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Fuck iTunes, fuck any company that makes you go through a plethora of shit in order to just get to your music/content. Holy shit, I bought a brand new computer and had to run though 50 hoops just to install iTunes on windows 10 no doubt. FUCK ITUNES FUCK COPRATE MUSIC FUCK GOING THROUGH SO MANY HOOPS JUST TO PROTECT SONGS THAT GET PIRATED ANYWAY
Why can't there be any truth in advertising?

I mean, most of us know when something sounds too good to be true. We can sniff out the lie behind the ad. So why bother to go to all the trouble to lie?

Here's some of my favorite lies in advertising. I'm sure you've seen them before, but I'm posting them anyway. Please feel free to comment with any other examples of bullshit ads you've seen
Not ultra mega angry because i got credit today... but a little fucked out that, uhh,, i got credit today!.'s our money chips that are being squandered on the duece, although this IS extra cheezy (lol).
So - While i'm out of phone credit, a friend sends me a picture. He gets charged accordingly from his available 'data', however,, i do not receive the picture at all until MY phone has cre
A friend of mine just applied for home loan to buy his first house. His credit rating is great. He's got less than $500 in debt. His car is only three years old and its paid off. And he's been at the same job - which is not subject to being outsourced - for ten years. Best of all, he was already paying more for rent and utilities than the new home would cost.

So he should have gotten appr
So I go and buy this beef taco wrap thing for lunch. Open it up. Smells good. Lots of lettuce hanging out of it. Spotted some tomatoes and cheese, etc. But one thing seemed missing. No beef. How can you have a beef taco wrap without any beef?
Where's the fucking BEEF???
Bought this candy I used to like as a kid. Its called Allsorts. These are fancy little licorice things in a bunch of d
Fuck i've been busy lately!
Too busy for any downtime, and i havn't had any phone cred or data because it expires. I'm pretty sure it's just a money making scheme from phone carriers that pre paid kredit expires.
Nothing new, thats how its always been here,, but it's fucken bullshit and pissing me off. If i buy phone kredit then i should run out at some point ay, (as in 'empty'), i hate how it
Took my funeral suit to the dry cleaners. Had to go to a wake and needed to look respectful. So I take my good suit to the cleaners to get it cleaned but that's not what happened.
I get my suit back in the plastic bag and noticed a stain on the hankercheif pocket right through the plastic. So I lift the plastic off and the suit stull smells from the last time I wore it! Cheap ass fucker dry cle
So I'm selling a house. I do all the prep work. Repairs, painting, landscaping, upgrades I'm willing to spend my money on to get a better return. In other words, all the hard part of getting a house ready to sell.
So after getting the place all ready, what's left to do? Simple enough. Find a real estate company to list my property. Shouldn't be too hard. They are advertising all over the
So this is my fourth post for letting out my rage and it feels good. Good site here. Well on to my next rage.
This is about those stupid shit corkscrew light bulbs. I know its kind of petty to get hot under the collar about a light bulb but these things are deadly to my lamps! Every time I used one of these things it fucked up my lamp! Damn bulbs sort of fried my lamp in the place where the
So WTF is wrong with these idiots at the post office? All I want is some stamps fuckers. I donm't need the fucking history of the country or some dead rock and roll star on my fucking stamps. Heres how it works - I give you my money - you give me my goddam stamps! Cant get any more simple than that bitch. And no! I don't need a fucking collectors stamp guide or book or other shit. The way this
Haha, thanks Crappy Companies symbol. You reminded me how much that place sucked. They charge me around 8 dollars for a "tall" mocha! And by tall, I mean shorter than the CEO's dick! Oh, yeah, what the Fuck is a Cream mocha choco lalala and whatever the fuck it's name is?!? This stuff probably isn't even coffee, just some milkshake that tastes like it!!! And really, if they cared about customer
WTF is it with all these fucking spammers posting ads on this site? I mean, their fucking company is in India or Malaysia, Austrailia or fucking Canada, eh. Why advertise apts half-way around the fucking world here?
And this site has a spam filter word list that kicks out my comments if I use a single one of those words but, somehow, lets these ass faced spammers post their shit ads here any-f

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