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Al Jazeera network has a lot of good shows, including their Fault Lines series. Recently, I watched a show where contract laborers from India worked, mostly in food service jobs, on US military bases in Afghanistan. My gripe with this program is how they showed American troops enjoying a Christmas dinner on the base. The food was being served by the Indian workers. The program noted these Indians
First, let me say I totally appreciate the people who volunteer. Without them, some smaller towns would not have a fire department or rescue squad, and a lot of towns could not keep the library open or offer senior and kids programs and services. I also want to add that any volunteers who do dangerous duty like fire fighters, etc., should get full medical care for any injuries they sustain during
We decided for lunch. He told me that he had some urgent work... he was busy. I found him with other girl there. I hate bastards like these definately.
Out in a club last night, a mate got into confrontation with a group of girls. She hit him thinking she was fucking mad, obviously i'm going to say what the fuck do you think you're doing?! the daft bitch HIT ME TWICE, i'm a laid back person half the time but lose my shit over most things. Obviously wasn't gonna hit her as she was a woman and you just don't do that. CAN'T DEAL WITH GIRLS WALKING
You malicious cunt! You are ALWAYS bashing on my brothers and me while holding my pompous whore-of-a-sister up on a pedestal as though that bitch is some kind of "saint". What's worse is that you can NEVER see through her charade whenever she goes around harassing us or anybody else for that matter. Why can't you see how manipulative and cruel that little fucking slut is to other people? Please d
and fuck you developer because fuck you and fuck you more.

God i feel much better now
Had a little religious ceremony in the back yard the other day. A small memorial rite for a departed friend. Solemn and bittersweet. All should have gone as planned, but no. First thing I realized was out of place were the police officers who I know were not invited. They said they were "Responding to the concerns of a neighbor." I know this "neighbor". She is a Catholic freak fanatic. Her house
I AM FUCKING SICK TO DEATH OF PEOPLE USING MY FUCKING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me going home for a week doesn't give any of you the right to go through my fucking cupboards and use my food and my fucking pots and pans. And the audacity not to clean them afterwards? People say I have a short fucking fuse. Use my things and then don't own up to it. YOU BUNCH OF FUCKING COWARDS. FAT FUCKING LAZY BIT
Yes, I have posted here before. But unfortunately, what do you get when you live right next door. to filth. You get many boys say 4 and stupid women and a bunch of alcohol day and night every day with your choice of home made drugs.... and you get a bunch of idiots!

Well the people like me who work during the day have told all levels of government except the Minister in charge of Housing!
Understand that the only way TV stations can produce programs is with sponsors money. Understand that sponsors want to run ads on these programs to get more business. Understand that every 30 min. program will have at least 10-12 min. of ads and every 60 min. program will have at least 20+ minutes of ads. Here is what I don't understand. When you select a previously aired program On Demand, why t
WTF????? Some stupid fucked up shitfaces put a small kid in a fucking suitcase to sneak him on a plane! Stupid fucking idiots. The kid could have died! These shitwads were from Ivory Coast too. I have met and know many people from Africa and generally speaking, people from Ghana and Ivory Coast are among the most educated and mellow people. These jerks were trying to get the kid into Spain withou
Everyone has his/her own problem. But your own self, your own life be your problem? That's just crap!

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