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I've started up my group with the "Fuck feminism" post from a few days ago, and now it's time for others to share to the group.

Come one, come all!
I know it's not just me, and i don't eat junk food all that often...
I'm talkin bout those drive thru's, deliveries,, and lazy dinners you can probably defrost / eat in 10minutes.
Sure it tastes like sex on a stick, (yum), but it feels about the same afterwards!.
Not only that. it feels about the same 1 - 2 days later too. Jeepers this stuff is soooo loaded with sugar and god knows what, i may
Whack generic brands...
Some of these products get the job done regularly, with minimal or no aggrovation,, well done.
Some of these products are good enough for the meantime, i will make do.
Which leaves a grouping of products (lol, i know i know, you get what you pay for) that still really do suck!.
- Their tissues and toilet paper are'nt that different (as price / quantity indicate) and ar
The obese have every right to be whatever they want. What's pissing me off are the excuses themselves, for justifying obesity, without even asking for them.
Feel free to comment / mention any substantial contributers to obesity that i may overlook here...
(i will try to refrain from the more obsurd reasons)... Having endomorph genetics, active limitting injury/s, low self esteem, certain medica
I hate being wrong!. Big surprise ay?,, nobody enjoys it. But i hate it so much that even when i'm obviously correct, (ie...1 plus 1 = 2), and someone else is determined otherwise,, i let it go.
I wouldn't even get involved but if so, i'm trying to save the other person a bit of time, pain, or save myself a bit of torture when their mistake effects me!.
I'm not going to argue with a childish me
Omg why the hell can't my bros and their fucking friends use the fucking bathroom PROPERLY!???? LIKE JESUS!!! FLUSH AND WASH THE DAMN THING AFTER YOU FUCKING TAKE A HUGE DUMP OR JERK OFF LIKE AN ELEPHANT WITH A MATING RAGE!!!!! MOTHER OF GOD why can't they be fucking hygienic and use the fucking bathroom properly at all!!?!!!!!???? when i come home... And goes to take a shower or a bath.... THE B
Finish any yummie foods off before reading on....
I have met/known many people who don't check the status of a toilet after flushing. Maybe it needs another flush, and most likely needs a quick scrub afterwards?. When your in someone elses house, it should be auto matic to clean up any mess you left behind. and WASH YOUR HANDS. If you did not shit/piss on them then "great job", you possess
I guess this is the only way people will know about it. I set it up, and I'm anticipating the newcomers whenever they get here, if ever. So if you got something to hate about society, post it there, if you want to. Just letting everyone know.
I feel like this place needs a tad bit more people. Let's speed the word! Let's spike up just rage!
Everyone has his/her own problem. But your own self, your own life be your problem? That's just crap!
I watched the Grammies this year. By what stretch of anyone's imagination does Kanye West have any talent what so ever? And what is with the cheesy spot light and voice synthesizer ?
We should go back to 1888. All have guns. Put dead or alive warrants on people.

At least those days entailed morals, respect and discipline.

Stand up STRAIGHT and shit. Now back in 1888 this is exactly what you'd do if the Police spoke to you.

I think that this is a good thing!

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