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A scaregun is used by each of my three farming neighbours, emitting blasts to frighten birds away from their crops. For max effect, they use explosive cartridges,, and sync each device to discharge in succession.
Tonight i am fed the fuck up with these hillbilly kunts, and looked up what laws are in place...
7am (earliest start),, they all start at 5am.
8pm (latest finish),, they are all still
Is it too much to ask that people control their fucking cats? Guess so, because the numb-nuts bastards around here seem to think its ok to let their fucking cats run around 24/7/365, doing anything fucking cats do to annoy.

The neighbor's fucking cats - three to five so far - run around outside all day and all night. They shit on my front path. They leave dead birds on my lawn. If you're go
Got a neighbor next door. Regular sort of guy, and generally ok. He smokes but I figure that's his business and not mine, except when he puffs away for a couple of hours right under my living room window. I don't like that, but there's nothing I can do about it so . . .well.

Anyway this past winter my neighbor was out of work due to a back injury. While trying to collect disability (a nearly
So this local civic group I am a member of is having a drive to collect used clothing in good condition for the poor. I mean like homeless people type poor - not the entitled "poor" who get a check delivered to their rent-free all expenses included apt. every month.

Anyway, we all decided to visit local yard sales and try to buy their used clothing before the sale. We figured they would have
Hey you fucking hipsters! I see you fuckers with your burmuda shorts and black socks and trainers. And your signature style - a stupid dumb fuck hat from 1950! Yeah and geek glasses too.
What are you trying to prove? That you know how to eat shit like kale and buy a tiny house cost more money than a real house? Or just trying to prove that a college education had no real effect on common sense
These fuckers who spend 80K on a tiny house are not interested in the enviornmet but only showing off. Stupid fucking hipsters trying to be in style. Wait til you try to sell that garden shed on wheels bitch. You be lucky you get 80d for it. Why put the house on wheels? So you can get to the nearest supply of fresh kale?
Dumb asses. Spend that kind of money for a piece of shit cheese box on wh
OK, this may sound like I'm feeling all superior, but I don't stink. I keep myself clean and change my clothes every day, like most civilized people. But there are some people to whom cleanliness is an alien concept. In short - THEY STINK!!!
Now I'm not condemning coming home from a dirty job or living in places where there is no running water like in third world countries. No. It's the vol
You know how I said I would give a report on that "thing" on my previous rant? Well here you go. So I dug through all my fireworks in the basement, took me a while but then... JACKPOT! My firecrackers! So I waited til' night and I cracked open their "bulletproof window" and threw those poppers in. Ran back to my house quickly, turned off the lights, his and covered my ears. (guess I grabbed the l
In this town, (nation wide i think), each residence is permitted 1 recycling (yellow) bin, and 1 general (red) bin.
When i first moved here, i had no idea which day was trash collection day, so just put both bins out. (a 30 minute walk down my driveway). At sunrise the next morning, a disgruntled man just about bangs my door down knocking, and bluntly says..."Trash day is Thursdays", (it was sun
They're disturbing the peace, interrupting my T.V. time, being disrespectful, vandalism, and, they live 20 feet away. So let's get this straight. Dumbass neighbors keep bewitting me every way possible. Right now, they have their T.V. volume at 999, stomping around, and they think I won't make a scene! Oh yeah, still 20 feet away. No, no, 21 feet now because that loud music makes even my house mov
I like music and often play CDs at home. But I keep the volume to where it can only be heard in my house, not all over the neighborhood. So my gripe here is about people who play their fucking music TOO LOUD!!!
Of all the assholes that do this I think the worst are the ones who play ethnic music. This guy down the street blasts his Puerto Rican merengue music for hours on end. And it all so
Fuck all of you people, you suck, I fucking hate you, I fucking loathe you, and I hope a giant sinkhole opens up and swallows each of your houses in turn.

You are the LOUDEST, most inconsiderate, stupidest, most self-entitled douchebas butthole testers I have EVER encounterd in my entire life. I am 45 years old and once lived in a trailer park in East Texas and you fucking dickbags are at lea

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