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I like music and often play CDs at home. But I keep the volume to where it can only be heard in my house, not all over the neighborhood. So my gripe here is about people who play their fucking music TOO LOUD!!!
Of all the assholes that do this I think the worst are the ones who play ethnic music. This guy down the street blasts his Puerto Rican merengue music for hours on end. And it all so
Great... just had ANOTHER un-aufforised minus to my akkount. Its not much, less than you think, but enough of a fuck up to cause me physical pain. It will take up to 45 days to re inburce, AGAIN.
The snowball effect was bad last time this shit happened, resulting in me being out of pocket nearly double the actual fuck up (multiple late/dis onour feez) and a shitter kredit r8ing than i need.
Surely its not just me, and im not the only one living in a remote area with mountain'esk' winding roads. You can get 2 semi's past each other here, no probs, anywhere at all without even slowing down. (2 lanes). So what the fuck is going on when i have avoided a head on collision 3 times this year? Fkn hillbillies.... I just saved your whole familys life, yep, all 16 of you crammed in a 2-door,
Eventually,i will share the world within me to itself & reflect the very essence of situation/circumstance. I will present a mirror to kindness,hate,love,, everything. (what is just?)(what is legal?)
The consequences of equality?
I won't last long,yet still,... I beg the day!
I have this f****** little sister who my parents adore. She barged into my room, took my laptop, knocked a couple thing off my desk(one of which broke), stomped on my sweatshirt, and left and wouldnt give MY laptop back. She is in 6th grade. I yelled at her, but only a little. She started to fake cry, and im the one my parents choose to get mad at. my sister is not in trouble at all. F*** her
What if i'm 23 ? I can't be mad about anything to a child? I don't get it at all, the meaning of being an adult.

So it was 3pm me and my family got home from sunday service, sat down on a restaurant to eat. then my dad asked me to lead the prayer. and so i did. then i have this kid my 4 year old nephew, sitting beside me, he's kind of attached to me i don't know why.

And suddenly when i ope
Don't you just hate selfish people? I know we can all be selfish every once in a while, but I'm talking about down right self absorbed. Where they think everything is all about them. I'm down right sick of it! I was told since childhood, "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Well I must be treating everyone like shit and just be to fucking delusional to see it myself. I sit and list
ok let me just start by saying I don't ever want to be prime minister lol but heres some things that would probably be better.

p.s I had fun writing this. I enjoyed "throwing people in the slammer" a bit too much, but hey *shrugs. all in good fun eh.

Alchy the Great, was elected prime minister of the united kingdom 4 years ago today and there has been great changes. Her legislation is as
ahh... right what else? hmm....

-aw god aye... working wage. aye its £9/10 mate. minimum... lol. Any company caught not paying its workers a decent wage will be do do do.... shut the fuck down. "But alchy, that isnt possible for businesses." ok first off, for big companies, aye it is, if its small businesses, write me a letter and you may be suitable for a small business grant. Also there wil
Why do they do it? Do they think we are all that stupid that we can't see what the fuck is going on? Maybe they do think we are really that stupid, because we keep electing these ass holes whose principal duty seems to be to lie to us about every single fucking thing. Especially, they lie about our tax dollars and what the hell they are being spent on.
Last month, the state of NJ declared tha
Ok so I have a video project to do at my school and this time I'm in a group. I have to bring my group members over to my house so we can record. Since they were my friend we thought they might as well spend the night right? When I tell my dad about it he already has an angered voice and eventually tells me straight up no and that once the project was over they have to leave. I asked what was the
You know what I hate?
The fact that I'm pretty open-minded if I do say so myself, not to toot my own horn or anything...

*toot toot

but I'm not racist, I'm not homophobic, I'm not transphobic, the only shit I really have phobias of is insects *shiver. But anyway, I didn't suddenly merge myself into PC principle to people please, I do enjoy a laugh and think some people take the whole pc

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