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Just when I think I can start a new year with less stress . . . BAMMMM!!!!! My bastard brother-in-law has to shove his problems in my face.
This sob is always talking about how he's completely independent and needs no one and asks nothing from anyone. Except whey he has a problem, and expects me to fix it for him.
This bastard used to live with us - a nightmare situation I finally put an end t
(this may be inappropriate, i just need to vent about some gritty mess).
My uncle's attitude has me owing him a good, solid, hard and sharp headbutt next time we cross paths. He won't be ready for it at all and it's going to hurt me just as much, but i don't care. For the sake of the family, i am avoiding ANY gathering for a while in the hope that i change my mind,, but deem it unlikely.
I am so fucking done. My birthday passed and I got a iphone 5SE and I loved it. I was happy and I talked to friends on it and did all this fun stuff until ... the beginning of this month. So I watched youtube not that much youtube but I watched it. My fucking stupid fat ass mother said "Isaiah this phone is not a kindle so use your kindle to watch youtube." Fuck my parents. Also my father said th
My mom is so fucking bitchyyyyy!!!!!!!! She's always yelling at me and shit. And she loses her temper and fuckin starts yelling hurtful shit. She always calls me a bitch. She also starts talking about me to my sister really loud and acting I can't hear it. Also I wanted fake nails bad. And she was like no u can't have them. And what annoys the fuck out of me is the fucken bitchy ass face she make
I really hate my mom she fucking gets me pissed all the time and then I get mad, start talking back and then my dad makes me apologize to her. NEVER IN MY LIFE WILL I APOLOGIZE TO A ROTTEN BITCH THAT PISSES ME OFF ALL THE TIME NEVER. I still love my mom. It's just I wanted to get all this rage out of my soul. Always spend time with family you'll never know how long they'll last.
I am 14 years old and have alot of problems. First person i hate is my dad. Motherfucker doesnt have a job, is always making my mom stressed is a lazy uncle tom ass bum. My mom is ok sometimes but can be an annoying pain. Then theres my sister. Sorry i mispelled devil shes an annoying wanna be ghetto annoying little cunt who desereves to beaten up on a highway and left to rot and as vultures slow
My mother is a fucking bitch and I want to fucking punch the shit out of her and kick her in the fucking stomach sometimes. I'm the youngest, and in my family I get a lot A LOT of shit for it. I'm basically fucking Dewie from Malcolm in the Middle, except worse. As I'm on the couch, with my laptop on my chest watching YouTube, my idiotic and stupid nephew (who is 13 years old) puts my fucking hai
Over the last 40 years and more, I have busted my butt to help a lot of my less fortunate overseas relatives. I've footed the bills for trade and nursing schools, college educations, passports, visas and the rest of the shit overseas relatives always seem to need. Including the usual requests for cash "Just a thousand dollars please. You must have a lot in the bank and we need ..... (fill in the
So there is a lot of open space on the kerb and, luckily, there's this spot in the front. He parks there but then there's enough space in front of him for another vehicle. I said, 'Why don't you pull up? There's enough space in front for another car.' So he pulls up and pulls so much forward that now the entire car is parked in the red. Then he gets angry at me saying stuff like 'why did you ask
First of all i loved my mother! But this was waaay before dad died. Ofc after ur dad dies.. Everyone in the family changes drastically...ofc me and my 2 older brothers too changed! My mom too.. But the way she changed... Is that she simply became a hypocritical... Pity flattery seeking...criticizing.. Bitchy monster!!! Everything she did and does MUST be praised at all costs!! She criticize me no
Hey guys im back with another fucking story. For like the past week or two iv been way more happy than iv been for a long time because I finally bought another console to replace the one my dad destroyed. I told all my friends and been so hyped to save up to buy more games. But of course my fucking hard ass of a father is back at it again with the bullshit. Today I had no homework to do so I thou
My mother is a shitty person, I absolutely loathe her. She talks so much shit, she needs her jaw wired shut. As the title says. We don't se each other much anymore, but the times we do it pisses me off.

She also seems to have W e E d growing in her yard, acting like a tarp over an overhang hides it good enough. I fucking hate her. She had a fight with my dad over a chair. A. FUCKING. CHAIR. Of

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