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The fucking school busses that get in my fucking way to work (or any place for that matter), please run off into a ditch and explode. Seriously, you are simply IN THE WAY. These tard vans have their multiple stops to pick up or drop off kids, and take their precious fucking time doing it! And why the fuck can't I just pass you? That tiny ass stopsign on your side wouldn't stop me if it was legal
I get road rage when getting stuck behind really slow drivers it like I''m shouting out my window at some old lady driving to her destination all I could say "GOD DAMMIT you're DYING you'll die before you get there!!!" and some nincompoop who actually put his turn signal to cut me off to slow down with his finger jam in his nose like he's a FUCKING moron digging for gold like he can't control his
I'm back from nearly a week of looking after my mum,, she's ok,, but getting older like everyone else and stretching my patience very thin at times. So i went to put fuel in her car and check the tyre pressures, not only to help out, but to get away for a half hour and unwind. Shouting some cuss words and frustrations aloud on my way there while i have 2seconds to myself, ya know,, a happy chap!.
Surely its not just me, and im not the only one living in a remote area with mountain'esk' winding roads. You can get 2 semi's past each other here, no probs, anywhere at all without even slowing down. (2 lanes). So what the fuck is going on when i have avoided a head on collision 3 times this year? Fkn hillbillies.... I just saved your whole familys life, yep, all 16 of you crammed in a 2-door,
Nothing pisses me off more when you're going the speed limit and the fuck stick behind you wants to blow their horn trying to get you to speed up just cause they're late to wherever the shit they were going. You're supposed to take the left lane or pass if you're trying to go faster asshole, learn the rules of the goddamn road before you try to force someone else to break the law
Some people who can't walk too far need a handicapped parking permit. This enables them to park in a handicapped parking space in a mall, movie theater, hospital, etc. Great idea to help these people right. Yes and no. It depends on the designers of the parking areas.
The way people get a handicapped parking permit is by not being able to walk more than 100 or 200 feet without assistance. S
Every time..EVERY FUCKING TIME..California is the worst place to drive, although it may seem like I am reacting it bit too harshly, I am not. People are driving like they are toddlers! The other day, I was riding my motor bike with a friend, and I almost get ran over by a person who looked like a prepubescent little girl! Whenever I seem to confront people over their stupid driving, they always s
I was driving on the national road to the place i study after holiday... I FUCKING HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH WHEN FUCKERS THROW CHIGGARETS OUT OF THE FUCKING WINDOW.!!!!! I MEAN DONT YOU FUCKER HAVE AN ASH TRAY INSIDE YOUR CAR YOU FUCKIN MORRON??? AND THEN AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHT i tell him to put the window down, and say politely: Sir, don't you have an ash tray inside your car? And he says with
Is it too much to ask that people who enjoy the priviledge of a handicapped parking permit to show a little appreciation for that priviledge? Is it too much to ask that these people who need to park in the handicapped space recognize that there are others who have the same need? Why do these people leave their empty shopping carts in the empty handicapped space next to them, instead of just leavi
I was coming home from work, a good day, but a hard day, A real man's kind of day, that kind of day on which America was built because of men like me and our attitude of Can do and by God, will do.
You know?

Yeah, you know.

Anyhoo, I was cruising home, decided to get some Ice Cream, so whipped by the store and got 2 half gallons, NP, in and out in 5 minutes.

Was once again on the way ho
Yesterday night, it snowed here. So this morning, most people were out a little earlier than their usual time in order to clean the snow and, more importantly, the ice off their cars.

Once I got on the road, however, I realized what I had forgotten from last year which is a few very simple mathematical equations as follows . . .

70% humidity + 25 degree tempera

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