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Just because I am retired does not mean I sit around all FRIKKIN day, waiting for someone to give me something to do !
NO, I don't want to babysit !
NO, I don't want to fix your computer !
NO, I don't want to take care of your dog while you are gone!

I have worked hard, to be able to get to this when I get out of bed....I OWN my pursue what ever I damn
I get why hunting is sometimes necessary but I absolutely hate it when hunters claim what they are doing is always a benefit to the environment. That is absolute bs and they know it. When predators hunt, they generally pick off the young, the old, and the weak or ill. When hunters hunt, they take the big animals in their prime that would have passed on superior genetics. Thus, they are weakening
I recently got a letter from the state of MN IRS division about my 2008 taxes. 4 fucking years after they were due. I had lived in MN for about 3 months of that year but naturally these fuckers just assumed for some reason I had live in the state for the full year.

Seriously you red tape sucking bureaucrats you know I lived in the state but have no fucking idea how long I lived in the sta
Hi how's going?

Dr Zackson here ...

I come here wanting talk you the shaking homosexual. Is the insanity isn't it? OK OK OK this one we put in the mental hospital (Taiwan) Give the medicine stop the wanting the circle. Sometime give the operation remove the testicles or penis. Taiwan doctor thinking the shaking homosexual the monster like children! You say this one the peadophile isn't it?
So i have these friends i have to go to school to everyday. I swear they cannot get it into their minds that if they talk shit about someone, some drama is going to act up. Then when the drama is over they say "i hate drama" then start more. So i left them to hang out with other people that i truley cared about. i still hold them dear but guess what. Rumors about them were spreading and they bega
The other day, I saw a tv show where people had listed their house for sale. Since it did not sell in five minutes the realtor recommended they drop the price by 30K. Enter the tv show hosts who helped the sellers by making them bust their butts for a wek fixing the place up with endless cheap-shit projects not to mention spending about 10K on all the crap they did. Enter the realto who says the
Dr Zackson here ...

Hi hows going? I just wanting to talking you about the sex. This one only for the breeding. The homosexual make no sense isn't it? The homosexual have no egg in the circle so cannot breed isn't it? OK OK OK so you understanding me the sex is only for the breeding yes?

My pleasure talk you

Dr Zackson (Taiwan)
Basically the other day i came to a realization that i don;t want anything in life, that is, i don;t want to die till it's my time but i don;t want to be anything great. I don't need fame or tons of cash i just want a enough to take care of myself and have a few friends to kick it with. In the end what is the fucking point, we all die in the end and fame, money, goals, it's all meaningless when y
Is it too much to ask that people who enjoy the priviledge of a handicapped parking permit to show a little appreciation for that priviledge? Is it too much to ask that these people who need to park in the handicapped space recognize that there are others who have the same need? Why do these people leave their empty shopping carts in the empty handicapped space next to them, instead of just leavi
My wife (Dr He) -- he just keeps saying / SCREAMING to me 'sell sell sell' Get the money and migrate to America. Get married first. Have the BIG greasy wedding. Seek employement at the local prison. My wife he would get a job there as an doctor while I would land an job as an armed guard on the tower.
So a Muslim walks into a bar.
No one survives the explosion.

Fuck me runnin if even the Camel fuckers in Cellblock D don't shit themselves over that one.

Ain't much to laugh abour behind these hard, cold walls.

In His Love,

WP Karl
c/o The Aryan Brotherhood
Louisiana State Pentitentiary/Angola
Death Row Cell # 13

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I was coming home from work, a good day, but a hard day, A real man's kind of day, that kind of day on which America was built because of men like me and our attitude of Can do and by God, will do.
You know?

Yeah, you know.

Anyhoo, I was cruising home, decided to get some Ice Cream, so whipped by the store and got 2 half gallons, NP, in and out in 5 minutes.

Was once again on the way ho

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