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Ever go to a public library? Ever see those signs all over the place that say "Quiet Please". Or the ones that say "No cell phone use in the library." Ever notice how many fuckers just don't seem to know these signs are meant FOR THEM TOO?

I use the library here a lot. Its a really great library too. It has at least 40 public access computers and over 20 WIFI stations. They also have fre
OK, this may sound like I'm feeling all superior, but I don't stink. I keep myself clean and change my clothes every day, like most civilized people. But there are some people to whom cleanliness is an alien concept. In short - THEY STINK!!!
Now I'm not condemning coming home from a dirty job or living in places where there is no running water like in third world countries. No. It's the vol
While I was angry today I thought of some quote.
I thought I should make it into a poem.

When you cant smile
just rage for awhile
If you feel like bile
just rage for awhile
if your life's a shit pile
just rage for awhile
If your going through some trials
just rage for awhile
if you don't like whos on the dial
just rage for awhile
If your rage meter's up a mile
JustRage for
First of all i loved my mother! But this was waaay before dad died. Ofc after ur dad dies.. Everyone in the family changes drastically...ofc me and my 2 older brothers too changed! My mom too.. But the way she changed... Is that she simply became a hypocritical... Pity flattery seeking...criticizing.. Bitchy monster!!! Everything she did and does MUST be praised at all costs!! She criticize me no
WTF is up with all these TV shows about Alaska these days? I mean who the fuck cares what goes on in Alaska? And all the drama associated with each one of these shows could actually take place anywhere. So what's the big deal about Alaska?
They have over 60 TV shows about Alaska currently. Over fucking 60 shows!!! WTF? That's enough shows that every single person in Alaska should be appea
Finish any yummie foods off before reading on....
I have met/known many people who don't check the status of a toilet after flushing. Maybe it needs another flush, and most likely needs a quick scrub afterwards?. When your in someone elses house, it should be auto matic to clean up any mess you left behind. and WASH YOUR HANDS. If you did not shit/piss on them then "great job", you possess
The entire idea of voting sucks. So nazis can pick a nazi president? Interesting. And people that hate Mexico can pick a guy who wants to build a big ass wall by the border? (actually, I like that idea, but you get where I'm going) And women can vote for a feminist?

I know there is really no other way than voting, but I mean come on, find something better. Like whenever primaries are won and w
Fuck Windows 10!!! For that matter, fuck every version after Windows 7. The so-called short cuts are anything but. The lousy shit OS makes you jump through fucking hoops just to do simple shit.
Worst of all, I hate these endless reminders that I have only a short time to get Windows 10 for free. Like as if I give a shit. The change from Windows XP - which I was perfectly satisfied with and t
Hey guys im back with another fucking story. For like the past week or two iv been way more happy than iv been for a long time because I finally bought another console to replace the one my dad destroyed. I told all my friends and been so hyped to save up to buy more games. But of course my fucking hard ass of a father is back at it again with the bullshit. Today I had no homework to do so I thou
My mother is a shitty person, I absolutely loathe her. She talks so much shit, she needs her jaw wired shut. As the title says. We don't se each other much anymore, but the times we do it pisses me off.

She also seems to have W e E d growing in her yard, acting like a tarp over an overhang hides it good enough. I fucking hate her. She had a fight with my dad over a chair. A. FUCKING. CHAIR. Of
I was more angry when i got home, but have calmed down a bit now, (thnx JR) and good to see the increased activity! (even headon!).
So i had a job interview today, and arrived 20 mins early to show punctuality. I quickly learn that another person applying for the position is related to an existing staff member, and in turn, to be interviewed after me. (despite statistics, its cool, i am confiden
well as you fellow justragers know I posted a rage recently entitled: "people's shitty actions" ...or some shit like that anyway.
within that rage I only deemed one person to be an overall shitty person. whereas I was just Annoyed at my friend and my boyfriend.
well nah... unfortunately one of those people is now in my eyes just acting like an overall nasty bastard, who I'd rather not spend t

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