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Any lengthy NFL fan could easily have stopped following the game years ago, due to many reasons.
The grooming of a softer sport is a big one, as the changes allowed shallow routes among everything else to dominate the game. That soft nosed shit changed the playbooks, the strategy, the players, and ofcoarse the results. rrr.
The attempts to wave goodbye to kickoffs (returns) is another thing pis
Minor issue to be ranting about. But I AM FUCKING SICK OF THE DICKHEADS AT THE GYM who take dumbbells out and then leave them lying on the fucking floor after they're done.

Hey asshole, youre not the only one using the fucking gym. Whenever it's my time to lift, i see that the rack is empty in spite of there being like only 3 or 4 others. So where? Thats right, the fucking dumbbells, bars and
My landlord pissed me off a while back with his negligence. As long as i'm paying rent then there's no problem ay. Wanker.
Last night - the electrics let go completely, so i search for the problem. I find all fuses ok, but when i switch the electric water heater off (located and labelled in the fuse box) then power is restored except for one wall socket,, so i left it that way temporarily while
Ok so I went to a pretty big creek with my friends family. We had to go pretty far out in the country part of Georgia. All I saw was white people all over the place and confederate flags. I dont mind too much ok thats their "culture" they can hold on to that. But after we were done at the creek we decided to stop at a Bojangles. When we went up to the cashier she had such a scared look on her fac
I have so many memories of being picked on by sadistically mean black girls at school when I was in middle school who ruined my social life that to this day I avoid black girls like other people avoid cockroaches.
'Mangled's Rager of the Week'
Last event was brought to you by KPissed, and won undoubtedly by Bungledinthejungle with the frustrations of his health care system. (glad she's all good bungled,, here i must pay a minimum fee for seeing a doctor then a month later m e d i c a r e reinburse my funds. This is better, but still fucked if you don't have the minimum fee upfront). Money money money, ay.
Yesterday, a car parked next to my shed. (description / details aside). 2 men proceeded into my shed within a minute. (their description / details also aside,, however,, they and the car appear poverty stricken).
I made plenty of noise on my way out ther, banging doors, but they are surprised to see me at the shed entrance / exit.. "are yooz right there" i asked?... One of them puts some old mot
Watched the live news this weekend about the cops being shot in Louisiana. All I can say is "When Will It End???"
When will people stop shooting the cops and when will the cops stop shooting people? For fuck sake, the cops are supposed to PROTECT and SERVE the people and UPHOLD the law, not take it into their own hands commando style and shoot anyone that looks "suspicious" to them.
And the p
Just thought to ask one and all, what pissed you off the most this week?
Please include anything you've experienced or watched on TV or seen on the net. Anything.
Just want to know if there is anyone else out there steaming with rage over all the current bullshit in the world, around the block or even in your own home.
So blast off Just Ragers, and fan the flames of your rage.
KPissed - Who
Just when I think they can't possibly lower the standards for public employees to any state below where they already are, I am stunned to see I am wrong. That there is a lower level yet.

Went to the library the other day. Got a call they had a book that I requested from another library. So I go up to the front desk where a new woman - a Paki - is standing ready to perform this simple check-
They need a separate line in the store for people with food stamps.
We used to go grocery shopping any time but few weeks ago I made the mistake of going on the day the welfare bitches get their food stamp card reload. The fucking line was out the dame door.
Had to wait behind them forever. Then notice that they have a cart full of goodies. Expensive kid cereals I have to think twice before spe

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