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Well everyone (and anyone), I'm back.
And I see nothing changed. Kind of a relief really. I mean after having a stoke and all.
See ya round. Y'all come back now.

KPissed - Gone (nearly), but not forgotten (I think).
Hi Everyone.
Seems Just Rage was down for a few days. Don't know why. Now it appears to be back up and ok.
Hope no one had a burning desire to post anything and couldn't. If that pisses you off, well, you know what to do. SO GET TO IT!!!
KPissed - Not responsible for JR downtime, but grateful its back up.
Hey Decay
Just wanted to let you know that there are still a few problems with the Messages and Groups features on the site.
Messages don't come up when searched for. In fact, I can't seem to send one either. Maybe its just me.
In the Groups feature, I cant' seem to post anything new.
These issues are not new, but I have only just remembered them. I don't use these features much, but I not
It was a Dark and Stormy night in the ROYAL House of recently remodeled Blues, and for once I'm not kidding.
The remnants of a second Hurricane is as many weeks was barreling once more towards He who dwells in Flood Plain, and it was dark early already and rainy, confusing the Monarch's fragile mind because didn't he...he did, didn't he...move away from the septic system known as the East Coast
I have a couple of important updates I wanted to make sure users know about.

First if you cannot login or post or are having some type of account issues EMAIL ME at

1) Over the next few weeks I will be more aggressively dealing with spammers, more so then I have the last few weeks. This means if you suddenly cannot login or post your account or IP may be blocked. If th
Ok, so I've waited until I was able to get all the previous rages that were lost way back when added back to the site before posting a site update post. And after reading/ manually adding almost 1100 fucking hundred posts by hand I'm finally ready to start getting the site back to at least a half ass fucking state once again.

To start the main focus over the next week or two will be handling
Hello everyone ! So glad to see Jr back up and running ! Looks like all the fun is about to begin once more. I like ths place and all the past member will be a pleasure to talk to once again! Maybe the pathetic fight over Admins wil resurface. Wont
1. Will anons be allowed back onto the site?

2. Will you be taking an active roll in the site this time?

3. Will trolls be tolerated to the extent they were before?

4. Are you looking for mods?
More updates for those that are interested.

Comments are now working. Because I haven't yet been able to import the old stories/update the database there were some records missing so the comments were failing. So these should now be working.

Old (2 year old) users are ready to be imported. Now working on older stories and comments. These will hopefully not take longer then tonight.

Anonymous posting hasn't been enabled yet. I'm still debating on even doing anonymous posting any longer and instead requiring people to register accounts. Account creation would be minimal, Literally username/password and an email address if you ever want to retrieve a password. I may also set the registration up so people can generate random usernames for 1 time posting. This would take care of the anonymous posting issue and make it easier to manage spam.

So hopefully by tomorrow all the very old site shit will be re-added and if I have time I'll start manually re-adding old posts too
Wow, can't believe it's been 3 weeks all ready since Justrage went down.

Well I'm sure some of you are wondering what happened. To make a long story short Justrage was hit with a full server failure. The entire server apparently totally died, causing both the main drive, and the backup drive to fully fail. And to top it off the backup service had never made a remote backup of the drive causing all the data, files and everything to be lost.

And naturally to top it off the half dozen backups I had on my home server, development machine and raided Nas device were all corrupted or destroyed by system failure. Yeah, every fucking backup has been destroyed, even a Cd rom copy I had made a year ago while moving was some how fucking damaged.

So I will be manually adding rages from 2002 - 2010 from a copy I have from 2010. I will then be manually adding rages people have posted from 2010 to the current date from the wayback machine (copy / pasting).

Continue reading for more.

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