open a page you get a javascript pop-up which reads something to the effect of "Drop-down isn't a function"
One can still live with that after dismissing the pop-up but this bug won't let users login or register: after you've entered your username, the pag
Thanksgiving should be a great day. I mean, what's not to like? Good food. Family trying to behave nicely (or almost). A day off from work - sometimes Friday too, making it the longest long weekend of the year. And the weather is usually still good for driving and visiting and all. Also, Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays that any religion can celebrate because its a day for sitting ba
Political correctness is nothing but patronizing, hypocritical control freaks telling us what is and isnt ok to say. I am very much opposed to racism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny but treating these groups like delicate flowers and coddling them like babes in arms is vomit inducing.

What happened to freedom of speech? How do these assholes get to resort to double standards
So you didnt want him to. You hated his fucking guts. You had every establishment media house assuring you that he had no chance and yet he won fair and square. That's democracy. Now put up with it and shut the fuck up.

How good will Trump's presidency be for the US is not the scope of this post. The so called liberals behaving like total goons and crybabies is.

I notice some of you are act

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