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OK Just Ragers. It's that time of year again. Time to let everyone know what holiday pisses you off the most. So sing out and let us all hear your anger!
BTW. If any of you are too lame to post about the holiday you hate most, its ok to pour out your weak sauce about the holiday you like most.

So let's deck these fucking halls and hang some balls on trees. Ho Ho Fucking Ho!

KPissed - W
A description of my rage? alright then... how about, something that you should only read if your an old time justrager, or are an Individual who is entirely intoxicated to the point of blanking out, who may think my writing is that of a creative genius.

Wait what the fuck?? :/ I thought this was only a description but when I posted it, this is all that came up. I DISLIKE CHANGE!! And if I'm
I fucking hate dentists alright? I gave you the chance, I ignored all negative comments about dentists and I walked into that private dentist with an open mind, a bankcard and a mouth full of bad Scottish teeth. I laughed at your shit jokes and together we planned on how to make my teeth look nothing less than beyonce's..
After months of pretending to be off the fags, (ciggs to you American fuc
Just have to say it. Don't give a shit who thinks what about it either, so here goes -

I Fucking Hate Carl's Fucking Hat!!!

Seriously. In a zombie apocalypse, who the hell wears a dumb-ass hat like that? Even on the Walking Dead. So do the producers think no one will recognize Carl without that stupid hat? Seriously!

KPissed - Who always hated Carl's hat, but held it all inside unti
Every time I have to check my Comcast On-Demand channel, this question comes to mind - where do all the assholes that announce their programs come from? I mean, do they have some "talent" agency that deals strictly in assholes? Or are all the dumb shits and dim wits they've got out there, encouraging everyone to stop having a real life and concentrate on what's really important - watching Comca
What the fuck? Do any real people post here at all? Last year it was getting ruined by spambots... and the year before that there were real users here
True story. I was there.

~True story because he's that old and Jesus was that much of a Pussy in the still doomed to Hell Royal House of Blues~
I am just so fed UP, I do not even want to see a Dr anymore. Dr gives me something to help me with my depression, anXiety & yes pain. Pain from hip surgeries gone bad , pinched nerves . So called Clinical Lupus .Rotary Scoliosis , Sciatica ,Osteoarthritis , Bursitis . Gosh it never ends . hubby & nephew
throw out the meds, I just am fed UP.
That Therapist spells out The Rapist
ever notice
Thing`s that make ya wanna go hum
So Starbucks decides to color their coffee cup red as a holiday theme. However, since they want to be politically correct and not offend anyone, they do not add a "holiday" message. And now, a shitload of Christians are up in arms over it.
The thought here is this - who gives a shit?
In a world full of suffering and pain what difference does it make what color a coffee cup is? As for all the
Why do these ISIS terrorists manage to get away with shit like what they did in Paris yesterday? Why do they murder, rape, steal and show no mercy or tolerance for anyone but their own group? Why do they do it in the name of Allah....the merciful?
Why, with all the pain, suffering and misery in the world today are all these Christians hot under the collar over Starbucks red coffee cup th
Fucking fucked off with my bastard bf I wish he would die. I wish I could torture the cunt by slowly slicing his testicles then rubbing salt into the wounds then brutally kick the bastard in the balls and then cut his dick off and shove it in his mouth and suffocate the evil shitty irrelevant controlling fucking shit. I wish he could feel my pain every fucking minute and wish I had never fucking

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