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WTF?... There's some sort of swimming event on TV right now (fina, budapest).
Each swimming lane has a spotter at both ends (thats 18 spotters). They lean over the edge to verify that the swimmer completes each lap without cheating... well... thank fuck they are there!. Without them, we would see swimmers pretending to touch the wall and pretending to push off the wall each lap. geeez. A swimmer
I walked into my bank recently to get some assistance with a 're-draw' from my perzonal loan. I pay back slightly more than required, ever so slightly.
The minimum redraw amount is 500 bucks, an amount which i had reached in excess of my regular repaiments. It has taken years to achieve, thus needing some general guidance on the process. I was the only customer at the bank throughout this whole
G'day ragerz!. There must be a gazillion things to amaze me on the medicinal topic, so i just wanna give my 2 bits here,, and ofcoarse,, anyone / everyone is welcome to stick their bits in. hahaha!.

- Medication that we take while we are healthy - I can understand a few pre emptive measures, sure,, but the extreme case people seem to be ill a whole lot more often than me. (and i do get sick).
Great... just had ANOTHER un-aufforised minus to my akkount. Its not much, less than you think, but enough of a fuck up to cause me physical pain. It will take up to 45 days to re inburce, AGAIN.
The snowball effect was bad last time this shit happened, resulting in me being out of pocket nearly double the actual fuck up (multiple late/dis onour feez) and a shitter kredit r8ing than i need.
Sometimes in this world, you run into a situation that is so unbelievable your brain just can't process it. The other day I ran into this guy who lives near us. He's a nice, hard-working guy who loves his little kids. And now he's home-schooling them while his wife works, so they get one-on-one attention. So what's the unbelievable part of this story? The guy, though nice and all, is mentall
Monday 10:00 am, doctor's office waiting room. The sign reads "No Eating Please". Sitting right across from this large sign sits a black woman eating a banana. I mean, she's eating a fucking banana in a doctor's office right in front of the no eating sign! And, of course, she drops the stinking peel into the wastebasket. 12:30 pm, public library. The sign reads "Please put all phones on vibrate.
Of all the stupid shit I've seen lately these assholes take the cake for stupidity. For the third time this month, a friend of mine has been called gay and bashed for being gay. Thing is, she's not gay. She recently got a short haircut. She is also very tall and athletic in frame. If she were in her twenties, these assholes who called her a "dike" could be hitting on her. But because she's in her
I am so profoundly shocked and sad about this! I can think of SO many people I would trade to have him back !
Obama, Miley Cyris, Justin Bieber, Nicki Mé name a few.......
The combined level of enlightens of the human race, just fell several rungs, with the death of this man.
Sad to think this man was fighting such horrendous demons !
Basically the other day i came to a realization that i don;t want anything in life, that is, i don;t want to die till it's my time but i don;t want to be anything great. I don't need fame or tons of cash i just want a enough to take care of myself and have a few friends to kick it with. In the end what is the fucking point, we all die in the end and fame, money, goals, it's all meaningless when y
yeah I'm not talking about my mum being a bitch or anything, I'm sure you'll all be glad to know.

I have a modern studies exam tomorrow and I'm doing immigration in the US. I need to write a about a policy in America that stops illegal immigrants or too many leagal ones coming into your country. I know there is a fence and all...

My teach suggested I write about the Immrigration
So I am a Sophmore in HS and our Bitch of a Science Teacher (BOAST) gave a pop quiz because apparently we looked at her funny on the way in. What does this FUCKING CUNT DOUSCEBAG MOTHER FUCKER DICK BITCH do? She gives us a 10 Question Pop quiz that she will make 50% of our fucking grade on things that SHE LEARNED IN COLLEGE AND REFUSES TO TEACH US BECAUSE ITS ABOVE OUR FUCKING GRADE LEVEL! AND TO
I am not a good person and I am not a bad person, I am an okay person. If you give me the chance, I will eat prescription pills like they are fucking candy and smoke weed until I fucking drop. But, I only do that shit on the weekends. I do not consider myself a fucking addict and I don't need any holier than thou alcoholics telling me I shouldn't do drugs because they are illegal. Just because a

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