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I am always besieged by haters, everywhere I go. Am I really so easy to hate? People really try to hurt me because they seem to feel that I am just so offensive. Sorry for living you mother s.
I'm so fucked up in the head. I want to die so bad but, at the same time I don't. I go to a school I hate. I'm ugly to everyone. I wish I was never born. I deserve to die. I should've went to the school where my friends with but, my mama forced me to go to another school. I think about dragging the blade across my wrists. There's honestly nothing to stop me from doing it anymore. I hate my life.
"Yeah I get it you're getting fucked with your friends, then saying you're having dinner with your mum, ok whatever... You lie. Big deal(,right?). Honey you gotta step up your game a little, if you wanna be fucking around, you gotta be able to juggle, NOT READ MESSAGES AN HOUR LATER THEN NOT REPLY, you gotta stay charming - bullshit some more, bitch I dk, just don't read and reply."
Hi Old Friends, Morons and Cretins!


'Tis I!

Lost/deleted Headon, Untitled, KPissed, KingSoulTaker 6, Queen Maple Leaf, Alfie Adonis, Manonymous, Alchy, Orangina, HittinRefresh, Fucktard, ZZZZZzzzzz, WordGuy, Headon, BlogBoy, MrPeanutGuy, TrueThat, LabRat, LovePopo, CuteDoggy, HittinRefresh, DadsPokerPal, ChugginFairy, DickBrainLackey, Adolf Hitler, AFBWPTSurfer, SoulTaker 666, Bucket
It was a dark and stormy night in Rageville and King Soul drove cautiously down Main Street, wary of both potholes and potheads, one a danger under the car, one a dead Mother Fucker if he doesn't get out of the way, for the Monarch was blazed on Just Fuckin' Screamin' Primo Weed and was on a mission.

He inserted the 1st of the 12 set of 8 Track tapes his long winded friend KiP had sent him fo
A wise old Teacher once asked a student with one arm "What is the sound of one hand clapping"? The student promptly ran home where he told his mother he was being bullied at school by his teacher.

Question: Was the Teacher indeed being insensitive or is the student some emo pussy who needs therapy because "Words hurt"?


Well it's almost 2016 Just Ragers. So first off Happy New Year to one and all. Secondly, I'll bet quite a few of you are pissed off right now. And you still be pissed off after the Ball Drops at 12:00 Midnight tonight!

So rage on Just Ragers! Start the year off with a blast of rage and tell us why your ticked off.

Rage! It's who we are. It's what we do. It's why we're here.

A month had passed in the ROYAL House Of Blues, and things had fallen into place for the now occupying Monarch, leaving him time to explore the other deeper, darker parts of his home.

An unknown room in an endless hall beckoned to him, or you could also say he was so stoned he thought he could fly and wound up crashing through the door of said unknown room ...face first...Owww...

Inside, ou
King Soul looked around with pride at the newly restored ROYAL House of Blues. Back in business for barely a week, the cops had been here three times already for various reasons, which amused the King since he lived alone* atm.

Ah, the price of fame.

*By "Living alone" it should be noted that it refers to the Monarch not having an online GF at the moment to bring out his inner man whore; o
It was a discovery of note! I, Professor Hornicus Barelli Cacti had made the archeological discovery of the century! People flocked to my humble abode, notebooks and digital recorders in hand. They queued for days just to touch me or shake my paw. I was famous! At last, the years of fiddling around with old fossils and decomposing bones had paid off!

In a garbage dump, the largest of its kind
KING Soul walked slowly into the ruins of the former ROYAL House of Blues, in part for nostalgia, in other part to see if there was anything of value left behind he could pawn for cash ever since his Weed Dealer's credit card scanner had been hacked by ISIS and and was currently offline.

Sucking on his next to last joint like Jack and Diane sucking on chili dogs outside the Tasty Freeze, the
It was a Dark and Stormy night, and after 30 minutes of trying, KING SoulTaker managed to open the door of the SouMobile and retrieve the Keys which he had accidentally locked inside. While it was running. Yeah....
Slowly turning to his right, no you idiot, your other right, moving on, KING Soul looked at what was once the ROYAL House Of Blues.
As the wind picked up, he heard it whisper " IF

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