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Just when I think our govt can't sink any lower, they do.
Recently we lost a family member. She was receiving a regular Social Security pension every month. She passed away in the middle of the month. So we are all busy with the funeral arrangements, hospital bills, memorial services, and cleaning out the house. All that fun shit you get to do with a lump of sadness in your throat.
Well this
I'm back, and I was not posting because my Fucking internet service providers! Fuck, I was throttled.... AFTER 1 FUCKING GIGABYTE!!!!!!!! And they couldn't except my payment at the time.... strange, because you favor V isa cards on your site. Weird guess I was blind when I subscribed to your service! Speaking of them, they've pissed me off many other times.

First, they cut really slow one mo
So I'm selling a house. I do all the prep work. Repairs, painting, landscaping, upgrades I'm willing to spend my money on to get a better return. In other words, all the hard part of getting a house ready to sell.
So after getting the place all ready, what's left to do? Simple enough. Find a real estate company to list my property. Shouldn't be too hard. They are advertising all over the
WTF is up with these government taxes? This year, I suffered a great family loss. A dear relative passed away. There is no replacing a human life, only trying to go on without them. Which is hard enough without interference from another less dear relative - Uncle Sam!
As a result of this sad death, I received a small inheritance. This came as a surprise to me, as I was not expecting anything
Note... I have been posting a bit more frequently lately, so i might just rake hay while the sun shines, (or some shit). I know how it is,, if i don't like what someone else has to say then too bad, (and vice versa). This 'can' happen from time to time at JR, and if that doesn't sound like your particular brand of herbal tea, then JR may not be your ideal beverage with breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Why is this "joe" so... scumbug?.
Joe wanted to do something, hear, smell, or see something. Joe wanted to get something, miss, dream, or be something.
At some point, joe's hopes were dashed,, i'm not sure when or how exactly,, but his true desire was gone, leaving him hurt, bitter... and sad.
Staving off the salt in his wound, it turns preferance for scumbug joe to keep anyone else from havin
I would like to submit this Ponderance even though our beloved Zen_Master is not here to do it in his unique style. So FOCUS NOW!!!
A poor guy in Mexico wants a better life so he sneaks into the USA illegally. Once here he lives in conditions that may be sub-standard to Americans, but are still far better than Mexican standards. We have running water right inside the house here, and not just wh
At 07:59 tuesday morning, (yesterday 29/5), a warning was issued to a shark smart, and a twitta site. The warning contained the location (perth, wa) and specs of the shark (3.5m white shark).
At 16:10 that afternoon, a 29 yr old male surfer (Mr G) was being revived on the shore 3km's away, falling victim to a shark attack. Last reported, (now), Mr G is alive but unfortunately has lost a leg.
So this is my fourth post for letting out my rage and it feels good. Good site here. Well on to my next rage.
This is about those stupid shit corkscrew light bulbs. I know its kind of petty to get hot under the collar about a light bulb but these things are deadly to my lamps! Every time I used one of these things it fucked up my lamp! Damn bulbs sort of fried my lamp in the place where the
So WTF is wrong with these idiots at the post office? All I want is some stamps fuckers. I donm't need the fucking history of the country or some dead rock and roll star on my fucking stamps. Heres how it works - I give you my money - you give me my goddam stamps! Cant get any more simple than that bitch. And no! I don't need a fucking collectors stamp guide or book or other shit. The way this
Hey you fucking hipsters! I see you fuckers with your burmuda shorts and black socks and trainers. And your signature style - a stupid dumb fuck hat from 1950! Yeah and geek glasses too.
What are you trying to prove? That you know how to eat shit like kale and buy a tiny house cost more money than a real house? Or just trying to prove that a college education had no real effect on common sense
These fuckers who spend 80K on a tiny house are not interested in the enviornmet but only showing off. Stupid fucking hipsters trying to be in style. Wait til you try to sell that garden shed on wheels bitch. You be lucky you get 80d for it. Why put the house on wheels? So you can get to the nearest supply of fresh kale?
Dumb asses. Spend that kind of money for a piece of shit cheese box on wh

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