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It had been several months since the Monarch had stiffed the illegals and there had been no retribution so once again arrogance ruled in the Royal HOUSE of Blues.

As our fearless leader went about the day's business, he noticed 5 bullet holes in the windshield of the ever patient Soulmobile. Funny, yesterday there had only been 3. Damn kids these days and their guns,
Part II:
As King Soul inspected and marveled over the now refurbished for her pleasure ROYAL House of Blues, he remembered he had not yet gone for beer and gotten cash back to pay the illegal and his son who were waiting patiently by the hand carved recreation of the statue of David they had only minutes ago finished.
Feeling embarrassed, the King quietly called ICE, and as the man and his s
I heared an odd noise in my wall the other day, about 05.30 AM,, and peered out the window to see wtf was going on.
It was a field worker charging his 'p h o n e' from an external wall socket. He had no idea that i was standing there watching him, so i flicked the light on and said "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"
The man answered "oh, uhm,, you've got power aye?"...
(I should've said something clever,
I am coming for you Decay. I want to show you my grandfather in me. I want to step into a boxing ring with you and smash your fucking lights out (after all bets are placed of course)

I am going to teach you all about murder in an boxing ring like my grandfather (a machine gunner in WW2) -- did in the 1930s.

A couple just becomes strangers and the relationship is broken completely. The story of Mickey & Mimi has been developed with the tune of this innocent saga.
yavol ragerz!... Quickly i'd like to say cheers to our devoted spam warrior here, and thank the tireless efforts in preserving our hate.(lol).
Righto, now i'd like to tell y'all a tall tale of enlightenment and undisgruntled peace over the last 2months,, but i don't have one.
- FUCK TELSTRA - Still charging me incorrectly, then sending me apology's for it "woops sorry mangled, we have reimburse
I have been on this website for four years now... I remember registering my first moniker here on March 3, 2013. I had been reading rages here for some time before registering.

Although JustRage after 2012 has been a shadow of its former self and I showed up practically after all the funny moments were over, I have thoroughly enjoyed a good deal of the time I spent posting on or reading this s
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Any lengthy NFL fan could easily have stopped following the game years ago, due to many reasons.
The grooming of a softer sport is a big one, as the changes allowed shallow routes among everything else to dominate the game. That soft nosed shit changed the playbooks, the strategy, the players, and ofcoarse the results. rrr.
The attempts to wave goodbye to kickoffs (returns) is another thing pis
Minor issue to be ranting about. But I AM FUCKING SICK OF THE DICKHEADS AT THE GYM who take dumbbells out and then leave them lying on the fucking floor after they're done.

Hey asshole, youre not the only one using the fucking gym. Whenever it's my time to lift, i see that the rack is empty in spite of there being like only 3 or 4 others. So where? Thats right, the fucking dumbbells, bars and
My landlord pissed me off a while back with his negligence. As long as i'm paying rent then there's no problem ay. Wanker.
Last night - the electrics let go completely, so i search for the problem. I find all fuses ok, but when i switch the electric water heater off (located and labelled in the fuse box) then power is restored except for one wall socket,, so i left it that way temporarily while
Ok so I went to a pretty big creek with my friends family. We had to go pretty far out in the country part of Georgia. All I saw was white people all over the place and confederate flags. I dont mind too much ok thats their "culture" they can hold on to that. But after we were done at the creek we decided to stop at a Bojangles. When we went up to the cashier she had such a scared look on her fac

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