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God damn, since people started mining ethereum, zcoin or whatever cryptocoin the cool kids use now, the graphics card market has gone down the drain. GPUs with an MSRP of 399$ cost about 480-500€ here, the GTX1060 6GB is basically a non-existent card and if it does exist, it costs 350€ which is an absolutely bad price. The GTX1060 3GB is an abortion of a card and never should have been released.
Nowadays you can't get through any download website without being clobbered down by spam adverts that pop up in your face or clickbait websites that open on their own.

Seriously, WTF? Not only it is disruptive and annoying, it is utterly pointless even from the view of the douchebag who makes them. Is the proprietor of whatever shit's being advertized going to benefit from this? Who the fuck g
I don't know if the Decay guy is still around, does he actively participate here. Justrage is simply fucked up in smartphones. Every time you open a page you get a javascript pop-up which reads something to the effect of "Drop-down isn't a function"
One can still live with that after dismissing the pop-up but this bug won't let users login or register: after you've entered your username, the pag
So I upgraded to Windows 10 last month. This so-called upgrade did a lot of shit to my laptop that I basically do not consider an upgrade because an upgrade is supposed to improve your computer experience and Windows 10 didn't really do this.

But the most shitty part of this "upgrade" was how Windows 10 automatically installed Windows Edge as my browser, instead of Windows Explorer, which I h
I'm back, and I was not posting because my Fucking internet service providers! Fuck, I was throttled.... AFTER 1 FUCKING GIGABYTE!!!!!!!! And they couldn't except my payment at the time.... strange, because you favor V isa cards on your site. Weird guess I was blind when I subscribed to your service! Speaking of them, they've pissed me off many other times.

First, they cut really slow one mo
I thought batterys, and their housings, would just get smaller and smaller as i got older. But technology has gone a different way, and just packed more and more juice into the various (D, AAA, etc) existing sizes. You've seen the commercials,, super extra heavy duty double ultra charge... OR HAVE THEY?... If i had an un-opened pack from the past and compared them to a pack from the shop now... I
Fuck Windows 10!!! For that matter, fuck every version after Windows 7. The so-called short cuts are anything but. The lousy shit OS makes you jump through fucking hoops just to do simple shit.
Worst of all, I hate these endless reminders that I have only a short time to get Windows 10 for free. Like as if I give a shit. The change from Windows XP - which I was perfectly satisfied with and t
Maybe i'm outta line, but thats why i'm here!...So,, A ph# tracking site (no names needed) dedicated to provide us with details+info on a particular ph#, that has pierced us off with prankish like/automated calls at any given time. The title states...-
"Read the comments below to find out exactly who called you".
I quickly learn that there is NO info whatsoever, and NO comments at all (as the t
Fucking Yahoo is getting rid of its games! So as of now, there are no more games - including games we paid for - on Yahoo at all.
I'm not a big time gamer and don't keep track of my scores or anything like that. But I did enjoy kicking back with some mindless entertainment puzzles. Or when I had a family duty call I'd play a few jigsaw puzzles while letting the person at the other end go on an
So when I went to a store I found a game. It was named top gun. I loved the movie so I bought it. It also costed 50 Dollars! But I thought it would definitely be fun. On the way home i just realized I had bought
Wow. I thought IGN said this game was amazing. Well farcry4 is very fucking dumb. Heres a list of its bullshit.

1. Enemies are programed with pussy fight mechanics; they run up to you and knock you down. (sometimes from 6 feet away!!)

2. Because every animal is over fucking powered.

3. Sliding of a hill a 5 y/o could climb.

4. When enemies throw smoke bombs, isn't it pure fucking
and fuck you developer because fuck you and fuck you more.

God i feel much better now

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