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Why do we have to deal with females? Let's send them all to a different planet where they won't be able to destroy true humans (males). There will be no more worthless, stupid, ugly and evil subhumans to deal with. The world will be a better place to live in. There will be more food for all people and everyone will be happy. And then humanity will become great again.

PS: I would advocate for
One time I was working out and I hate it when they rudely interrupt me something I have a very low tolerance about when having my ear piece and focused with training. This happened so many times and I may sound like a fucking dick head but if my ear buds are in don't FUCKING bother me, it basically means THE FUCK tuning our from the world, and be in Miguel's world filled with the sound flow to m
Why do so many assholes hate the Jewish people? What have they ever done to anyone? All I see is that the Jewish people have been at the recieving end of violence for centuries. Those who have this pathological hatred for the Jews are similar to these dumb ass social justice warriors who screech about "white privilege" in one way: they're fucking deluded.

The anti-Semitic haters want to believ
Nobody likes queue jumpers, wait your turn mutha fukka's!
If given the option to be served, when i am aware that someone was waiting before me,, i will say "that person was before me"... (yes... even if i'm in a hurry!). I know it's frustrating, but what's worse?... QUEUE JUMPERS!!!- and every time this happens, the people waiting behind ME will then display signs of dissapointment toward my pro
Why does it seem like all the mods I run into on sites are just dumbasses? It's like they don't even fucking think. I got banned on a game chatsite that I was regular well-mannered Joe for the longest time and this mod and admin gave me piss about my background picture.

It makes no fucking sense, my background image was already well out of the way, it was dimmed to shit (so much that even I c
The people there suck! Smelly dirty, fucking black-blooded Indians! I'm for New York but I came here with my family for vacation, HUGE waste of money. You can't even walk down the street without everyone, (yes everyone) looking at you like you’re a freak, and laughing at you as you walk by!
Do NOT visit Ecuador especially Riobamba.
PLEASE spread the word!
I hate black girls. They are rude and meanspirited. They are like demons. If you show even the slightest bit of weakness or shyness they will gang up on you and abuse you like no tomorrow. You cannot be nice to them at all .They will spread horrible rumours about you. They arr all sociopaths who see kindness (or even not being a b-tch )as weakness. And they really hate shy people or even anybody
I can't stand my step mother at all. Whenever I go out to eat dinner with her and my dad, she treats me as i'm not there, we never talk to each other at home but the worst thing is that whenever i'm downstairs or in the washroom, she takes the advantage and snoops around my room. I just pretend that i never notice but i can't dare speak out because she is the one that usually cooks the dinners. S
Let slip how i hate perfection,
(it) gets in 'n' there ain't protection -
(i get a) faint detection in my head,
a fatal injection, (spreading like a) -
project infecting all objects around me,
i can't stall -/- or dodge what drowns me. - (yet i'm) -
out in a vast blue tragic ocean,
sipping last drips of a magic potion (to a)
notion bound by past commotion (hit the)
Hey guys man has it been awhile. I was on a trip to Ethiopia this whole time. And if there are two insects that are abundant in Africa they are mosquitoes and flies. Lets start with mosquitoes. Fuck these little shits there worse than flies cause these fuckers actually bite you and have you scratching yourself for awhile. And you could find them everywhere and for some reason they would teem in t
my mother is a bitch... i bet yall be like shes just another little girl mad about something... well no i am mature about this... well my mother is a completly bitch she took my ipod and my old phone away just because i wrote a note that said mean and bad stuff about her... she gave me my computer back but thats not what i want i want my ipod back... she doesnt let me bring friends home becaue of
I despise and abhor black females in general. They are rude heartless hateful bitchess who like to pick on the weak and anybody slightly different than them. They are ugly both inside and out. They are rude. Black females arent even human to me they are worthless soulless demons who prey on the weak and regard any sign of kindness as weakness.
When i was a little girl i had no friends bc i had m

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