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Fuck iTunes, fuck any company that makes you go through a plethora of shit in order to just get to your music/content. Holy shit, I bought a brand new computer and had to run though 50 hoops just to install iTunes on windows 10 no doubt. FUCK ITUNES FUCK COPRATE MUSIC FUCK GOING THROUGH SO MANY HOOPS JUST TO PROTECT SONGS THAT GET PIRATED ANYWAY

It had been several months since the Monarch had stiffed the illegals and there had been no retribution so once again arrogance ruled in the Royal HOUSE of Blues.

As our fearless leader went about the day's business, he noticed 5 bullet holes in the windshield of the ever patient Soulmobile. Funny, yesterday there had only been 3. Damn kids these days and their guns,
Part II:
As King Soul inspected and marveled over the now refurbished for her pleasure ROYAL House of Blues, he remembered he had not yet gone for beer and gotten cash back to pay the illegal and his son who were waiting patiently by the hand carved recreation of the statue of David they had only minutes ago finished.
Feeling embarrassed, the King quietly called ICE, and as the man and his s
It had been a long time since beloved KingSoulTaker had walked the now empty hallways of what at one time had been the ~ROYAL House of Blues~.
Realizing that the place was trashed, AND he had left his weed in the Soulmobile outside, and after freaking out thinking he'd lost his keys only to find he'd left the Smobile running the entire time.
Ever cognizant of his borderline incoherance, yet eve
Well everyone (and anyone), I'm back.
And I see nothing changed. Kind of a relief really. I mean after having a stoke and all.
See ya round. Y'all come back now.

KPissed - Gone (nearly), but not forgotten (I think).
I heared an odd noise in my wall the other day, about 05.30 AM,, and peered out the window to see wtf was going on.
It was a field worker charging his 'p h o n e' from an external wall socket. He had no idea that i was standing there watching him, so i flicked the light on and said "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"
The man answered "oh, uhm,, you've got power aye?"...
(I should've said something clever,
Wow! It's surely been quite a while. Now I know you're probably laughing at me -- WWE? I also feel kinda silly ranting about pro wrestling. But hey, I grew up watching this and I hate what it's become.

Pro wrestling was red hot in the 70s & the 80s when people thought it was real. In the 90s the adults started realizing that it was scripted but it was very entertaining all the same. But in the
WTF?... There's some sort of swimming event on TV right now (fina, budapest).
Each swimming lane has a spotter at both ends (thats 18 spotters). They lean over the edge to verify that the swimmer completes each lap without cheating... well... thank fuck they are there!. Without them, we would see swimmers pretending to touch the wall and pretending to push off the wall each lap. geeez. A swimmer
God damn, since people started mining ethereum, zcoin or whatever cryptocoin the cool kids use now, the graphics card market has gone down the drain. GPUs with an MSRP of 399$ cost about 480-500€ here, the GTX1060 6GB is basically a non-existent card and if it does exist, it costs 350€ which is an absolutely bad price. The GTX1060 3GB is an abortion of a card and never should have been released.
Why do we have to deal with females? Let's send them all to a different planet where they won't be able to destroy true humans (males). There will be no more worthless, stupid, ugly and evil subhumans to deal with. The world will be a better place to live in. There will be more food for all people and everyone will be happy. And then humanity will become great again.

PS: I would advocate for
Geez theres alot of smart ass wank stains behind a desk these days... OK, theres more and more displaced attitude and personal agenda everywhere, which un-collars my dogs,, but especially these counter staff who dance outside their jurisdiction...
When i call the doctors office to book THE NEXT AVAILABLE appointment with my doctor, i don't need questions about which day and time suits me best.
I walked into my bank recently to get some assistance with a 're-draw' from my perzonal loan. I pay back slightly more than required, ever so slightly.
The minimum redraw amount is 500 bucks, an amount which i had reached in excess of my regular repaiments. It has taken years to achieve, thus needing some general guidance on the process. I was the only customer at the bank throughout this whole

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