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Just watched the CNN series "The Sixties". Great shows. Really full of information and many memories. So what's my gripe? The fucking banner ads they showed during the programs! Once again this is a case of the network filling up more than a quarter of the screen with ads for their upcoming programs. Never crossed their collective minds that I might want to watch THIS fucking program while its on
Ok....I love Brian Williams....Yeesh....he didn't stomp a puppy...he just made impulsive statements from a place of ego. Everybody on this planet has done it.

He didn't sell state secrets....sell arms to Isis....plant a bomb. He did what celebrities do...they brag. I frankly admire the man...people are forgetting..he may have fudged the truth about a few incidents.....BUT...he was actually
My stepson is a complete ass, he's 14 and has lived with us since he was 8, he's always been difficult actually a nightmare unless everyone is giving him everything he wants, we got to a point of being an A student, now we get calls every week from school, he talks to me like absolute crap when I ask simple questions, he even got physical with me this morning when I asked him to come home on tim
Fuck you Woolworths delivery service, fuck you in the ass!!!
Why can't you just do shit on time, why isn't anyone in this world organised any more, why? WHY?!
Why are some people just born to be bastards? What special defective gene makes them the way they are? After years of careful research into the nature of bastards in general, I have completed my thesis on them, which will be displayed in the following comments. KPissed - Who now having completed my research on bastards will be studying sons-of-bitches.
Decay fix your retarded motherfucking pile of horse shit useless, worthless, cheap ass, cock sucking, donkey fucking, lazy eyed inbred Asian supported fuckstick email account so I might actually manage to have my motherfucking account recovered some day.

Example - Got the email portioned below back today

This is the mail system at host

I'm sorry to have to
Why the hell do people still use Roman numerals? For one thing, anyone who did not grow up with this type of antiquaited numbering system, its a huge pain in the ass trying to convert any number over one hundred (even that's a stretch for most folks these days). Another thing is that the only place these numbers seem to be used anymore is just three places which are a) the first few pages in non-
I've been married one year and can clearly see if was a HUGE mistake. My on again, off again boyfriend stayed on his best behavior for six months and lied to me about his alcoholism and drug abuse until we married.

Now, one year in the marriage, he is constantly getting drunk, driving drunk, and staying out to all hours of the night. That is the tip of the iceberg here folks!

1. He gets dr
i broke my foot....and I just want to bitch. This is driving me nuts! Everything is such a monumental task...everything. If I sit on the couch and realize I forgot to grab the phone, that is on the other side of the pisses me off!!!!! I am ticked because there is not a damn thing worth watching on the television, which currently is my only form of intertainment! I am pissed that my
Fuck all of you people, you suck, I fucking hate you, I fucking loathe you, and I hope a giant sinkhole opens up and swallows each of your houses in turn.

You are the LOUDEST, most inconsiderate, stupidest, most self-entitled douchebas butthole testers I have EVER encounterd in my entire life. I am 45 years old and once lived in a trailer park in East Texas and you fucking dickbags are at lea
Al Jazeera network has a lot of good shows, including their Fault Lines series. Recently, I watched a show where contract laborers from India worked, mostly in food service jobs, on US military bases in Afghanistan. My gripe with this program is how they showed American troops enjoying a Christmas dinner on the base. The food was being served by the Indian workers. The program noted these Indians
First, let me say I totally appreciate the people who volunteer. Without them, some smaller towns would not have a fire department or rescue squad, and a lot of towns could not keep the library open or offer senior and kids programs and services. I also want to add that any volunteers who do dangerous duty like fire fighters, etc., should get full medical care for any injuries they sustain during

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