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Geez theres alot of smart ass wank stains behind a desk these days... OK, theres more and more displaced attitude and personal agenda everywhere, which un-collars my dogs,, but especially these counter staff who dance outside their jurisdiction...
When i call the doctors office to book THE NEXT AVAILABLE appointment with my doctor, i don't need questions about which day and time suits me best.
Waiting for my always late doctor yesterday, always an hour behind,, and this dude sits in front of me just blasting some obnoxious game on his ipad.
'bergloop' 'bergloop', the repetetive annoying sounds being thrashed out louder than the peaceful classics playing through the office radio. I've had a headache for like 6 fucking months!.
He could have had problems (after all, it was a doctors),
If i am 2 fucks late on any type of payment, 'shibang', that'll be a late fee sonny jim!. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 bucks?. Whateva... Like it or lump it that's just how it is.
Why can't it work the other way around. When MY payment is sitting there just waiting to come out, on the correct date, at a correct time, and it doesn't happen... I'd like to slap a fat fuckin 'late fee' of my own to these cheeky
Can't believe some maniac shot up 50 - that's right 50 - people in a gay bar today in Orlando Florida. WTF is wrong with this fucking world and this fucking country? I thought the US Constitution says everyone has the right to happiness. Gay people are included in that equation. So does this mean the asshole who shot 50 people was exercising his right to "happiness"???
There has to be a limit
Some of them are good at what they do, reading people well or just playing the numbers game, and pitching the same every time,, whatever.
I was leaving the mall with my shopping today, and these fuckers have their portable stand set up by the exit as always. I avoid them well, usually, by pretending i'm deaf and not breaking stride as i walk past. So i'm all ready for the "excuse me sir", or gen
My landlord is a total coin purse.
I reside in private rental accommodation, meaning there is no agent, no agency, no middle man. This does have some upside because the owner (landlord) does'nt care so much about the usual inspection criterea, and generally it can be a bit cheaper in rent. The downside is that my landlord really has neglected so much of the responsibility for too long. If i don
whats that mr sunshine? is that a.... *pulls sunglasses back* GASP thats a big black shite cloud if i've ever seen one.

I know I sound like a whiney little emo kid right now when I say this but it is the truth, it's like calling a spade a spade. Everything is shite right now. Theres the truth. "mates" over bearing uni work.. over bearing bills for the house. no time to go out, no
What the fuck? Do any real people post here at all? Last year it was getting ruined by spambots... and the year before that there were real users here
Decay fix your retarded motherfucking pile of horse shit useless, worthless, cheap ass, cock sucking, donkey fucking, lazy eyed inbred Asian supported fuckstick email account so I might actually manage to have my motherfucking account recovered some day.

Example - Got the email portioned below back today

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to
Look at the "Newest" section of the site. What do you see? A fucking spambot shitting on this site via multiple accounts. Get rid of that shit man.

We are constantly bombarded with images of women being paraded like pieces of meat, as if their only purpose is to please men. Strip clubs, lads mags, and pornography degrade women and exploit them. No wonder there is a rape culture. Men are brought up thinking that women are just toys for them to play with.

When a man looks at a woman in Playboy, he is not thinking about her interests, he's
Mentally disabled people really get on my nerves. People are always bothering other about respecting them and treating them differently, but little do they know that they're being pretentious towards retardation. All it is is some random bullshit that'll let someone do whatever the hell they want. Why can't I do whatever the fuck I want? Because I'm not retarded, that's why. I bet this is all som

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