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So I go into a fast food place. The one that starts with a "B". And I order three things. All off their pick a number menu. No great challenge to the staff for me to "have it my way". Just a plain simple number 3, number 4 and number 8.

Problem was I asked for salt.

And pepper.

The dumb ass who took my order - which was to go - left the salt and pepper out of the bag. I always chec
I was more angry when i got home, but have calmed down a bit now, (thnx JR) and good to see the increased activity! (even headon!).
So i had a job interview today, and arrived 20 mins early to show punctuality. I quickly learn that another person applying for the position is related to an existing staff member, and in turn, to be interviewed after me. (despite statistics, its cool, i am confiden
My fucking boss thinks its funny to call me late, when he knows how big of a traffic pileup there is! I work in construction. Pouring concrete for a sidewalk. Some people think that just because they forgot to put on their fake-ass makeup in the morning, they get to do it in the middle of the road. Fuckwit!!! That's the third time my fucking boss has bitched about something so insignificant. Fuck
Title says it all really.

I am sick and so fucking raging. Cannot sleep I'm that annoyed. Really really hope I win this fucking rat race sooner than later cos Im about ready to pack up and become a professional fucking surfer or some shit. Lol. Aye I'll eat nothing but coconuts and fish no probs...

Raging. Can't go in to detail I'm that rsging. But fuck it
So a girl from one of our branch offices was coming to town this week. She says, hey, let's try and get together while I'm there.

I say, ok, great. I'll have my wife and kids come into the city on Friday and we'll go out for an early dinner.

I reconfirm on Wednesday and tell her we're all set for 6. My wife makes a reservation at the French restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel, which has a
Ok, so 2 months ago I tore my ACL pretty badly (not work related). I also got a hairline fracture of the femur and bruised the femur and tibia along with other various tears in the bargain. I work in a small restaurant with several women and girls. Now that I'm hobbling around with a leg brace and cane it seems like I'm doing even more running back and forth than ever. I know some of it is my own
ahhh you know what, I stopped coming on to this site a while ago for several reasons
1. the spamming annoying assholes
2. I regretted a few things I wrote//bullshit/things I expressed on the site after too many vodkas that was perhaps a tad un-PC. But hey, gave me a laugh at the time and hopefully the rest of you too...if not too bad, fuck you, I'm not a performer.

But you know what? I've
I'm so sick of not being hired by these motherfuckers. What the fuck does it take to answer the phone or stock shelves? So sick of this bullshit country with its illegal immigrants and shit system.
fired from my job for standing up for myself and my coworkers. coworkers stood by like dumbfucks.
My first fucking rage!!!!

First of all I got finished from my fucking job in Feb because the shitty wank-assed company lost fuking money for the year ending (Like thats my god dammed fucking problem) they should employ staff who can do there jobs correctly. So I tryed looking for a new job but guess what? There Fucking Is'Nt Any!!! This Fucking Country Sucks Dick (Uk)!!! Then I have to claim f
Fuck my customers!! Spoliled rich bitches your luckly i need you rbusiness unless i would bust the window out your fucking car!!! Fuck credit report companies! Fuck Comcast cable chraging me $300 for 1 month bitch u crazy!!!!! I have been working my
I don't know if to post your rage my rage in here. Is it worth it. I just want to say how inferior and disgusting someone like you is. piece of nothing piece of little something shit. must be the shit of anything important.just want to say you ar

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