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So I have class daily, I also live on campus, this is not a normal uni it is family base.
Well I leave my laptop cord in my classroom each night as it's just one of those things that are to much to carry around. Well some work has been happening in my classroom and things have been moved...and gone is my cord! Like ok let's get in contact with the workers have they seen it.....well yes they hav
Happy Diwali Greetings Wishes 2016,. on the festival of Happy Diwali Greetings Wishes are may your life, shine with Silver and Gold. Wish you a very Happy Diwali..
After all this can there still be this much ignorance! I am in SHOCK, that NBC news would report this like they did.mi am so fucking angry I ca not see straight..

I guess you will have to copy this link and paste it. Just Rage does not auto link?
A Muslim walks into a Bar.
~Wait for it~
No one survives the explosion!

~Submitted at the request of WHITE POWER KARL during one of our conjugal visits in the ROYAL House of don't ask, just get me a pillow to sit on Blues~
True story. I was there.

~True story because he's that old and Jesus was that much of a Pussy in the still doomed to Hell Royal House of Blues~
What the hell makes these self-important, "religious" leader fuck nuts think the sun rises and sets on their egotistical asses? What gives them the right to park in the no parking and handicap spaces just because they are running late? And what makes them think we are all waiting with baited breath for them to arrive and its such a great privilege to hear then speak? Best of all, these fucker
Had a little religious ceremony in the back yard the other day. A small memorial rite for a departed friend. Solemn and bittersweet. All should have gone as planned, but no. First thing I realized was out of place were the police officers who I know were not invited. They said they were "Responding to the concerns of a neighbor." I know this "neighbor". She is a Catholic freak fanatic. Her house
Jesus takes the Wheel (as often requested) and is subsequently arrested for Carjacking.

ZEN Master takes Wheel and is arrested for DUI.

Which Deity face less in fines or jail time?

Rough night at Opium Den.

Now FOCUS!!!!!

I go there and try to find God. I come home still wanting to die. Wtf do I need to do? I HATE when it's time to "shake hands" and "greet one another". I stand up looking dumb and waiting for people to greet me... I want to fucking hide. Why can't they do away with that embarassing part? Nobody wants to fucking say hello to me. Then when it's over we go
I'm just putting this rage up, because...I've had kind of a crap day...and I don't feel fucking bad about any of this shit. I'm talking to an atheist the other day, face to face, and I knew it was gonna turn into a shitfest, because he's got his fucking opinions, and he started on me, trying to change my mind and say I'm the bastard.

So I say, make me an atheist, go right ahead, and he trie
I am very depressed. Like SUICIDAL right now. I just entered my prayer request and marked it urgent. I clicked "enter" and it said I must donate at least $9.00 for my prayer to be answered. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! google it> This is the biggest joke I have ever seen on the internet. I guess the jokes on me...

I have a question for you sir: Are you fucking blind? Did you fail to see the sign out front that reads "No Soliciting"? You assholes keep coming here over and over again after we have told you repeatedly to stay the fuck off our lawn. You come to the door and try to hook me with some stupid sales pitch about the economy and the mortgages and then you proceed to whip out a holy bible and te

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