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(i'll) act just like oil,
(in a) nest made of straw,,
(while) tacky i'll foil your plans... rest assured.

(each) floor elevated,
(ele)vating each flaw,,
(your) story / your travels / your score door to door.

(i'll) watch you unravel,
(and es)cape from such clutches,,
(then) laugh when the cost of your fate gets corrupted.

(a) pale white face,
(in a) maze of amasement,,
(be)gins t
(She) Takes my call regarding a
mistake from her department,
refraining from debate i simply stated how it started...
"A letter sent my way explains that yesterday you'd call me?,
the phone call never came ofcoarse and has me here thismorning".

- "No no sir, we don't do that,
your non attendance stands".

Without an adress down? (i ask),
the factor in her hands... rrrrrrr!.
...Check y
To some point, i would seek your approval. If it was cool then you had it?. No... If you had it, it was cool. If you did it, it was cool,, and not the other way around.
'So how many gold label double albums have you produced recently mangled?' (with a touch of sarcasm).
I am not a passionate musician for money,, Even my band members are not angry when performing angry music, they do not feel lo
Oh family oh family. Why r u such a bitch?
I just want to fucking burry u in a ditch!
Trying to figure out what it is yall want, like a treasure hunt. U make me want to smoke 100 blunts! Eveyday u guys put me through depression, makes me want to ask u a question. U ruined me pricks. Why r u such dicks? (I'd aprecciate it if you'd follow me on instagram..i suck at it. dont follow ur
Note... I have been posting a bit more frequently lately, so i might just rake hay while the sun shines, (or some shit). I know how it is,, if i don't like what someone else has to say then too bad, (and vice versa). This 'can' happen from time to time at JR, and if that doesn't sound like your particular brand of herbal tea, then JR may not be your ideal beverage with breakfast, lunch, or dinner
(=) indicates a good breathing point...

(=) Take it easy bitch, this sleazing is bull shit, your reasons are fake, just leave with ya closet, if i'm not mistaken thats all that you brought before taking the makings that my life fights fought - for headaches, n the sake of lessons being taught, to blessed mother fuckers who stress to cut others short, Another expression/as if im ignored/ (=) "g
While I was angry today I thought of some quote.
I thought I should make it into a poem.

When you cant smile
just rage for awhile
If you feel like bile
just rage for awhile
if your life's a shit pile
just rage for awhile
If your going through some trials
just rage for awhile
if you don't like whos on the dial
just rage for awhile
If your rage meter's up a mile
JustRage for
Dear agnus...
In the pathway described, by a half hearted soul,, he who laughs last watched madness unfold.
Wired with fury, resembling scars,, assembled in line-ups intending to march.
Stride over stride your cunning, you blend,, for darkness is coming, the start... of the end.

(c) mangledaftermath2015
The cry's for my mercy, compassion, and heart.
Oh why am i stuck in this crash-in the dark.
What needs to be done? (decieving to some), regardless/agreed, with information.
Trend the humane act to reason i guess, ending the pain, and believing thats best.
So run free now mousey, while hurt, you survived...
It's earth who bleeds badly,...all day...
...and each night.

I am so weary, why does it hurt me? Trudging down the hall, I sense Lucifer Stalking me. Every chance he earns, he without hesitant, possesses my soul so keen. The place where I keep my mourning, and the Cinemas of an Obnoxious Teen. Lord, I am so Weary. And IF I sleep, Please O God, Never ever wake me. For I am so Injured, Grieved, and so Weary... ~Lioni


pedophile 1119 days ago Pissed Poems
the blood i suck, You world is fucked.
3 year old cunts.
Full of puss and you still fuck...
Fuck the Comets
Fuck the Solar Fuckn Flares
Fuck the Politicians
Fuck the Kardashians
Fuck the Rich Fucks
Fuck the Poor Fucks
Fuck the Fucking Drunks
and Fuck the fucking Sluts
This Fucking Place Fucks the Fuck

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