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This one really pissed me off.

So the US border patrol picked up this Mexican who crossed the border illegally. He crossed on Monday, was caught and returned to Mexico Tuesday morning. The Mexican border authorities said he had all his stuff in a bag from US Immigration. They also said they offered him food and free transport home or to a Mexican shelter - which he refused, walking out of t
How is it that no one can manage to just say what they have to say without first changing every word around so their statements are "politically correct"? What the hell does it mean to be politically correct anyway? It means using a dazzling array of bullshit and fancy phraseology to soften or hide the actual meaning of what you're trying to say. Why do this? So you won't offend anyone so muc
Today was australia day, the day brittish sailors first stepped onto this land (1788 or some shit).
Some indegenous people may refer to this as 'invasion' day... but this political movement towards changing our nations day pissed me off today. If we celebrate being australian on a different day, then that makes coming here and taking indigenous land all hunky dory then?. Wak.
So we came here, s
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G'day ragerz!. There must be a gazillion things to amaze me on the medicinal topic, so i just wanna give my 2 bits here,, and ofcoarse,, anyone / everyone is welcome to stick their bits in. hahaha!.

- Medication that we take while we are healthy - I can understand a few pre emptive measures, sure,, but the extreme case people seem to be ill a whole lot more often than me. (and i do get sick).
(i'll) act just like oil,
(in a) nest made of straw,,
(while) tacky i'll foil your plans... rest assured.

(each) floor elevated,
(ele)vating each flaw,,
(your) story / your travels / your score door to door.

(i'll) watch you unravel,
(and es)cape from such clutches,,
(then) laugh when the cost of your fate gets corrupted.

(a) pale white face,
(in a) maze of amasement,,
(be)gins t
Just when I think I can start a new year with less stress . . . BAMMMM!!!!! My bastard brother-in-law has to shove his problems in my face.
This sob is always talking about how he's completely independent and needs no one and asks nothing from anyone. Except whey he has a problem, and expects me to fix it for him.
This bastard used to live with us - a nightmare situation I finally put an end t
Why do so many assholes hate the Jewish people? What have they ever done to anyone? All I see is that the Jewish people have been at the recieving end of violence for centuries. Those who have this pathological hatred for the Jews are similar to these dumb ass social justice warriors who screech about "white privilege" in one way: they're fucking deluded.

The anti-Semitic haters want to believ
First I want to wish everyone on this site, past and present Ragers, happy holidays and happy New Year. May you rage on through all of 2017 and beyond!

On the subject of "the holidays". In my family we have so many different religious and holiday traditions that it can make me dizzy sometimes. And its a real job not to confuse who is who with all the cards. I often think how we need new ca
just got letter from irs telling me they gonna rob me of 695 dollars 4 Obama care I cant afford the over 500 dollars a month 4 it so they can legally steal from me on my tax check I use to catch up bills and help my disabled mom who I care 4 and gf is also disabled at least give me 695 dollars of health care then ive not seen doctor or been 2 hospital in over 20yrs and pay my unrealistic share of
(She) Takes my call regarding a
mistake from her department,
refraining from debate i simply stated how it started...
"A letter sent my way explains that yesterday you'd call me?,
the phone call never came ofcoarse and has me here thismorning".

- "No no sir, we don't do that,
your non attendance stands".

Without an adress down? (i ask),
the factor in her hands... rrrrrrr!.
...Check y
Why can't there be any truth in advertising?

I mean, most of us know when something sounds too good to be true. We can sniff out the lie behind the ad. So why bother to go to all the trouble to lie?

Here's some of my favorite lies in advertising. I'm sure you've seen them before, but I'm posting them anyway. Please feel free to comment with any other examples of bullshit ads you've seen

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