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Wow! It's surely been quite a while. Now I know you're probably laughing at me -- WWE? I also feel kinda silly ranting about pro wrestling. But hey, I grew up watching this and I hate what it's become.

Pro wrestling was red hot in the 70s & the 80s when people thought it was real. In the 90s the adults started realizing that it was scripted but it was very entertaining all the same. But in the
The people in charge of TV programming think we are all a bunch of stupid fucking assholes. They think we are easily manipulated into doing or watching whatever shit they put on. And here's the proof.

One show I watch is The Walking Dead. It's a pretty good show. So good that it has several huge web sites and net pages devoted to it. And there is also a one hour long show AFTER the Walkin
'Uh oh, mangleds been trying to watch tv again'...
It's not often nowdays, maybe once a week, due to the onset of frustration and disgust after flicking on the box. But i'll keep these ramblings to once a month so i don't piss people off. (who are probably already pissed off about more important shit).
-Amy's insurants adds- These are always so crap. They make money by fortunate people having n
WTF is up with all these TV shows about Alaska these days? I mean who the fuck cares what goes on in Alaska? And all the drama associated with each one of these shows could actually take place anywhere. So what's the big deal about Alaska?
They have over 60 TV shows about Alaska currently. Over fucking 60 shows!!! WTF? That's enough shows that every single person in Alaska should be appea
OK. I thought I had seen the worst movies of all times. Even had my very own personal top ten worst list. But yesterday, I had to change my list to include the worst movie ever made - 1313: Bigfoot Island.
Although it is hard to imagine any movies being worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space, Santa Clause vs. The Martians, and The Conqueror (starring John Wayne as Genghis Kahn, this movie is just
Wow, after seeing the released trailer it is pretty obvious the new movie is going to be a large steaming multi-million dollar pile of horse shit.

And of course because it's an all woman cast this instantly means any negative response to the movie makes you a sexist.

Well if disliking a shitty storyline with awful acting and unfunny cringe worthy jokes makes me sexist then I'm fine with th
Just have to say it. Don't give a shit who thinks what about it either, so here goes -

I Fucking Hate Carl's Fucking Hat!!!

Seriously. In a zombie apocalypse, who the hell wears a dumb-ass hat like that? Even on the Walking Dead. So do the producers think no one will recognize Carl without that stupid hat? Seriously!

KPissed - Who always hated Carl's hat, but held it all inside unti
Every time I have to check my Comcast On-Demand channel, this question comes to mind - where do all the assholes that announce their programs come from? I mean, do they have some "talent" agency that deals strictly in assholes? Or are all the dumb shits and dim wits they've got out there, encouraging everyone to stop having a real life and concentrate on what's really important - watching Comca
Music is a wonderful thing, it can convey a multitude of emotions to whoever is listening. Beautiful. Now for the rant. I turn on the radio any fucking time and what i do i hear?
-i like sex (indirect words with some junk bgm)
-i like money/drugs/alcohol (indirect words with some junk bgm and some dude chaining related or unrelated words together in rapid succession)
-overrated "we'll always b
Caitlyn Jenner should be congratulated on her rebirth as a woman. She also needs to be told how meaningless her remarks are for all the people she said she wanted to encourage to do the same thing. While she was rich enough to afford top-of-the-line surgeons, not to mention breast and other enhancing surgery, most people who want sex-change operations are not so well off to afford her enhanceme
Fucking great...another Kardashion/ Jenner show coming, "Sex With Brody"..... Enough...omg!!!! I wish I could track down the members of whatever section of each of these networks that makes the final decision of what they THINK Americans want to see.....I would check to see if they are brain dead or what?!
It is getting to the point that if I even SEE a photo of of one of those plastic, shallow
Just watched the CNN series "The Sixties". Great shows. Really full of information and many memories. So what's my gripe? The fucking banner ads they showed during the programs! Once again this is a case of the network filling up more than a quarter of the screen with ads for their upcoming programs. Never crossed their collective minds that I might want to watch THIS fucking program while its on

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