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How is it that no one can manage to just say what they have to say without first changing every word around so their statements are "politically correct"? What the hell does it mean to be politically correct anyway? It means using a dazzling array of bullshit and fancy phraseology to soften or hide the actual meaning of what you're trying to say. Why do this? So you won't offend anyone so muc
Today was australia day, the day brittish sailors first stepped onto this land (1788 or some shit).
Some indegenous people may refer to this as 'invasion' day... but this political movement towards changing our nations day pissed me off today. If we celebrate being australian on a different day, then that makes coming here and taking indigenous land all hunky dory then?. Wak.
So we came here, s
just got letter from irs telling me they gonna rob me of 695 dollars 4 Obama care I cant afford the over 500 dollars a month 4 it so they can legally steal from me on my tax check I use to catch up bills and help my disabled mom who I care 4 and gf is also disabled at least give me 695 dollars of health care then ive not seen doctor or been 2 hospital in over 20yrs and pay my unrealistic share of
Political correctness is nothing but patronizing, hypocritical control freaks telling us what is and isnt ok to say. I am very much opposed to racism, antisemitism, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny but treating these groups like delicate flowers and coddling them like babes in arms is vomit inducing.

What happened to freedom of speech? How do these assholes get to resort to double standards
So you didnt want him to. You hated his fucking guts. You had every establishment media house assuring you that he had no chance and yet he won fair and square. That's democracy. Now put up with it and shut the fuck up.

How good will Trump's presidency be for the US is not the scope of this post. The so called liberals behaving like total goons and crybabies is.

I notice some of you are act
Gun control does not equal crime control.

The people who want to ban all legal guns have their heads up their asses! Newsflash folks! If you make gun ownership illegal, only criminals will have them and here's why -

Every tragic shooting - the Sandy Hook School in Connecticut, the movie theater in Colorado, etc. - was the result of someone having an ILLEGAL
OK. So its no surprise how news reporters are often biased in favor of some pet issue or political candidate. Here in New Jersey, the press is definitely anti-Republican. No big deal though, as everyone knows this who lives around here.
The press is often slanted on certain issues too. Mostly the slant is toward anything that pushes their station ratings or readership up. No surprise there ei
Got my Election Ballot in the mail a few days ago. This is the wonderful method by which the local Board of Elections tell us who is running for what from which party etc., etc., etc.
All this is ok but there is one part of these ballots that really gets me pissed off. That is the Public Questions part of it. These Public Questions are written in such a complex variety of political legalese t
(roughly 9hrs ago) - The state of 'South Australia' lost all power.
Thats 380,000miles2,, and 1.7million folks.
Maybe i should leave house electrics to qualified professionals?,, lol,, yeh nah not my fault...
A large and hungry storm ravages this state and is expected to continue for a few days. My house should see winds of 140kph soon, and the brunt of flooding also here / thereabouts.
G'day ragerz... I wanted to give my two bobs worth under comments of a recent post by KPissed, titled 'English Please',, but comment length and the fact that i babble off track has me here,, rambling on. (great post by KP by the way).
I was once a warehouse assistant for an italian boss and his father. Neither of them could speak english, a handful of words yes,, but i had to learn some basic it
I live in the United States of America. Our language is English. When most immigrants come here to make a new life, they learn the language of the land. English. They do this for better opportunities for work, education and just basic communication. This makes sense, because most of the people in the USA speak English (or almost). If you're coming for a visit, then there is no need to learn
Nobody want's to jive to this tune at the moment, that's cool. I was going to bust a move over on KP's dance floor, (titled - 'When Will it End'), but comment length is bound to be a factor, and KP's been exposed to my sloppy dance moves to this tune before,, So... Guns and Law...
How's about a fee for bearing arms which is reflective to one's status in the eyes of the law?. Someone who is clean

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